Instructions to Reach Out to Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Instructions to Reach Out to Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers and bloggers are respected and trusted voices that can help you get your product, service, or brand to an untapped (potentially massive) audience. They have vast and active followings on various social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. While being connected to bloggers and influencers in your area has many benefits, reaching out to them can be challenging.Inquiring about celebrities and influencers on social media must be a carefully planned and executed procedure centered around establishing both an “ask” and an “offer” mutually profitable. How do you reach this kind of person for your company? In this article, we’ll go over the steps needed to reach out to influencers and bloggers so that you can begin by collaborating with them. click here

Step 1: Establish a Relationship.

After you’ve identified the right influencers and bloggers within your niche or local region, the next stage is creating the connection through a few initial interactions. click here

Follow on Social Media

Social media influencers and bloggers are usually active on many online channels. For two reasons, it is essential to locate and follow them on these social media channels. The first is to become acquainted with their style and what kind of content they share to establish the basis for communicating with them. The next step is to identify the areas where they are most active and identify the most effective channel to develop the evidence of your curiosity about their work. Influencers are more responsive to those who are curious about their work as opposed to “cold calls” from brands that haven’t taken the time to research their story. click here

Make sure to share their content online.

The next best thing you can do to connect with influencers and bloggers posts a pertinent part of the content through one of your social media platforms. For instance, if you have a gym and an influencer has a blog titled “3 Trendy Workout Outfits,” you could post this article on your personal Facebook page. click here

This type of content, also known as content created by consumers, will help you save time for marketing. It’s beneficial for everyone too. Influencers like sharing their content, and your viewers will appreciate the informative and pertinent content. click here

Step 2: Make Initial Contact.

Once you’ve built relationships with influencers and bloggers, It’s time to move your interaction to a more direct method using social media first, followed by an email that is more targeted.

Direct Message on Social Channels

When you start reaching out to social media influencers and bloggers directly, you should reach out to a large audience yet, at times, remain personal. Start by reaching out to influencers via the social media channels on which they are the most active. Also, ensure that your message contains specific reasons why you are a fan of their content or personal stories.

Be aware that these initial messages are meant to establish a connection with influencers on a more personal level and lay the foundational blocks for what might eventually develop into a business relationship. Make sure to keep these messages short, simple, and not sound like a sales pitch. click here

Try something as simple as, “Hi there. I like your Instagram feed and loved your last XYZ blog! You’re so stylish. I believe you’ll be a fan of my brand new line of clothing called the X. Watch to receive an email from me very soon. I’d love to meet you!”

Reach out with a Personalized Email

After you have sent an initial message (like Direct Messages on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) to your influencer or blogger, you must send a more thorough introduction to them via email. It is important to note that most influencers and bloggers have their email addresses or preferred contact information on their social profiles. It would help if you took the time to browse through their profiles and locate those before you send them a message.

This email should help you continue laying the foundation by providing additional information about your products, services, or your company’s name. Here are some suggestions:

Maintain a casual tone and do not “sell-sy.”

Do not use a generic subject line that can be considered spam.

Incorporate links from your site and hyperlinks to the products or services you believe might interest you.

Do not make any explicit “asks” or “offers.”

The email should end by asking a question like, “please get back in touch if you are interested in working together/learning more/collaborating.”

Step #3: Determine an Appropriate Offer.

When a blogger or influencer has expressed an interest in collaborating with you, it’s time to choose a suitable proposal. The proposal you offer when you reach out to an influencer or blogger influencer to start an agreement will depend on several aspects. click here

Here are a few ideas to take into consideration:

How many followers or fans do they have? Someone with more than 20K fans on their social media site can expect a higher deal than someone with just 2K followers.What are you thinking of soliciting in exchange? A featured blog post and other posts and mentions on several social media platforms can be “worth” more than one tag or inclusion in an Instagram post or even a mention in a blog post alongside various other brands. click here

What (in time, products, or services) are you willing to spend? 

Be generous, but don’t give more than you can afford. The most effective offers are expensive but are low in overhead costs. For instance, if you’re a hairstylist giving a free blowout could be worth $20-$50 but will only cost you your own time. click here

What will influencers think of your product? Influencers aren’t always eager to travel and avail services independently. If you’re offering a free service such as haircuts, meals, or lessons, ensure that you provide the option of the influencer taking an additional person along or arriving at a convenient time. This will ensure that the influencer is motivated to sign up for your deal for an offer.

Step #4: Communicate Your Needs. Be Clear on Your “Ask.”

After you’ve come up with a fair and reasonable offer for your influencer or blogger, be prepared to provide specific details about what you intend to offer in your “ask.” It is ideal for communicating this information via email so you can keep a detailed document for both the “ask” and “offer.” In this process, it is essential to make your message clear and straightforward. click here

For instance, as an exchange offer for the value of $100 for a pre-fixe dinner for two people at your restaurant, you can ask for one blog post or 2 Instagram posts or an further mention of your business on Facebook and all within a specific time (with every post including proper tagging, customized business hashtags, and an exclusive URL for your website). Any concerns should be addressed in this process. If you contact an author or social media influencers, you must agree on expectations on both sides. click here

Step #5: Measure Results.

In all forms of marketing, it is essential to ensure there is a means to determine whether your efforts are worth it or not. Be sure to have a method to track the outcomes of the blogger or social media collaboration with influencers.

Create a customized website, landing page or customized tracked link, or even an automated phone number if it is applicable. You’ll need your tracking elements before making your final “ask.” Make sure you supply your bloggers and Social media influencers with the tags and tracking elements they’ll require for their blogs and posts. click here

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