How Vitamin E is Helpful For Our Body and Skin?


How Vitamin E is Helpful For Our Body and Skin?

Vitamin E is one of the most essential nutrients of your body which supports your immune system strongly and plays a key role in cell regeneration as well. Most importantly, it possesses antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties which helps the human body in innumerable ways. It is widely known for its miraculous effect on the skin and health. One just needs to apply it manually over face to get rid of inflammation and reduces the ageing factor of the skin. It is naturally present in nuts, seeds and in green and leafy vegetables. It can also be used as an overnight treatment to treat blemishes or skin abberations. There are many other properties of Aloe vera, Hair spa treatment and much more are listed on Digi Patrika. You can also go through them to keep your hair and skin good all the time. It also helps in maintaining cardiovascular health, protecting you against macular degeneration and somewhat cataract progressive symptoms. Vitamin E is also known for its contribution against neurological disorders.

Key points:-

• How to use vitamin E as an overnight ointment.

• Benefits of using Vitamin E.

How to use vitamin E as an overnight treatment?

I) Wash your face thoroughly and rinse off of any makeup product.

II) Pat and dry your skin.

III) Mix pure vitamin E oil with any other subsequent oil like jojoba oil, or coconut oil.

IV) Apply this mixture using your fingers in a clockwise motion and rub it all over your face.

V) Wait for at least half an hour for the serum to dry before resting your face on any surface.

VI) Watch it in the morning and experience a naturally glowing skin.

Benefits of using Vitamin E

• Acts as an antioxidant

Vitamin E is a great supplement. It not only detoxifies your body but also prevents foreign cells from damaging your own cells. Thus, it acts as a natural protective shield for the skin.

• Helps in curing macular dysfunction

Macular dysfunction is a serious eye disease which is genetic in nature. In serious conditions, it can also result in permanent vision loss. It is caused due to external free radicals, which attack the macular region of the eye and degenerate it. Vitamin E destroys these free radicals and even slows down the progression of macular dysfunction.

• Boosts immune system

Vitamin C enhances the levels of t lymphocytes present in the body which guard the body against foreign cells and destroy them on interaction. Hence it betters the immune system of the body and helps in keeping it healthy.

• Helps in curing Alzheimer’s

Vitamin E slows down memory loss during Alzheimer’s disease as Vitamin E prevents cellular damage caused during this serious condition. It is a result of oxygen activity which triggers memory loss. The use of Vitamin E during disease prevents the cognitive decline of the individual.

• Improves blood vessel health

Vitamin C enhances the production of red blood cells in the body and also improve the blood clotting capacity of the blood. This overall increases the blood circulation in the body which helps in the better maintenance of it.

• Reduces PMS

Vitamin E helps in the reduction of premenstrual symptoms like cramps, anxious nature, food cravings and mood swings to significant levels. It not only helps in in the betterment of your mood but also enhances your health overall.

• Prevents UV damage

Vitamin E when combined with sunscreen, works miraculously on your skin and prevents sunburns as well as protect the skin from the harmful and deadly UV rays of the Sun. It not only protects your skin from tanning but also keeps it hydrated and nourished.

• Fights osteoarthritis inflammation

Vitamin C is popularly known for reducing the pain and inflammation experienced in joints during arthritis. The condition can be drastically improved by consuming vitamin supplements for a normal span of 15 days and experience the change yourself. It diminishes the pain experienced in joints and makes them more flexible.

Foods rich in vitamin E.

I) Wheat germ oil: At 20 milligrams per tbsp, wheat germ oil is the richest Vitamin E food. It has the highest amount of pure Vitamin E present in it. Other cooking oils which have a good amount of Vitamin E in them are hazelnut, almond and sunflower oil.

II) Almonds: almonds not only reduce the risk of your obesity, boost your memory and also a power house of Vitamin E. So do not miss your daily dose of almonds for a healthy approach towards life.

III) Sunflower seeds: they are a good source of vitamin E and can be consumed with cereals or smoothies as healthy breakfast.

IV) Pine nuts: pine nuts though expensive, but have the highest amount of Vitamin E present in them. If consumed as a daily supplement, you will see beneficial changes in your body for the good.

V) Avocado: half an avocado contains up to 20% of your daily Vitamin E requirement. Mangoes and kiwis are also good in vitamin E content and all three are good supplements. They may be consumed during breakfast for a healthy approach towards life.

the synopsis would be, that this article gives a brief account on Vitamin E and its benefits. On reading it will give a brief account of Vitamin E and its various advantages for human skin and health. One should follow this for healthy living and the better immune.

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