Know More About Industrial Circular Connectors

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In the world of electronics, different types of connectors are used to carry data signals and create a circuit. The connectors are designed with multiple pins which makes them easy to install and remove.  There are different types of connectors available in the market but circular connectors have made their impact because of their compact design over rectangular connectors.

The industrial circular connectors are used in various applications but each application has its requirement. In this article, we have explained what are the most common applications that use circular connectors according to their designs.

Circular Power Connectors

For any device, to make disconnections and reconnections, power cables are used. Circular power connectors help in making the process of reconnection and disconnection of a power cable from its device smoother. Previously, the power cables used to require wide-ranging services whenever the alteration was done in the power supply. They used to get damaged easily during the process and to overcome this circular power connectors were introduced. They replaced hardwiring of power cables and are used in many applications.

The circular connectors are used in various applications for example the equipment used in medical, streets lightings, lightings used in vehicles, industrial machines, etc. Different applications use a different type of circular connector that depends on the amount of current required by the particular application. The circular power connectors are best suitable for the applications used in extreme environmental conditions. And for various environmental conditions, particular types of circular connectors are available for the device. You need to select the most appropriate one for the device.

The circular connectors are mostly available in metal, plastic, or sometimes both. Their circular shape makes them more beneficial than the other ones and for various locking methods like push-pull, bayonet-type, threaded, etc. they make the locking process much easier. Some of the circular connectors are also available in Rubber as it is water-proof and dust-proof and can be useful for such devices that are mostly used underwater or in dusty areas.

The best quality of industrial circular connectors is that they can combine a large number of contacts into a very compact size. For example, if 10 contacts are organized in a circular connector design, they will be more compact because of the circular shape than the ones organized in the rectangular connectors. In Rectangular connectors, the contacts are arranged in rows due to which they are less compared than circular connectors. But as the number of pins exceeds, rectangular circulars become the better option in comparison to the circular ones.

M12 connector is mostly used in industrial automation. Previously, industrial factories used parallel wiring systems but as M12 connectors were introduced, they moved to connect machinery for more security.

Harsh Environment

Industrial environments are mostly harsh and the machinery faces lots of signal and data intrusion, dirt, water pollution, temperature variations from extreme cold to extremely hot, vibrations, and much more. The circular connectors are designed to work in such extreme environments and are shielded from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

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