Ricoma MT-1502 double head commercial embroidery machine

The MT-1502 Two-Headed Business Weaving Machine has a wide turn out surface for weaving on weighty items and a short arm for more modest, hard to-weave regions. Skirts, pads, packs, full dresses, and more can be generally weaved with the Ricoma MT-1502 business Weaving Machine.

Ricoma MT-1502 twofold head business weaving machine
Variety 7-Inch Contact Screen:
Business Use:
Gear Incorporates:
Weaving Loops:
Weaving Digitizing and Vector Craftsmanship Administrations
Interface With Us:

Variety 7-Inch Contact Screen:

Ricoma MT-1502 Touch Screen 7 Inch
This contraption, which can weave all that from packs and handbags to towels and shades, is well known among engineers. Counting 15 needles, it’s a top quality variety 7-inch contact screen.

The Ricoma MT-1502 high-volume two-head model has an ‘Open Region’ structure that makes weaving on bigger articles like packs and different materials easier.

This machine is an ideal force to be reckoned with for your weaving organization, as it accompanies every one of the fundamental assistants to get you up and developing, as a matter of fact in embroidery design.

Business Use:

The business 1502 weaving machine deals with your weaving orders rapidly, dependably, and of the best norm, either as an entry unit, or an extension for your ongoing weaving digitizing administration or in any event, for little series or mass buys.


The Ricoma MT-1502 business weaving machine has Multi-language accessible: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, and that’s just the beginning.

Contact Board with 7″ HD Genuine nature LCD
Straightforward menu route
Double Drove lights for a bigger visual field
Two head models for enormous scope creation
Weaving information designs: Tajima and Barudan; capabilities: scaling, reproducing, flipping, test replication, upgraded text style programming, and the sky is the limit from there
The USB port; LAN (neighborhood) framework
Nine dialects for the UI;
Weaving styles surpassing 1730
The laser filtering gadget is accessible in machine embroidery designs.
Gear Incorporates:

A portion of the significant bits of gear are recorded beneath:

The needles are enlightened by an inherent Drove light.
1 fabricated position marker
1 metal edge with wheels
1 outer bobbin winder
Weaving Circles:

4 x 90mm round,
4 x 120mm round,
4 x 150mm round,
4 x 190mm round,
4 x 300 x 300mm,
2 x 560 x 380mm,

Ricoma MT-1502 business weaving machine has a few elements that are portrayed as follows:

Simple to utilize
Weighty memory limit: 20 million fastens or 200 plans
150W servo engine – industry’s most minor power use!
Inherent general power source, self-versatile to 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz universally
Two head Machine peruses different plan designs including DST, DSB, and considerably more
For simple use, outline offset and edge subtleties are available in embroidery designs.
Programmed string trimmer
Movable unique finger impression sensor accommodates right-hand thumb use.
Preset band settings to forestall contacting loop outlines
Programmed variety shift
The speed furthest reaches of max.: 100 spm
Profoundly strong steel stand with wheels to ensure both equilibrium and adaptability
Customizable control board situation for further developed vision and unwinding
172 and 196-degree keys are inherent for straightforward framework the board
On the home screen, there’s a one-step following button.
Net weight: 190 kgs (418.9 lbs)
Gross mass: 330 kg (727.5 lbs)
Crisis stop choice accessible
Bundling that is amicable to the air
Patches can be industrially created easily.
The tight width of the unit makes for speedy section through standard-sized doors.


Ricoma MT-1502 twofold head weaving machines are reasonable for the individuals who need to make various examples and plans on different articles of clothing. The benefits of a twofold head weaving machine incorporate movability, usability, sped up and more result. You can have more prominent adaptability in your work. Ricoma MT-1502 business weaving machine can be used in the two ways as a solitary head weaving machine while working for little requests; you can switch off one head and twofold headed business weaving machine for mass work.


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