The Homebrew Bar Co. has gone inconspicuous, however, we accept it merits more noteworthy acknowledgment!

The group of Home brew Bar Organization is to make fly fishing more open by delivering superior grade, elite execution poles at sensible expenses.

It appears to be invigorating that they create and produce their line of fly casting poles. Consequently, we were unable to stand by to more deeply study these poles and compose a survey for you.

Here is our far-reaching investigation of Home brew fly bars so you can decide whether they offer the right fly bar for you!


The Homebrew Poles Organization is a promising fly bar producer that enjoys fabricating reasonable fly poles of remarkable quality. There are two specific bar creators in the Homebrew fly pole group, comprising four people. They portray themselves as a “little clump common fly casting pole producer.”

Their items are all planned in Virginia, and a part of their production is moved to a regarded firm in China to minimize expenses. Nonetheless, all getting done, last subtleties, and assembling reviews are acted in Virginia, the US, to ensure that every bar fulfills the organization’s demanding prerequisites.

Homebrew fly poles are created from the best South Korean carbon, Japanese glass, and graphite, which have been obtained with care to deliver quality, dependable bars.

The Homebrew Organization is currently delivering different fly bars, including their head fly bar, the noon Extraordinary. Their other pole lines incorporate the Wanderer, Revelation, Outsider, and Restoration. In this review, we will look at the qualities and advantages of every one of their items and how they contrast with other fly poles available.

Moonshine Rods Review:

As the firm makes small bunches, the items open on its site vacillate over the long haul. In any case, here are the right now produced Home brew fly bars:

Drifter Rod

Available Sizes

  • 7′ 6″ 3 WT
  • 8′ 6″ 4 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 5 WT
  • 10′ 0″ 5 WT
  • 11′ 0″ 5 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 6 WT
  • 10′ 0″ 7 WT
  • 11′ 0″ 7 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 8 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 9 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 10 WT
  • 10′ 0″ 8 WT
  • 10′ 0″ 7 WT

The Vagabond is a bunch of medium-activity, 4-piece graphite bars expected for best execution at a reasonable cost. On the off chance that you appreciate one-of-a-kind fly bars, the Stray is for you. It harkens back to the brilliant period of fly fishing with its conventional appearance, dim earthy colored clear, and hand-turned burl.

The Stray bar is built with anodized copper equipment, a top-notch plug handle, and a burl reel seat, making it solid and dependable. The colored completion features the bar’s inborn magnificence. You likewise get a solid material pole case and an extra tip segment (since mishaps do happen!)

Nonetheless, the Wanderer bar isn’t just for appearances! The Homebrew group has idealized the movement, making it simple for any fisher, paying little heed to aptitude, to project their draws. The medium activity is the best overall influence and adaptability, and the precision is immaculate.

Epiphany Fly Rod

Available Sizes

  • 10′ 0″ 2 WT
  • 10′ 6″ 3 WT

The Revelation is the Euro-nymphing pole from the Homebrew. Whether you’re a nymphing fledgling or have been fishing Czech/European style nymphing for some time, this pole is ideally suited for you! With a delicate tip and a hearty butt segment, you’ll have the option to protect your tipper while bringing in bigger fish.

It is delicate enough for you to feel exactly what is happening on the riverbed, permitting you to try not to miss any hits. Interestingly, the butt segment feels more like a five-weight and has an adequate spine.

This four-piece graphite bar flaunts prevalent craftsmanship and an immaculate matte completion, intended to restrict splendor and hold fish back from being frightened. The matte dark spaces are highlighted by the colored burl wood finish and the reel seat is made of burl. It is accessible with 10′ or 10’6″ lengths in 2-weight and 3-weight fly bars. It misses the mark on not many arrangement spots, however, this is certainly not a significant issue.

The Homebrew group appreciates paying attention to its clients, and each fairy fisherman believes a basic pole should adjust. Hence, the Revelation is presently presented in two particular designs: a downloading fly casting pole and an uplocking variation with a removable battling butt. Pick the model that suits you best, and you’ll be prepared for some fantastic tight-line nymphing.

Outcast Fly Rod

Available Sizes

  • 9′ 0″ 6 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 8 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 10 WT

The Untouchable is Home brew’s crossover saltwater fly bar, expected to endure every weather pattern and destructive saltwater conditions. This bar is developed from consumption-safe, great parts.

It is sufficiently able to seek after bonefish, tarpon, and barracudas, and it can likewise be utilized for freshwater fly fishing, making it an adaptable choice for any fisher. The Outsider’s speedy activity and forceful shape are the best blends, conveying all the fundamental strength and a shocking degree of adaptability and responsiveness.

