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One can understand streaming as providing videos to the audience using the internet. Once uploaded on some platform, users can watch the video countless times. However, live streaming is sending over the video in real-time using the internet. Therefore, the videos are streamed without recording and can be watched only once unless they upload them on any platform.

Apart from time, one factor that differentiated live streaming and recorded videos is the quality of the content. Pre-recorded videos are filtered and contain only necessary information. However, live videos are raw and unfiltered. But one advantage that live streaming has is audience engagement. These videos engage the live audience and enhance your brand reach.

This blog discusses Live Streaming in detail. Let us have a look!

Benefits of Live Streaming

Here are some of the benefits of conducting live streaming events-

  1. Maximum Audience Reach- To start with, the most prominent advantage of conducting live streaming is they don’t have a restriction on the number of attendees. Unlike physical events, live streaming can board as many attendees as the user wants. A physical venue has a limitation regarding the maximum number of people it can accommodate at a given time. Along with it, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to attend every event in person. However, with live streaming, people from different cities can also participate in the event. It goes without saying that virtual events are economical and help the organizers and attendees to save money.
  2. Effective content delivery- Another notable advantage of live streaming events is that they allow the organizers to use various resources. The hosts can make the streaming more engaging by using pictures, graphs, and GIFs. Along with it, the hosts can incorporate engagement tools to keep the attendees hooked to their screens. These features are also a great way to increase the information retention of the attendees.
  3. Easy to Conduct- While some might not believe it, live streaming events are easy to pull off. To host a successful live stream, all you need is a live streaming platform, a piece of appropriate equipment, and a stable internet connection; and you are all set to go. Even your attendees only need the required equipment and internet connection to attend the streaming.
  4. Track Live Analytics- Live streaming allows the users to collect live analytics and track the audience’s engagement during the platform. But to avail of this feature, you need to contact an efficient on-demand streaming service. This feature helps the organizers to evaluate the success of the event. These analytics can help you see the viewers, in-event engagement, and more.

Top live streaming platforms-

Here are some of the best on-demand streaming services of Dubai-


Dreamcast provides the users with a customizable feature to decide the transition effects, font, colour, and size. The platform ensures an enriching experience for the attendees by streaming high-quality videos. Not only this, Dreamcast assures the attendees have a fun time at the event. It provides audience engagement tools like live polls, quizzes, audio/video calls, etc. With Dreamcast, you can track the data of your live streaming; and analyze the success of your event.

Hive Streaming-

If you’re planning on conducting on-demand streaming in Dubai, you should opt for this platform. Hive streaming lets you conduct live streaming of your event on a fixed budget. Its unique feature enables you to accumulate event analytics based on the geographical area of the attendees. It collects the audience engagement data according to the location, customer sites, and their experience. This platform comes with an API that allows its users to collaborate with third-party services easily.


One of the most trusted on-demand video streaming services of Dubai, Hopin comes with various unique tools. Some of the features include dynamic lobbies, audience engagement tools, networking options, and so much more. It can efficiently stream your videos, irrespective of their format. With its customization features, it lets its users design the layout of the platform.


It has been trusted by various global brands and is one of the most outstanding video-on-demand services in Dubai. It comes with a simple yet intriguing interface that doesn’t require any unique sets of skills. Even people with the most basic technical knowledge can easily access the platform and attend live streaming. The neat and well-planned interface makes it easier for the attendees to navigate through the Stream-on-demand platform. One more factor that makes it the favourite of the various organizations is its multi-OS compatibility.


Vmeets lets you host personalized live streamings depending on the needs and demands of the organizers. It is an all-in-one solution that provides features ranging from event registration to collecting post-event feedback. With this platform, the user doesn’t need to manage two-three platforms at once. In addition, it includes audience engagement tools that let the users create an immersive event experience.

Tips for hosting live streaming

Here are some tips you should take care of while conducting live streaming-

  1. Keep your setup as simple as you can. It will save your and your attendees’ time and effort and make the experience more immersive. Along with it, a sleek interface will keep things sorted, and all the features will be visible clearly.
  2. Though you will be using well-functioning equipment and a stable internet connection, keeping a backup plan ready is still advisable. As they say, emergencies come unannounced; always keep an extra internet connection or laptop handy for emergencies.
  3. Always check your audio and video before streaming. Make sure your microphone is working correctly, and lights are placed fine. You wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of your stream due to these factors.

Here are a few points you should take into consideration

  • Wear solid colors and avoid patterns and loud colors.
  • Don’t keep your lighting source behind you.
  • Also, keep the mic off when not required.
  • Keep the background music light and subtle.

4. No matter how prepared you are, performing a quick test run through the live streaming platform is always advisable. Since it is a live event, there should be no scope for mistakes. Getting through the streaming service will enable you to understand the features and avoid making mistakes.

5. Make use of audience engagement tools provided by your streaming platform. Features like live polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions, audio/video chats will keep the attendees hooked and help the organizers drive audience engagement rates to the event.

Live streaming is one of the most convenient and effective ways to deliver your content to the audience. However, this format is still not popular among the organizers and the people. We hope this blog has helped you know Live Streaming in detail.

Live streaming is one of the most convenient and effective ways to deliver your content to the audience. However, this format is still not popular among the organizers and the people. We hope this blog has helped you know Live Streaming in detail. Live streaming is one of the most convenient and effective ways to deliver your content to the audience. However, this format is still not popular among the organizers and the people. We hope this blog has helped you know Live Streaming in detail.

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