Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Silver Service


Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Silver Service

Silver service course is very popular around the world, especially in the hotel management industry. All the staff of fine-dine restaurants, 5-star hotels, and resorts follow this etiquette. Guests would be impressed if they experience somewhere the silver service. They will even suggest the place to their friends and colleagues. Yes! Silver service is that important. It provides a heritage feel to the guests.

Today we are going to learn about the basics and guidelines of silver service which will help the students of the Food and Beverage department in the hotel management industry.


Silver service is also known as “French Service”. It is a method of serving the food from the platter to the plate placed in front of the guests. In the 17th or 18th century, the waiter of the well-established British house took leaves Every Sunday. The butler of the house was in the charge of serving food on those days. The serving technique became very famous and till now it is followed by the fine-dine restaurants all over the world.


1. The food is always served from the left side.

2. The plates and glasses are always cleared from the right side.

3. The platter should be visible to the guests in a way that they can see what dish you are serving on their plates.

4. You should give the proper details about the dish to your guests and take permission to serve it.

5. You should be an expert at holding the service gear with a fork and spoon while serving the food.

6. You should always serve bread-like dishes on the side plate.

7. If you serve a gravy-like dish, always ask the guests for the gravy and where to put it (on the rice or the side).

8. Never serve the food from the right side except for the pre-plated food. It is a bad position because it blocks the guests and prevents them from eating.

9. Do not lean more towards the guest with the platter in your hand.

10. If you serve pre-plated food like salad, dessert, starter that you do not serve on the plate, you need to put it on the right side.

11. The food should be served to the guest who is sitting on the right-hand side of the host, mainly a female guest.

12. The service must continue in the anti-clockwise direction ending with the host.

13. You should always stand behind and at the left side of the guests.

14. Always place a folded napkin under the platter you are holding, to absorb the excess heat.

15. Glasses should always remain on the table throughout the entire meal unless the guests ask you to remove the glasses.

16. Try your best to read the non-verbal signals and facial expressions of your guests. Their comfort should be your ultimate goal.

17. Help the guests with coats or any overwear dress.

18. Always put a smile on your face.

19. Do not be over-friendly with the guests from your side. If they are willing to initiate a conversation with you, try to be amicable and professional as well.

20. Be attentive to each guest. Always be open to help if they need any additional assistance with anything.

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Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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