Indications That It Is Time to Change Your Product Packaging

People need to know why they should buy your product over other available products. Competition is fierce everywhere. Online shopping offers endless options, while retail stores have aisles of choices and floor-to-ceiling shelving. If you want your product to stand out, you will need the right packaging such as using the perfect flat bags Australia for your products. Also, assess if it may be time to refresh your update packaging design.

So, how do you know that it is time for a refresh? 

Determining the right time to change design can be tricky. Sometimes, a sudden design change can make your products less recognizable or not make your target audience happy. Other times, an update can improve your brand image and skyrocket your sales. If you think it is time to redesign, here are the possible reasons for an update:

You are introducing new product lines. If you want old and new customers to notice your new products, one way to do this is to upgrade your packaging. Showcase your efforts in creating those new product lines. You could add a phrase to your design like, “Try our new flavours.” Also, consider updating your colour scheme to differentiate items while keeping the same general layout.

You are rebranding. There are a few reasons that may compel you to rebrand your flat bag packaging. Are you looking to target a new demographic? Are you overhauling your current offerings or selling new products? Have your customer’s lost interest, causing your sales to drop? Has your industry been the subject of controversy?

Whatever the reason for your rebranding, this entails a design change. What message do you want to convey? Make sure to use the appropriate fonts, imagery, and colours to represent that new message.

You have an outdated design. One reason to change product packaging is an outdated design. However, sometimes you do not know if your concepts have gone out of style. Do some investigation and research design updates in similar products. Browse online and stroll store aisles to get a closer look at different styles of flat bags. You may also check out the Pantone Color Institute to see which colours are popular this year. 

With that, keep in mind that applying every trend on your design without a guiding strategy might make your packaging look desperate to fit in. Often, differentiating yourself from others can be positive. You can be unique when refreshing your packaging, instead of mimicking the competition. 

You have reformulated your product. When your product experiences significant alterations, it is an indicator that it may be time for a design change. When you want your target audience to know about your product improvements, display them with your packaging. If sweeping changes have transpired, old wrapping and messaging can be confusing. Whenever you reformulate a product, altering your packaging will represent the change. 

You are offering eco-friendly options. Offering eco-friendly options can boost the reputation and image of your brand, but you also need the consumers to know about the change. If you are creating eco-friendly products, create new packaging for flat bags. Consider representing this change with the colour green and other nature-related symbols.

Note that consumers today are well-informed and look past greenwashing packaging. You can win those consumers by providing information about specific changes on your packaging using figures, numbers, trusted labels, etc. For example, if your business has earned a Green Seal certification, add the logo to your new design. If you are using sustainable packaging materials, note this too. Moreover, be sure to update your company’s “About Us” page to indicate the change.

Tips for Changing Your Packaging Design

When you finally decide to update the design on your flat bags, be mindful and cautious throughout the entire process. Otherwise, you will run the dress of losing sales. You will want a successful design to exponentially increase the popularity of the product. Here are some tips on how to influence your sales positively through your new packaging: 

Create an appealing design. Draw up a packaging design that will meet your goals and attract your target audience. Remember that it is much easier to conceptualize than it is to execute. It takes time and effort, as well as trial and error. When creating your new packaging, take into account these goals:

Stay recognizable

Use negative space

Pay attention to colour psychology and its impact

Be honest and straightforward

Use meaningful symbols

Pick a convenient solution

Establish your goal. Determine your goal, for example, do you want a subtle change or a total overhaul? Find out whether you need to alter your current design subtly or start from scratch. Always keep in mind your established customer base, when changing the design of your flat bags. You will want your new design to be still recognizable. If customers who favour your brand have difficulty finding it, you are likely to lose them.

Once you have a clear understanding on where to start, decide the functions of your new design. What are the exact reasons you want to make a change? Are you looking to pull your brand out of the past and into the present? Are you trying to strengthen your connection with the same audience or attract a new target customer? Do you want to draw attention to changes or improvements? 

The purpose for changing your design must be evident, which is to keep the “why” in mind for the whole duration.

Research your audience. When changing your packaging, it includes understanding your audience as well as putting yourself in their shoes. Think about their interests, morals, attitude, and lifestyle. What compels them? Your can brainstorm with your team the answers to these questions. The better you get to know your target market, the more you can easily connect with them.

Utilize a prototype. Once you have established more than one potential packaging designs for your products, you will need prototypes of the flat bags for testing. A physical prototype enables you to connect more strongly with your design. It helps you A physical prototype enables you to connect more strongly with your design. 

You are able totest the packaging, evaluate the small details, feel the textures,etc. So, bring your designs to life with prototypes before ordering them in bulk.You will be able to perfect your concepts before putting them on the store shelves.