Most Profitable Crypto To Mine In 2021

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Are you looking for things in which you can invest your money and can get tenfolds of the initial amount out of it? If yes, then crypto mining is something that you should consider. It will not give you instant profit, but sooner or later, the revenue margin will be more than the invested amount. Surprisingly, crypto mining was something present in the market for quite a long time, but not many people knew about it. It recently got the hype that it deserved, and now many people are looking for the most profitable crypto to mine in 2021 to generate easy money.

However, to invest money into something new, you first need to know everything about it.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a method through which you can earn a decent amount of passive income. All you have to do is invest some money in its setup. In crypto mining, you can earn cryptocurrency by solving cryptographical equations using powerful processors and graphic cards.

Ways to mine cryptocurrency

There are not many ways to mine cryptocurrency. , you can either use CPU or GPU for the purpose. In the past, people mostly chose CPUs for mining. But since GPUs are more efficient and powerful, people are turning their heads towards them. Although it is expensive than the CPU, it provides better results and processing speed.

There are two major differences in CPU and GPU, which will help you understand why GPUs are a better investment.

1.     Processing Speed

In solving complicated mathematical equations, GPU is much faster than the CPU. It provides more efficient performance and runs on 3200 32-bit per instruction per clock, which is a lot higher than the speed provided by any CPU.

2.     Power efficiency

Compared with CPU(Central Processing Units), GPU (Graphics Processing Units) are more energy-efficient. With time new hardware is getting introduced in the market, which uses relatively lesser energy which is something that you should consider before starting mining cryptocurrency.

Hence it is clear that GPUs are a better investment for mining as they are more energy-efficient and powerful. But on the other hand, they will be expensive than CPUs. Nevertheless, it will be a one-time investment, so why not invest in the safer option and the one which will provide you with a better experience.

Different Methods of mining

There are several different methods of mining through which you can mine the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2021, which includes:

1.     Solo mining

The name solo mining is self-explanatory. It is an individual-based mining one that you can start at the luxury at your own house. All you have to do is buy your equipment, invest your money and time, and you are good to go. In this kind of mining, everything is controlled by you, and no other miner is involved. But the downside of it is you will have to manage everything on your own, including the power consumption bills and the equipment maintenance.

2.      Pool mining

Pool mining is something you should consider if you don’t have the money to start individual-based mining or if you cannot put the efforts required into solo mining. In pool mining, you will need a server that combines all the computational powers of all the other miners who want to get a part of the pool. This way, a couple of different people can do crypto mining, increasing the probability of generating more revenue. 

3.     Cloud mining

If you want to avoid investing all your money in mining equipment and want to earn more money with less investment, then cloud mining is for you. Through cloud mining, you can also rent out computer power from other mining services.

4.     CPU mining

CPU mining is the most affordable way of mining, but it is not the most efficient one. The luxury of your house can do CPU mining, and you will not need a lot of investment to start it. Nevertheless, it is outdated to use CPU for mining purposes as well as it is much slower than other options like GPU ok ASIC. Additionally, it also takes up a lot of electricity and is not a recommended option.

5.     GPU mining

GPU mining is something that a lot of people are considering these days. They are efficient and hold the potential to make you earn some of the most profitable cryptos to mine in 2021. It costs more than a CPU and has a high power consumption rate, but it gets the job done pretty efficiently. Besides, they are a good one-time investment after will all you will have to take care of is the power consumption.

6.     ASIC mining

ASIC mining is not the choice of most, but it is the most reliable option performance vise. It provides a much faster performance rate than the CPU and GPU. It operates on a particular algorithm and is used as a computer component for special kinds of applications.

Terms to know about Cryptocurrency mining.

1.     GPU

 It is the most reliable and the most used way to mine cryptocurrency.

2.     CPU

It is the most inexpensive way of mining cryptocurrency and is best for people who don’t have the budget to get GPUs. However, you will get the slowest mining speed out of it.

