Monumental Furniture: The Barcelona Chair

Ledelle Poster Bed

This poster bed that comes in a Queen and King size is a four-poster bed of grand proportions, truly making a statement. Ashley told us that it was inspired by the grandeur and grace of European tradition. Its scalloped headboard, complete with an upholstered section for extra comfort while reading or watching TV, has intricate details along its edges. The bed and headboard are veneers, wood, artificial wood, and resin. The Queen bed measures 69.5 inches wide, 95.5 inches in depth, and 71.5 inches. The King bed measures 85.5 inches (width), 96 inches (depth), and 71.5 inches (height).


Every bed needs at least two nightstands, one on each side. The Ledelle nightstands offer three spacious drawers, giving you tons of storage. In addition, they measure31.5 inches in width, 30.75 inches in height, and 19 inches in depth. The tops of the nightstands are marble parquetry with natural variations in marble. As a result, every single piece is unique. Their operating drawers are dovetail construction, and the top drawer comes with a felt bottom.

Upholstered Bench

Not only does this bench offer a place to sit (besides on your bed) while in your beloved bedroom, but its bottom shelf offers an opportunity for additional storage. Measuring 54.75 inches in width, 26.5 inches in height, and 21.25 in-depth, it comfortably can sit at the end of your Ledelle bed holding books, baskets (for tucked away storage), or whatever small items your heart desires. The top of the bench features vinyl upholstery, and the corners of the beach are blocked frames.


Our Ledelle Dresser by Ashley Furniture exudes a sense of romance and comes in rich elements with dark brown tone hardware. It has nine smooth operating drawers (top drawers come with felt bottoms). The drawers are spacious to organize a larger wardrobe. The measurements of this dresser are 71 inches (width), 84.75 inches (height), and 20.25 inches (depth). Top it off with the Ledelle Bedroom Mirror. The mirror type is “large portrait.” It’s shaped with fine details of beveled edges.

Furniture Ledelle

Complete your main bedroom and satisfy your need for extra wardrobe storage with the Ashley Ledelle Brown Chest. This tall chest measures 58.38 inches in height, 41 inches in width, and 19.5 inches in depth. The chest’s drawers glide smoothly like the dresser, and the top drawer has a felt bottom. As with the entire Collection, this piece of furniture was inspired by the grandeur and grace of European tradition.

Rectangular Cocktail Table

While not officially part of the B705 Collection, we would like to include this piece of furniture as part of it when recommending the Collection as it adds more of an “IT factor” to a bedroom. The Ledelle Cocktail Table has that same Old World Traditional style that the rest of the Collection has. It measures 52 inches wide, 20.25 inches tall, and 32 inches deep.

Contact us for more information on this Collection or speak with one of our team members about ordering yours. Ledelle is also on display at our Howell and Red Bank/Middletown, New Jersey; stop by and see how special this Collection is in person!

After months of research, you’re finally ready to buy that piece of dream furniture you’ve saved up for. Whether it’s a whole new living room set or dining room table, you’re probably eager to get it home. However, to avoid any issues with your new furniture, there are a few things you should ask yourself and others before you commit to a purchase.

1) Will it Match The Rest of Your Decor?

If you have a piece like the Ashley Martini Collection, a part of more contemporary music, a traditional, old-world style dresser might not be the best fit. Your home decor should revolve around a particular theme, and each element in your home should ideally reflect that.

2) Will Your Pieces Fit?

It might seem tough for you to imagine, but a narrow door can be an obstacle for furniture to get into your home. Of course, this is more of a concern for those who live in city areas with smaller apartments, but it’s a good idea to take measurements of any doorways your furniture piece might need to be carried through.

You will also want to measure the furniture piece in the store. If you’re ever unsure whether a part will fit in a room, take the width, volume, and height of the amount you would like. Then, bring those dimensions home and lay them out in different spots you would want them. Then, if it fits in through the doors and in the area you want it, it can be incorporated into your home.

3) How Will You Pay for it?

Paying in full is not the only option for home furnishings. You have various options, including layaway and financing directly through the store. If you use a credit card to finance your purchase, look for the opportunity that gives you the least percent of interest and ensures you pay it off properly.

4) Think About Different Colors & Finishes

Ask a staff member if the piece you’re looking at is also available in other colors. For example, if you love a specific amount but are not sure about the color it comes in, there’s a chance that the piece you’re looking at might be available in another finish or stain.

5) Think About Who Else Resides in Your Home

When shopping for a new piece, think about who else lives in your home with you. For example, if you are shopping for children’s bedroom furniture, you will want to ensure that the table is durable and secured to a wall. For those with pets, you should look for furniture with fabric that is easy to clean and doesn’t show off too much pet dander or hair.

If you would like to browse through a variety of affordable and high-quality products and look for furniture stores in Howell, NJ, go to our home page and find what’s right for you. If you ever have any questions while shopping, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Now and then, it’s fascinating to look back at how we’ve come to the contemporary furniture we’re used to. Every furniture piece you have, regardless of whether it’s an oversized bed or an item for your living space, each furniture piece has to be a part of a larger picture. So it is the Barcelona Chair. Barcelona Chair is a classic elegant and luxurious chair with a rich background.

It was 1926 when German designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and German modernist designer Lilly Reichmet met for the very first time. Van der Rohe was among the first pioneers of the minimalist movement and created the concept “less can be more.” Reich was a well-known embroidery artist and a furniture and clothing designer. They collaborated on numerous projects over 13 years.

First Showcase of The Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair It was initially displayed during the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. Van der Rohe was the architect of the pavilion, while Reich was the art director for the exhibition. This VillaTugendhat (pictured in the above photo), located in Brno, Czech Republic, was the first location outside of the exhibited exhibit. Van der Rohe constructed the building.


In the early 1930s, the production and manufacture of the Barcelona Chair were expanded into the rest of Europe and the U.S. It was a common feature in many luxury office buildings beginning in the 1950s. Furniture Shops Sunderland .The first Barcelona chair was difficult to make. The process of sewing the pillows took about 28 hours. According to the British newspaper The Independent, the upholstery comprised 40 panels of a single cowhide.

The Barcelona Chair remains an essential piece in many locations, even homes. It’s a fantastic feature piece to add to your living space. Knoll created the version you can see in the present. Even after these years, this Barcelona Chair’s legacy is still alive.

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