The Outsider is accessible in three 9-foot-long sizes: 6 weight, 8 weight, and 10 weight. It is made from anodized equipment and elements an AAA-grade plug hold with full wells. The combating butt is sufficiently powerful to fight enormous fish and cast those significant saltwater flies. With its greenish blue shade and matte completion, this fly bar is rich and engaging.

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Revival Fly Rod

Available Sizes

  • 7′ 0″ 3 WT
  • 8′ 0″ 5 WT

Fly bars made of fiberglass previously overwhelmed the market, however, presently they are getting back in the saddle. The Restoration is the Homebrew fiberglass fly pole with more slow activity, making it ideal for any fisherman who needs to see the value in the delight of fly fishing.

Likewise, with other Home brew items, two tip segments and a material bar box with dividers are incorporated. In any case, the Recovery highlights extraordinary versatility, a one-of-a-kind orange/earthy colored clear, copper anodized equipment, and hand-spalled burl wood. Accessible in a 3-weight 7′ or 5-weight 8′ variation, the Restoration will remind you (positively) of the bar your granddad fished with. It looks astounding and continually works with amazing accuracy.

Special Moonshine Midnight Fly Rod

Available Sizes

  • 7′ 6″ 3 WT
  • 8′ 6″ 4 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 4 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 5 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 6 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 7 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 8 WT

The noon Extraordinary is Home brew’s highest accomplishment and their most famous bar ever, so we were anxious to assess it. This fly pole was planned with a lot of time, exertion, and skill, bringing about a quick activity monster with bewildering exactness. With a fast tip and mid-body flex, those significant distance projects will be a breeze, and your fly will land exactly where you need it to.

Every noon Extraordinary fly pole is finished with fastidious scrupulousness and is accessible as a modified fly bar. Accessible in loads going from 3 loads to 8 weights and lengths from 7’6 to 10′, you might pick the casting pole that best addresses your issues. The noon Extraordinary is simply $299, which might be settled completely or in four without interest portions.

The Homebrew noon Exceptional is exactly what you want if you have any desire to lift your game, cast further, and work on your show!

Moonshine Swag

On the off chance that you’re an immense Home brew fan, you’ll love the way that they sell different merchandise. From their vivid stickers to their agreeable Shirts, the Homebrew site has everything. Moreover, there are covers, pullovers, and mugs highlighting the notable Home brew image.

Not looking for anything for oneself, A ‘Fish More, Work Less’ Shirt may be the best present for an enthusiastic fisher in your life.

Support for Moonshine Customers

A critical benefit of buying a fly bar from Homebrew is excellent client care. The group invests a lot in fly fishing and is anxious to help you with any questions or issues. The brief, mindful, and cordial help is an unmistakable benefit.

Moonshine’s Permanent Warranty

The men at Home brew Bar Co. are conscious of the way that pole pieces can break. As you’re fly fishing the entire day, anything might occur — in any event, while you’re pressing your vehicle for your next fly fishing journey, your vehicle could support harm. In this manner, they have made a lifetime, no-issue guarantee.

On the off chance that your pole breaks because of an assembling imperfection, they will fix or supplant it at no expense. In any case, if the break was not brought about by assembling or item defects, you can get a pole fragment fixed for a seriously modest expense. Presently, these costs are $40 for every pole segment except the noon Extraordinary, which costs $65 per bar segment.

This sensible and liberal guarantee endures forever, which is a significant advantage of buying a Home brew bar. You can go fly fishing without being excessively cautious with your fly pole. In case of a mishap, you won’t need to buy a fresh-out-of-the-box new fly bar. Golly!

FAQ on Moonshine Rods

Does Homebrew Bar Organization give a guarantee?

To be sure, they do! The lengthy lifetime guarantee applies to all Home brew fly bars. Far better, the assurance is impeccable! Regardless of what befalls your bar, you can be guaranteed that it will be fixed or supplanted at a sensible expense.

Where might I at any point get a Home brew Bar?

If you wish to buy on the web, you may just do so through the Homebrew Bar Co. store. Regardless, a couple of physical fly stores convey Home brew items.

The Last Words / Conclusion

The Homebrew fly poles are a brilliant choice for both beginner and prepared fishermen on a careful spending plan. You get gigantic execution, prevalent workmanship, and faultless activity for a small part of the expense of probably the best fly bars.

With a broad determination of bars, including saltwater and Euro-nymphing choices, there is something for everybody, no matter what their favored style of fly fishing. You might choose between the quick activity Pariah for significant distance projecting strength or the medium-activity Vagabond for a more noteworthy feel and awareness.

It is clear that the men at Home brew Co. are energetic flyfish