Is There Any Tool To Extract Data From Google Maps And LinkedIn?

Is There Any Tool To Extract Data From Google Maps And LinkedIn? post thumbnail image

Which Tool Is The Best To Extract Google Maps Data?

Google Maps is the most popular website for b2b lead generation, so you can easily search and extract business data for a specific industry and location on Google Maps. Extracting data from Google Maps like business name, phone number, location, ratings, reviews, working hours, description, title, and emails are pretty straightforward, but manually copying and pasting Google Maps data can be a time-consuming, effort taking, and boring task. If you are looking for the best tool to extract data from Google Maps business listings, you are reading the right article.

Downloading data from Google Maps has never been easy in the past, but this web scraping software has made Google Maps scraping easier for marketers, freelancers, and b2b lead generation experts. All the marketers and business owners looking for the best Google Maps Scraper that can extract b2b leads from Google Maps easily and quickly without learning any technical skills. Because every business whether it is b2b or b2c needs customers’ data to contact them.

Google Map Extractor – The Best Tool To Fetch Data From Google Maps To Excel

When looking for the best software or tool to extract data from Google Maps to Excel or CSV, you may be confused as there are thousands of Google Maps Scraping tools available on the internet. But you need only one and have to choose the best Google Maps Lead Extractor wisely which can find, extract, and export data from thousands of Google Maps business listings in the minimum time. Google Maps Data Extractor is the best tool, software, and desktop application to extract data from Google Maps business listings without having any coding knowledge that can extract b2b leads easily and smoothly from Google Maps. And most importantly it can find business data by different keywords, locations, zip codes, categories, and business listing URLs and supports CSV, Excel, and Text formats to download data from Google Maps.

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Google Maps Data Extractor

You can extract the following data field from Google Maps with just a few clicks.

Business Email Address

Business Phone Number

Social Media Links ( Skype Id, Messenger Id, FB id, Instagram Id, Twitter Id, etc..)

Business Description and Title

Business Established Date

Website URL

Opening Hours

Latitude & Longitude

Ratings & Reviews

Image Links, and much more.

What Are The Main Features Of Google Map Extractor?

There are many features of the Google Maps Contact Extractor that make it unique from other Google Maps business scraping tools, some of them are as follows:

Extract the data of your choice from any Google Maps business profile by name.

The Google Maps business scraper has its own browser which opens in a new window.

You can apply filters For example, If you want to extract only emails then it can extract emails only.

Google Maps Crawler can scrape data from 1200-1500 business listings in a day and save your valuable time, money, and human effort.

Supports all locations supported by Google Maps. So, you can scrape places data for any location by using this Google Places Scraper.

Google Maps Email Extractor is developed with the latest web scraping technology by the developers of Ahmad Software Technologies. We are the most popular and well-known software company that has been in the industry of web scraping for 15 years. Every day, many marketers, freelancers, agencies, and b2b businesses buy this Google Maps scraping software to mine data from Google Maps to Excel.

Extract 100% Valid And Real Business Email Data From Google Maps

Google Maps Phone Number Extractor can scrape any Google Maps business profile data without writing a single line of code. Some marketers and businesses need an email database from Google Maps and Google Maps doesn’t show the email on a business listing sometimes. But, you don’t need to worry because Google Maps Email Finder goes to the website given on the business listing and searches for email. In this way, you can get an email database from Google Maps easily by using this business data extractor. So, you will get 100% unique and real business email data from Google Maps.

Download Google Map Extractor Now For Free And Get Data In An Organized Format

Google Maps Grabber can be downloaded for free from our website ( and you can run it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and all the latest versions. Don’t waste your time searching and extracting data from Google Maps to Excel manually while you can do this task automatically with a single click of a button by using this Google Maps Lead Generation Tool. Data extraction from Google Maps is completely free but you can’t export data in the free trial. You have to buy the license of the Google Maps Location software to export data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

See How To Use Software:

What Is LinkedIn Scraping Tool And How Does It Work?