3.     ASIA

ASIC means Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. It is a chip focused on cryptocurrency mining. It is the most expensive and consumes a heavy load of power; however, it is the fastest mining crypto.

4.     Mining Rig

The mining rig is made up of CPU, GPU, and ASIC chips. It is used to increase the hash rate so that mining can become more efficient and the minor can get more coins.

5.     Hash Rate

Hash rate is a unit to measure the amount of hash in one second. It means that it tells you the number of mathematical calculations which have taken place in a second. For mining, the higher the hash rate is, the better as that way, you will be able to process more data per second.

6.     Proof of Work

For the security of the blockchain networks, proof of work is a major feature. It is guessing the hash and makes it pretty difficult to mess with the crypto networking.

Risks in Crypto Currency mining

Cryptocurrency is something pretty profitable, but in every good thing comes along some of the potential risks, and the same is the case in mining the most profitable crypto to mine in 2021 , which include:

1.     Losing your digital crypto wallet

Every one of us has experienced forgetting our password, whether it is our Facebook account or our Gmail account. The same thing often happens with the digital wallet. You can lock yourself out of the wallet by forgetting the password or, worse, by losing or damaging your hard drive.

2.     Hackers

Hacking is something that you should be afraid of no matter what online platform you are using. It is a very common act of crime, and it is possible that someone can hack your mining pool and steal everything you have got in your digital wallet.

3.   Cheating in mining pool organizing

Having a dishonest mining pool administer is the worst thing that you can expect to happen. They can steal away coins from your earning and can ask for heavy membership fees, which will take a toll on your total profit.

4.     Power consumption expenses

No matter which mining method you are using: you can not run away from the power consumption fees. Whether you are using GPU, CPU, or ASCI, the power consumption fees will remain a burden for you, more in some than the others. The electricity expenses can sometimes be more than the profit you are generating; especially, in the beginning; therefore, that might come up as a hurdle in your cryptocurrency mining. 

With all the things said out loud comes the main part, which everyone wants to know, what are some of the most profitable crypto to mine in 2021? And to help you, we have made a list of the best crypto coins that you can choose to start your mining with. The most profitable crypto to mine in 2021 includes:


RavenCoin was launched on 3rd January in 22018. It took after the name of blackbirds found in George R.R Martin’s fictional world. It is one of the most profitable cryptos to mine in 2021 and comes with some amazing features, including a mobile wallet featuring the seed phrase or improved compatibility. The main goal of RavenCoin was to introduce a blockchain focusing on the easy transfer of assets from one individual to another.

It features the hashing function of the X16R and KaW Proof-Of-Work algorithm. Ravencoin holds a total market capitalization of around $135 million, which is impressive. Due to which It is a quite reliable coin to mine and will provide you with a generous profit as well.


The Grin was launched in 2019, and it is a coin for which you will not need a lot of investment. It uses the Cuckoo cycle mining and is ASIC resistant. Its hashing function includes CuckARood-29, CuckAToo-31, and Cuckatoom-29 and uses the POW algorithm. It does not limit its supply, unlike in coins like Bitcoin, which is a bonus for miners.

Grin is best for transactions, especially for individuals and companies. If you don’t want your transactions to be tracked, Grin is the crypto coin for you. It keeps the information about transactions private and does not show the amount being transacted to the public. You can mine it through solo mining, which is always convenient, and it can easily be mined through Gmeiner or Cudo Miner.


The starting of VertCoin was in 2014. It is ASIC resistant and uses the hashing function of Verthas, and features the Lyra2RE POW algorithm. You can easily mine VertCoin through GPU, and it will provide you with a decent profit as well. The certain features two pools which include Network 1 and Network 2. To join Network 1, you will need more than two GPUs, whereas for Network 2, you will need two or even fewer GPUs. 

Moreover, it is one of the best coins for solo mining and features a pretty decentralized network. Unfortunately, you can’t mine VertCoin through ASIC or even CPU, which means that GPUs are your only option. You can easily mine this one of the most profitable cryptos to mine in 2021 through its mining software called VerthasgMine.

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