MG exports break one million, a day the Chinese auto industry has waited 15 years for!

SAIC’s MG brand has announced that the brand’s cumulative overseas exports will soon exceed the one million mark. MG, which has been China’s single-brand sales champion for three consecutive years, will also become the first independent brand to break the one million milestones.

On February 24 this year, at the SAIC Group’s overseas business sharing meeting, Yu De, who is the assistant president of SAIC Group, general manager of the International Business Department and general manager of SAIC International, said, “Judging from the development momentum in the past two years, SAIC is expected to achieve overseas sales of over one million units in the next two years.”

Now, less than six months later, Yu De’s prediction has not only been successfully achieved but has also exceeded expectations, with MG alone completing the Group’s target.

Fifteen years of sowing seeds, MG blossoms

In the following decade, it returned to its birthplace in the UK, expanded into the Middle East and exported to Australia, struggling to gain a firm foothold overseas and reaching a cumulative total of 95,288 units sold in 2017.

In 2018, the MG brand began its push into the Southeast Asian market, and its overseas sales have exploded, not only reaching the 100,000-unit milestone this year but also exporting a total of 73,040 units for the year, an increase of 176%. The MG ZS became the top-selling player in the small SUV segment in Thailand as well as MG Indonesia.

In the following two years, the MG brand began to enter the European mainland and Latin American and Mexican markets, and by 2021 had sold in 84 countries on six continents, finally achieving the feat of exporting over one million units this year.

From 1 to 100,000, it took MG 10 years; from 100,000 to 1 million, it took MG only 5 years, and it was achieved in the context of the global epidemic.

While achieving the target of one million sales, SAIC has also established a mature distribution network and a comprehensive supply system overseas, both of which together guarantee the quality of the MG brand’s products, thereby reaping the trust of local consumers.

MG is now among the top 10 brands in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Egypt and Chile, and in the European market, where car consumers are extremely discerning, MG has also managed to rise to the top, as evidenced by the success of the MG ZS EV.

The MG ES EV has been voted “Best Electric Family Car of 2021” in Belgium and was also voted “Top 10 Car of the Year” by the Swedish car magazine Teknikens Varlds. The MG ES EV was voted “Best Electric Family Car of 2021” in Belgium and was also voted No. 1 in the Top 10 Cars of the Year by Swedish car magazine Teknikens Varlds, ahead of the Model Y.

According to Yu, by 2022, SAIC’s MG and MAXUS brands are expected to sell more than 120,000 units in total, with Europe becoming SAIC’s first “100,000-unit” overseas regional market.

The momentum of the MG brand is also starting to make SAIC look further into the future, “It is expected that by 2025, the annual sales (of SAIC overseas) will reach 1.5 million units, by which time SAIC’s overseas and domestic sales of its own brand cars are expected to be roughly equivalent to achieve ‘one sold at home can be sold overseas.” Yu De predicted this.