Online Quran Classes for Kids – A Great Way to Learn Quran

Offline, learning the Quran can be challenging, especially when you’re still new to it or have doubts about your own abilities. This is where online Quran classes come in handy. In an online Quran class, you learn the Quran with others who are also still beginners and who are at the same level of learning as you are. Your teacher explains every passage and answers every question you might have thoroughly, making sure that you understand everything before moving on to the next lesson. Online Quran classes for kids allow you to learn more than just this too.

Who are we?
We are an online Quran academy that offers Online Quranic classes. Our aim is to provide a world-class, educational experience for children and adults all over the world who want to learn about Islam.

  1. An Online Quranic Academy that offers Online Quranic Classes
  2. We are designed to provide a world-class, educational experience for children and adults all over the world who want to learn about Islam.
  3. Our mission is not only catering but also educating those individuals interested in learning more about our religion in an interactive environment with various features including live webinars, video lectures and interactive activities such as quizzes and contests.

The various courses available in our academy
Our academy is an online Quran academy offering Online Quran Classes for kids. We provide the students of all ages and backgrounds all over the world to Learn Quran. Our courses are designed in a way that they can be taken at any pace, which means you can complete one course in two weeks or take up three courses simultaneously and complete them in six months. These classes are available on our website where you get access to videos, audio recitations, exercises and other interactive activities which will help you learn the Holy Book with ease.

How you can enroll your child in one of our classes
Our academy offers Online Qari and teacher training, as well as a variety of courses. We cover topics from tajweed to hadith studies, including exclusive courses by leading scholars. Our classes are designed for students of all ages and backgrounds, providing a great way to learn about Islam.
Registering for our classes is easy! Simply fill out the form on our website or call us, so we can answer any questions you may have. Once registered, your child will be set up with their online account and will begin class as soon as they finish registration.