Ice Cream Easy Drawing For 2 Years Olds

Easy Drawing For 2 Years Olds aren’t many better snacks than a delicious ice cream cone for summer foods that can keep you cool! Easy Drawing For 2 Years Olds delicious, frosty sweets come in various shapes, flavours, and varieties. Learning to design an ice cream cone can be much more fun because there is so much room for creativity.

In this post, you may learn everything you need to know to create your original ice cream cone drawing. You’ll see how simple and amusing it can be with the help of this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an ice cream cone in just six simple steps!

Step-by-Step Ice Cream Drawing


  • Let’s start with the cone component of the equation to begin this ice cream cone drawing tutorial. The first step will be much simpler if you have a ruler to assist you.
  • Simply draw two horizontal lines that meet at the bottom of the little, curled cone.
  • Let’s proceed since this will serve as the framework for your cone, and we will add many more details to it in the upcoming sections.


  • Draw some ice cream on the cone in step two.
  • If there wasn’t any ice cream on the drawing, it wouldn’t be an ice cream cone! Thus, we will improve the image in particular ways in the following stage.
  • We’ll begin by tracing a circular, curved line over the cone to create a massive dollop of ice cream on top of it.
  • You can add four smaller curved lines below the top, curved line, to indicate how the ice cream extends over the edge of the plate.
  • Before moving on to step two, finish the cone’s top by drawing a slanted line across it, right below the ice cream.


  • At this point, begin to refine the cone’s details.
  • In the previous section of our tutorial on drawing an ice cream cone, we advised adding some detail to the cone, so we will do that in this step.
  • As seen in the reference image, we will cover the ice cream cone with a sequence of diagonal lines for this design. Additionally, the lines will be relatively close together.
  • You’ll be rewarded for perseverance once the design is finished, although this phase requires patience and a steady hand.


  • Complete the cone’s design.
  • You still need to add a few things before colouring the ice cream cone you designed, even if it now looks fantastic.
  • We will complete the cone’s design in this part. In essence, you will repeat the previous method in the opposite direction.
  • This will produce a pattern that looks similar to the crosshatch pattern in the illustration.
  • However, even though this stage can require a little patience, the outcome will be wonderful.


  • Now that you’ve reached this stage, you can finish designing your ice cream cone.
  • You can now complete the steps in this portion of our guide on designing an ice cream cone because your ice cream cone is essentially finished and prepared for colouring.
  • You can now choose to include a few of your own components.
  • To represent sprinkles and other toppings in our example, we used a series of dots, but you could do many other thingso with this image.
  • Sketch in your picture the ideal ice cream cone you have in mind.
  • You may garnish your ice cream cone with cherries or candy pieces, and you could even draw a cool background for it.
  • What ice cream cone embellishments and toppings would you choose?


  • Add colour to complete your ice cream cone design.
  • The exciting part of customising your ice cream cone is now upon us. One method to customise it is to draw your own ice cream cone and add your own toppings and variations.
  • This is the stage where you should truly allow your creativity to run wild because the colours and art tools you choose significantly impact the tone of your painting.
  • There are no restrictions on what you may accomplish because ice cream cones are available in various colourful and stunning colours.
  • You can use bright markers and vibrant pens to make the colours stand out. Use coloured pencils or watercolour paints for a more muted look if you like a less vibrant image.
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