Printing Catalogs Based on Your Target Market

Catalog printing is a great way to get direct sales and market your business.  When done properly it can result in better business and more money.  There are some tips and tricks for being successful in producing and distributing catalogs.

printing catalogs

It is always a good idea to research you target market, as well as how to effectively produce and market your catalog.  It is not the most glamorous aspect to designing catalogs, but absolutely necessary.  Once the research is thorough and complete, it is time to work on the layout and design.  The information you collected through your research will dictate the layout and content for your catalog.  A catalog geared at more corporate clients should look more professional, while one directed at a more general audience can be laid back with lots of images and vibrant colors.    When it comes to having your catalog printed, choosing an online printer is your best bet.  They will be quick and printed with good quality.  Online printers are effective and efficient.

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When it comes to distribution, you have a choice to make.  The goal is for your catalog to reach as many people as possible.  They can be mailed — you could hand them out yourself or you could leave them in public places in the hopes that people will pick them up.  And just like that your catalog is marketing for you.

Start Your Search for Printing Catalogs

Using catalogs to market your business is a smart, strategic decision.  By doing so, you are able to appeal to a larger audience and reach new customers in the process.  However, in marketing your product and designing your catalog, there are some factors to take into consideration.

The first is to determine the design of the catalog and the message you want to send. If you are running a printing business in the Emirates, then Business Card Printing Dubai is the first and important catch. This requires doing some homework.  It is important to know your demographic, or your target market.  Having this information shines a light of insight on to what your message should be and how to lay out your design effectively.

Once the target market is determined and you have laid out a design for the catalog, consider the quality of both the paper and the ink you are about to use.  If your product or service is geared towards the wealthier, then choose a high quality, high gloss paper and print the catalog in full color.  These touches, albeit expensive, appeal to those who are willing to pay for quality.  Consequently, these catalogs may appear too rich for the lower or middle class.  It is important to adjust accordingly.

Considering these factors, when printing your catalog, will save you time and money in the future.  Understanding your target market is imperative when creating and sending out business marketing catalogs.

More Tips for an Easy Catalogs Design

Using print media to market your business is an important step to take.  Often, people don’t really know where to start when it comes to designing a booklet, brochure or catalog.  Start by laying out what you want to achieve and what that goals of the brochure are.

Once that decision has been made, here are some other tips to consider:

  • Easy to follow information.  The text should guide readers through the pages.
  • Images and pictures to draw in attention.
  • Be simple and concise in your writing.  You have limited space; make the best use of it.
  • Use the white space in your layout.  It is important to maintain a good balance between your images, text and the negative space around it.
  • Full color images with a resolution of 300 dpi or more are ideal for printing catalogs, brochures and booklets.
  • Maintain a theme for the whole document.
  • Include the necessary contact information for your business.

Once you have done the research and properly laid out your design, it is time to print.  Be sure to find a printing company that produces high quality products.  All the time and energy that you put in for the layout and content would be irrelevant if the print quality was lacking.

The Two Types of Catalogs

Before you embark on your catalog printing task, you need to make a quick assessment of your purpose for doing so in order for you to send out the right type of catalog for your reader. If your recipient is a retailer or another company that will make use of your product to create another product, then you can be categorized as a supplier and should make use of the supplier’s catalog. The purpose for this catalog is to inform the reader of your products, their specific functions, and most importantly, their prices in bulk since they will most likely be ordering in large quantities. You need to be precise and straightforward with your presentation and skip out any fluff or unnecessary graphics. How to Design Impressive Custom Macaron Boxes

If your business is to sell your products to end-users, you should be creating the retailer’s catalog. Usually done in full color printing, this other type of catalog aims to entice the reader to make a purchase to use the product themselves or give as a present to others. For this type, you can employ colorful graphics, high resolution photos and an entertaining text and then distribute them to individual households via direct mail or any other means.

Why Printing Your Own Catalog is a Mistake

With your company investing on spanking new printer, you may be tempted to do your catalog printing task in-house. While this may sound like a practical idea, there are several reasons to avoid this mistake. First is the cost. Your printing company is able to give you a lower cost because with the bulk of their ink and paper usage, their suppliers are wont to grant them discounts. Most likely, you will be purchasing these materials at retail price so that will jack up the final cost. You may also need to consider the time and creativity that goes into the designing and printing of your catalog. Unless you run a design studio yourself, your layout and graphics may be less sophisticated than you think.

The printing techniques that are available to you if you go to printing company is also incomparable with your company’s portable printer. Not only can you do full color printing, you can have room to play with your catalog’s binding, inks, textures, and the like. As a result, the colors will be sharper and more attractive to the eye so unless you want to compromise the end result, better think twice before embarking on a catalog printing project on your own.

Business owners who are eying the global market to expand the reach of their products will also need to re-evaluate their catalogs and other printing services standards. One of the purposes of advertising materials is to represent the image of your company and you can start by aligning your business card to the more acceptable global standards. If you intend to deal with several countries, you can take your cue from the ISO business card printing size of 74 mm x 52mm. Since many countries abide by these sizes, you can conform to this as well.



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