Quality Performance Guaranteed: Volvo 210 Excavator & Ace Ax 124 Backhoe Loader

Quality Performance Guaranteed: Volvo 210 Excavator & Ace Ax 124 Backhoe Loader
The construction industry in India has witnessed a breakthrough in the past few decades. Heavy-duty manufacturing companies operate with the notion of producing high-tech models, be it an excavator, cranes, or backhoe loaders. This explains their quality investment in R&D.
Two such brands leading this approach are Volvo & Ace. To illustrate, these brands constantly launch equipment that are equipped with innovative features, delivering quality performance.
Featuring Volvo 210 Excavator & Ace Ax 124 Backhoe Loader
Volvo 210 Excavator
This model became one of the best-selling models soon after its launch. Rightly so, the model delivers maximum work output with its massive work output of 20000 Kg. Additionally, the machine ensures tremendous productivity at construction & mining sites, thanks to its high-performing engine, generating up to 156 HP.
Moreover, this excavator can lift the excavated load of up to 7240 kg. Furthermore, the model massively facilitates digging with its lifting capacity of 6730 mm. Above all, the Volvo 210 excavator price in India is quite reasonable. To illustrate, its price starts from Rs. 62 Lakhs in India and goes up to 64 Lakhs.

Ace Ax 124 Backhoe Loader

This is yet another popular backhoe loader model in India. This is because the model equips various inventive features that deliver quality performance. To begin with, this machine comes with an operating weight of 7500 Kg. This feature generates massive work output at construction, mining, or plantation sites.

Additionally, The model operates with 80 Litres of hydraulic oil capacity. Moreover, thanks to its powerful engine, the backhoe loader produces up to 156 HP. This particular feature also upscales work productivity. This Ace model, in fact, can load heavy materials at once with its bucket capacity of 1 cum.

Furthermore, the machine facilitates the movement of heavy materials with its ability to lift loads up to 2600 mm. More importantly, the Ace ax 124 on road price starts from Rs. 23 to 31 Lakhs in India.

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