Quick And Useful Tips To Be A Pro At Painting Nails

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Quick And Useful Tips To Be A Pro At Painting Nails

Fingernails could have been the most attractive part if we properly nurture them on daily basis. We should give equal priority to nail care as we do for our skincare. We often visit beauty parlors just not only for looking good but also to follow a skincare routine. Just like that, we should take our free time out and visit a nail salon to pamper our fingers. A manicure and nice nail art are enough to slay in style.

All we need is the guidance of a professional nail technician who knows the techniques of several nail art and styles. The most important and alluring section of nail artistry is nail paint. It is not just about choosing a nail polish color and applying it to nails. There is a lot of hard work and patience required for nail paint in nail salons. Many people out there, have no idea how much effort should be given to this process. If you want to be a professional nail artist, you should know the basic steps of painting nails. Even you can apply some tricks at home to get a salon-like nail polishing treatment. Here I am going to share some quick and useful tips that will help you to be a pro at painting nails.

Quick Methods Of Painting Nails

1. If you did not apply any nail color before, massage your nails with cuticle oil. Coconut oil or olive oil can also be applied. It helps moisture the dry skin around your fingernails.

2. If you already have any polish on, soak a cotton ball into fine quality nail polish remover and rub gently over the nails. Then massage the oil around your nails.

3. Wash your hands with warm water first and then with cold water. Dab gently with soft clothing.

4. Put the cuticles back with a gentle stroke. It gives more place to apply the polish. If you feel any pain that means you are hurting the soft living tissues around the cuticles.

5. You should cut the nails if required.

6. File the nails to get a uniform shape and length.

7. Use a buffer to get a smooth shine for your nails.

8. Apply a thin layer of gel on your clean and polish-free naked nails. It helps provide a better foundation. If you skip the gel application, the nail polish won’t last long and the polish will start to peel off.

9. Put the nails under UV (Ultra Violet) rays for 7 to 9 seconds. It works as a drying agent.

10. Pick your favorite polish color and apply the first coat to your nails. Take care that the polish won’t touch the cuticles while brushing.

11. Dry the first coat under the UV rays.

12. Apply the second coat and brush it from down to the middle and the sides of the nails.

13. Use a nail cleaner brush or a flat liner brush to swipe the extra polish from the skin around the cuticle area. Always try that the polish does not end up on your skin but your nails.

14. Put the nails under UV rays to dry the polish.

15. Apply a gel serum into the nail plate. It helps in nail growth and prevents the nails from chipping.

16. Keep your nails under UV rays for 120 seconds and your nail polish treatment would be done.

17. You can apply glitters, stones, 3D or 4D nail arts to your nail plate if you want some fancy and cool nail art designs.

You can go through these basic steps and give a proper nail art treatment to your clients. If you want to learn about nail art and designs and enhance your skills in nail artistry then you need to find a place where you can learn from professional nail art technicians. The Nail and Lash Academy has come up with several beauty courses in Kolkata nail extension courses, eyelash extension courses, nail technician courses, etc. There are professional and advanced levels of courses for beginners and nail artists who have lack knowledge. The courses include both theory and practical classes.

You will get to learn about French nail art, reverse French nail art, cats eye nail art, ombre nail art, glitter and miller nail art, 3D and 4D art designs, use of different nail tools and their applications, stone settings, gel and acrylic nail extension process, etc. You will be given a certificate of “Certified master of nail artistry” at the end of the course you choose.

Their professional nail technicians will guide you at each step. You can also become proficient in salon management skills. So, if you are planning to build your own nail salon and be a successful nail technician as well, be a part of the Nail and Lash Academy.

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