Pot heads Deciding where to visit can be a daunting task, especially if we start for the first time. This process can be more complicated for us as pot heads, as not all places allow pots. As a result, we need to be aware that the plant is legal. Although finding such locations can be difficult, we have researched it to quickly choose the place we want to place in the list we need to visit.

Here are the top 8 places we should visit as a pot heads:


Jamaica is a country that is popular worldwide for widespread pot use and high THC seeds cultivation. Pot use in Jamaica is more of a culture because people have smoked it for ages. Jamaica has many people who grow pot, which makes it easier to access them when we are in that country.

The Jamaican government allows people to obtain licenses to grow and sell pot for its health benefits. So in Jamaica, do not worry about getting pot because many pharmacies sell it. However, make sure we only buy less than 56.6 grams, as this is the maximum amount we can legally have. Although there is no complete legalization of pot in Jamaica, there are places where we can only get enough to smoke for recreational purposes.


Canada is one of the countries that has recently legalized pot use at the federal level. The move has made Canada a significant attraction for pot heads , as tourists have increased since then. Canada’s climate also supports the growth of the pot, which increases the availability of weed in pharmacies.

One of the places we should visit in Canada is Vancouver. This city has a deep weed culture, and high-quality Indica pot strains can be easily found. There are also beautiful places such as the Rocky Mountains, where we can smoke as we enjoy our vacation.

Getting grass in this country is easy because we can order it online. However, make sure we get it from Canada’s reputable online offer. Do not worry. You will not have a problem finding pot in Canada because we can deliver it to our doors.

The Netherlands

Every pot heads should visit the Netherlands at least once in their lives, as it is one of the best pot heads destinations. A visit to the Netherlands fascinates us, as it has beautiful waterways where we can smoke and cafes that sell pot.

Although pot use is still illegal in the Netherlands, we can conveniently buy about 5 grams of it in cafes, provided we are over 18 years old. If we want to purchase a pot for indoor use, we can buy up to 30 grams without any problems.

If we like to eat edible weeds, we can get a lot in Dutch cafes because they sell cakes and other pastries containing pot. A visit to the Netherlands can also be a great thing if our partner loves it. It is a romantic destination with unique bridges and classy restaurants to relax.


Unlike other places, Spain is unique in how it treats pot use. Cafes in Spain are almost similar to other sites. However, the only difference is that we may need a membership card to buy weeds from these cafes. You can make friends with a local member at one of the restaurants to help us purchase grass, as other resources can be pretty tricky.

Spain has events like the High life expo and Spannabis, which we can take part in and have great adventures because we can even smoke on such occasions.


Cambodia is another exciting destination suitable for grass that we can visit. The easy availability of pot in Cambodia has increased the number of tourists. There are many beautiful ancient sites and temples that we can see after enjoying the grass.

The price of weeds in Cambodia is also low, especially when buying them on the open market. This way, we can get pot in Cambodia easily and without spending a lot.


This great state in the USA is one of the best places to get high when we enjoy the view of its magnificent lights. Pot use is legal in Alaska, making it a great place to visit and live as pot heads . However, do not use pot in areas such as national parks, as this can cause us deep trouble. Click here to learn more.


Australia is one place that attracts many tourists every year. One of the reasons why Australia attracts many tourists is the fact that pot use is legal there. Most people believe that every pot head should visit Australia. This is because the study shows that it is one of the places to find pot that contains a high percentage of THC.

One of the essential places we should visit when we are in Australia is Nimbin. This city is known for often hosting weed events that allow us to smoke openly. If we are lucky, we can attend one of these events, which can be an unforgettable experience. There are not many places that allow such opportunities.

The people who live in this city are also friendly, which is another advantage because they can easily make it easier for us to access pots while we are there.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most pot head friendly places for growing and using pot. Wellington is one of the best places to visit if we want to have an excellent high experience in New Zealand. Wellington pot use is vast, which means we can quickly get weeds there. While smoking pot, we can also enjoy beautiful views of the waterfalls and mountains.

The Verdict

As we can see in this article, there are many places we can visit to have the best time of our life as pot head. If we are planning a trip, be sure to see at least one or two of the places we talked about so as not to miss the fun.

Pot Heads Guides

Weed has been a popular topic on the market for a few years due to a few crucial reasons. The compounds within the plant have general chemistry combined with a robust natural profile, making it the subject of great interest. Furthermore, several studies on the market examine how it interacts with the human body and what its effects are.

The limited number of studies available do not allow us to claim that it impacts the human body, however from users’ experiences and research, we can assume it does.

In several reports and articles, it has been reported that the plant produces numerous cannabinoids. However, it is imperative to understand how these cannabinoids work before including them in human interactions.

As of today, education is increasing every day, thanks to the legalization of the plant, in a few states and the acceptance of it on the market. Awareness and education is becoming increasingly important. In many health-related fields, it is a significant strength. We will learn more about it.

Pot Heads Bottom Line

You can use pot in a specific and perfect way if you are knowledgeable of its cannabinoid profile. According to your body’s needs, cannabinoids may be used to treat a health condition or provide specific health benefits. Hence, it would be best not to experiment with weed products in your daily routine until you have educated yourself on it.

Educating yourself before incorporating any product, compound, or anything into your regimen is key to getting the optimum results and enjoying it to the fullest.

Learning the critical differences between good and average can help you differentiate between them. As part of the education, you will learn about sources of weeds, methods of extraction, and more



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