Trying to extract data from LinkedIn manually can be time-wasting and energy-consuming. This is true for all types of industries, be it LinkedIn Data Scraping, Google Maps Data Scraping, Facebook Data Scraping, Twitter Scraping, or Amazon Scraping.

Thankfully, so many LinkedIn scraping tools make LinkedIn Scraping processes completely automatic and easy for users. There are numerous different tools to extract data from LinkedIn according to user requirements.

Before we discuss them, however, let us look at what LinkedIn Scraping is, how it works, and how it can be helpful to businesses and marketers.

What Is A LinkedIn Scraping Tool?

To extract a large amount of data from LinkedIn to Excel automatically without any programming and technical skill is known as LinkedIn Scraping. LinkedIn Data Extraction is done using tools and software that enable users to download data from LinkedIn to a structured Excel, CSV, or Text format. It saves numerous hours and effort of the user instead of copy-pasting data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles manually.

How Does LinkedIn Scraping Tool Work?

To Use LinkedIn scraper software, you must have a stable internet connection, laptop or PC, and any version of windows. This LinkedIn Data Extractor searches for the data on the LinkedIn website for your targeted keywords and locations.

After searching the data, LinkedIn Scraper extracts data from your selected search results automatically. After extracting data from LinkedIn search results you can export data in various formats such as Excel, CSV, and Text files for use.

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The Best LinkedIn Business Leads Extractor For B2B Businesses

What Is The Importance Of LinkedIn Data?

LinkedIn data plays a major role in b2b marketing, text marketing, telemarketing, email marketing, local business, etc. Scraping data from LinkedIn is so important in today’s world because businesses and marketers always need customers’ data to sell them products and services. A business on LinkedIn provides all the information like email, phone number, address, telephone number, website link, social media pages links, working hours, company staff, and much more. So that a customer can find their business easily and contact them to buy anything. You can collect all this data by using LinkedIn Company Data Extractor Software.

Marketers and freelancers use LinkedIn Contact Details Scraper to gather business information from LinkedIn in the shortest time. They collect data from LinkedIn and then sell it to others on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Businesses and organizations also use LinkedIn data scraping tools to get competitors’ business information, so they can adjust their product or service prices to beat them.

LinkedIn Company Extractor – The Best LinkedIn Scraping Tool

LinkedIn Email Extractor is an easy-to-use software that can extract and export business title, business address, reviews, ratings, email address, phone number, social media links, company staff, followers, etc. This is the best LinkedIn automation tool that can extract all the data you want from a LinkedIn business profile.

Extracting data from LinkedIn can be quite difficult due to the millions of business profiles and daily updates. Here LinkedIn Profile Extractor can help you extract updated data from LinkedIn for your targeted keywords, locations, and business as it is updated according to the updates of LinkedIn.

How To Extract And Export Business Data From LinkedIn Using LinkedIn Company Extractor?

Using the LinkedIn Crawler, you can select your related business category and choose a specific location or put any business keyword in the search bar of the software. You will get the results from LinkedIn for your keywords, here you can apply a filter if you want to extract specific data like only emails or phone numbers from all the LinkedIn business profiles.


LinkedIn Company Extractor will scrape all the data from 800-1000 business profiles in the minimum time without writing any code. You will see the extracted data on the LinkedIn Scraper screen. Now, you can save this data on your computer or laptop in CSV, Excel, or Text if you have the license of the software. Its price is just 59.99$ for 3 months and you can scrape data from thousands of business profiles in just one month by using this LinkedIn Business Lead Extractor.

Why Is LinkedIn Company Extractor The Best Choice For B2B Businesses?

We all know that LinkedIn is the gold mine of businesses and professionals. For anyone who wants real business data to sell to others, LinkedIn is the best platform. The LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor is the best way to scrape business data from Google Maps. It is the easiest software to use which allows you to download data from LinkedIn to Excel with just a few clicks. You can apply filters on the selection of data before and after the data extraction process. If you are using it, you don’t need to buy data from a freelancer. Maybe, he/she collected this data one year ago. You need to use this data extractor as it extracts fresh and valid data from LinkedIn.

See How To Use Software:

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