Leh Ladakh Tours – Experience Natural Beauty Of The Ladakh Region


Leh Ladakh Tours - Experience Natural Beauty Of The Ladakh Region

Which Biker in the country does not dream of rolling the tires of their bikes on the land of Leh and Ladakh. Just like what Tomorrowland is to the Melophiles, Leh-Ladakh is to the Bikers. The Bike trip to that place is a complete package of everything you dreamt of as a Biker, Flaunting your biking skills, running them on uneven terrains, posing with your bike with the background of Leh-Ladakh, fluttering the flags on your bikes, roaring your engines and posting the vlogs and video of your journey. If all this lives rent-free in your head, then this article is just for you. It is all you need to know before planning a Bike Trip to Leh Ladakh:


1.     Weather and the best time to visit: The place rests in Northern-India and thus is blessed with a plethora of snow, which covers the entire place and often forms a thick layer on the road, which makes it tough to drive. Thus, one should avoid a bike trip in the winter months as the snow can be troublesome for driving. Warm months from May to September are advisable and favorable as these have pleasant atmospheres along with monsoon rains in the months of July and August (if global warming does not mess the season cycle). The serenity of the place just increases two folds with the rains and your trip becomes more amazing. Just be careful while driving on the wet roads and give the daredevil in you, a pause.


2.    Route to take: There are three different routes one can take for this trip which differs on the basis of the duration of the trip, the places to visit on the way, the requirement of petrol, weather and road conditions, The first one is:

        From Manali: Beginning from Manali, the journey can be completed in about 10 days, covering a lot of visiting places and covering a distance of 473 km.

      From Leh: One can reach Leh directly through a flight and start the bike trip from there, it will take around 7-8 days for exploring the Ladakh region. As the distance here is greatly cut short so there are no places to visit on the way, but it will also save you time to delve into the beauty of the Ladakh region by riding your bike.

       From Delhi: One can start right from Delhi which could take about 15 – 18 days. There are two ways from Delhi, one is via Manali which is 959 km. Chandigarh and Kullu are on the way to this route till Manali and then it is the same route as mentioned above.

3.     Petrol Pumps: One definitely needs to keep a list of petrol pumps ready as none of the routes has petrol pumps at frequent distances. Some might be at a larger distance and thus knowing their location is a prerequisite for this trip. Also, one must always start their journey with a full tank and also carry some extra petrol with them, in the case of an emergency.

The Manali-Leh route has 4 petrol pumps, one is at Manali and one at Leh., the other two are on the way, one at Tandi, 110 km from Manali and another one at Kru, 30 km from Leh

The Srinagar-Leh route has multiple petrol pumps, at Srinagar, Kangan, Sonamarg, Kargil, Mulbekh, Wakha, and Khaltsi.


4.     Bikes to take: The Salman Khan of Dabangg is your Bike on this trip. And carefully choosing it is very important. The routes you will be going through have uneven terrains and ask for good quality tires and a bike with the best ability to travel on such land. There are many traveling bikes available but choose the one with the best mileage, easy handling and maintenance, safe, and helpful for such places. Bikes like Royal Enfield, KTM Duke, Bajaj Pulsar, CBR 250, Royal Enfield Himalayan, etc are some of the best and considerable options to choose from.


5.     Places to visit on this trip: Other than the unforgettable experience of driving on the roads of Leh and Ladakh, there are other very attractive places and spots one should not miss out on, such as the winsome Pangong Tso Lake, ancient Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, charming Nubra Valley, soothing Zanskar valley, tranquil Shanti Stupa and many more.



Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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