Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car In A Good Shape

Driving a car regularly keeps it at risk of damage, and early detection can save you from more damage. Autopro are here to provides the car repair services in Dubai contact us now

Most of us have been driving cars since our teenage years as it has become a basic necessity. However, whether you buy a new car straight from the showroom or a secondhand car, it’s still an investment, and you must reap the maximum benefits of your investment. However, people overlook car maintenance either due to a lack of knowledge or interest. They are unaware that regular upkeep can extend the vehicle’s lifespan, improve mileage on the road, and increase the car’s overall value.

People often regard car repair and maintenance as the same thing. Having said that, both are different in nature. Maintenance helps run the car smoothly, whereas car repair deals with fixing the damaged part. That is why car repair is expensive, and car maintenance can save you the cost of car repair. As you know the importance of car maintenance, let’s discuss some maintenance tips that can improve car performance and help you make much out of your investment. For more details, visit

1.   Do Not Drive Rashly

It’s simple. If you deal with something harshly or carelessly, it damages fast. The same is the case with cars. If you drive your car rashly, it’s more likely for the car parts to get damaged or break down. So, avoid things like going fast over a bump, taking fast turns, etc. And keep the car machine safe, thereby increasing the car’s life.

2.   Inspect Your Vehicle Regularly

Driving a car regularly keeps it at risk of damage, and early detection can save you from more damage. That is why it is better to inspect your car regularly. Regular inspection is easy enough to do at home. So, you can either do it yourself or be in touch with the mechanic. Check your tires, engine, and fluids before leaving home. If you are a new buyer, it is better to learn a few inspection and fixing techniques, so you do not have to run to the car service center every now and then.

3.   Go For A Routine Checkup

After all, a car is still a machine, and experiencing some issues is part of its regime. Having said that, preventing the issue from worsening is completely in your hands. That is why it is better to go for a routine checkup because some damages do not show signs but affect the machine. A mechanic, being an expert, can detect these issues before it gets worse and save you the cost of expensive repairs.  A routine checkup of the battery and other parts of the car also prevents breaking down, thereby saving you from big troubles.

4.   Change Air Filters

We can say that a car machine breathes through air filters. That is why clogged filters can cause damage to the car parts. So, it is better to check air filters regularly and get them changed when required without delay. A good rule of thumb is to check the air filters every 20,000 km.  

5.   Check Car Fluids

Fluids are essential to lubricate the engine and other parts for a smooth drive. It is like blood, and not filling them before leaving can have bitter consequences. You can either check the engine oil and other fluids at home or get the car tuned up by a mechanic. A dark and dirty oil needs to be replaced instantly, and the other fluids must be topped up before leaving.

6.   Check Car Tyres

Underinflated or overinflated tires not only cause early wear and tear but can lead to road accidents. That is why we cannot deny that car tiers are the most important part of the car. If you want to avoid facing flat tires during travel, make sure to check them before leaving. Furthermore, under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption as well. So, maintenance can save fuel costs. Get your tires checked by a tire shop in Dubai or near you to avoid problems.

7.   Do Not Park Your Car Under Sunlight

Parking your car under the sun can damage the car paint, thereby affecting its value. That is why it is recommended to park your car under shade to prevent them from UV rays. Likewise, get your car cleaned by the car service center for a clean and glossy appearance.

Wrap Up

In all, car maintenance can save you from expensive repairs and help save costs in the long run. Keep the aforementioned steps in check to maintain the good condition of your vehicle.