As its name suggests, high-pressure cleaning is a process that consists of projecting water with great pressure on a surface, with the aim of eliminating any impurities that may be there. See Also: Best Office Chairs And Gaming Chairs.

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This cleaning method is very effective for cleaning the exterior of homes and commercial properties, as it is excellent at removing different types of dirt.

Some of the devices designed for this task work only with water. The others need a cleaning substance that works with pressurized water and whose composition depends on what needs to be cleaned.

This is a very versatile cleaning system. With a pressure washer, you can easily clean surfaces such as wood, cement, brick or household items that are mainly used outdoors, such as grills or bicycles.

To know the advantages of hiring a high pressure cleaning service, we detail in the following lines what are the fundamental components of this service.

How does high pressure washing work?

High – power washing surrey is currently one of the most practical and effective mechanisms for the removal of impurities. Its use at the professional level is largely due to the property of high pressure water which allows to get rid of molds and other microorganisms from materials such as wood or concrete.

It is useful to remember that the contact of one of these micro-organisms with the skin or the mucous membranes can be dangerous for health. In the case of some materials, the accumulation of dirt can affect their longevity and durability.  

How to choose the best pressure washer?

In order to provide such a service, cleaning companies use different pressure washers. In order to choose the right equipment, special attention is paid to certain details:

  • Operation. The first thing to consider is whether your pressure washer is gas, electric or battery powered. Of these three mechanisms, we know that the one that works on gas is the one that offers greater power, compared to the other two.
  • The regulation. The second point corresponds to the water temperature. Hot water can help remove specific types of dirt. This is why some pressure washers have a mechanism that allows the temperature to be regulated.
  • Adaptability. The third element considered is the design and specifications of the equipment. A professional service will pay special attention to the design of the high pressure gun, interchangeable nozzles and engine specifications.
  • The power. Finally, remember that checking the engine will help you establish power-related parameters. Being a tool that is used without rest for more or less long periods of time, good power allows you to use its potential to the maximum, without compromising the well-being of the equipment.

Is it necessary to use detergent? 

Not all pressure washers have a special compartment for placing a soapy substance or detergent. They place more emphasis on incorporating adjustable nozzles or nozzles into their design that allow the flow of water to be regulated.

When the nozzles are interchangeable, what usually varies is the size of the orifices and the type of spray. The higher the pressure, the more powerful the cleaning solution.

Although high pressure cleaning is effective in a number of situations, it should be noted that it is not suitable for all surfaces and should therefore be used with caution. If care is not taken, cleaning work can have negative consequences.

What precautions does the cleaning professional take?

High -pressure cleaning is a routine procedure in cleaning services. However, you should know that due to the speed at which the equipment expels water, it is necessary to take certain precautions:

  • Young children and their pets should be placed in a separate place that is safe for them. Curiosity can cause them to observe closely and, given the speed and force with which the water is thrown by the nozzles, the jet could injure them.
  • You should also not direct the stream of water at plants or trees, remember that high pressure water is not designed for irrigation or similar tasks.
  • You should monitor the electrical connections (if your appliance is electrical) and likewise periodically maintain the wiring system of the equipment, to reduce the risk of occupational injury.
  • You should not forget to use the necessary protective equipment, such as gloves, aprons and special boots. It is necessary to protect yourself when using high-pressure cleaning machines.
  • Those using them should wear hearing protection and safety glasses. Operators must also wear protective equipment. If the equipment has a safety device when not in use, remember to secure it. 

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