How Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Beneficial for Women?

Many people say tummy tuck surgery is beneficial. You must be wondering what it is and how it is beneficial for women. In this article, we will explain in detail tummy tuck surgery, the procedure of Tummy Tuck, and Tummy Tuck Cost in Lahore. So, let’s start with knowing about tummy tuck surgery which is also known as Abdominoplasty Surgery. It is a surgical procedure that flattens and firms the abdominal muscles of the body along with certain other health benefits.

Abdominoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery that tightens the abdomen muscles and removes loose skin and extra fat. Thus, the abdomen looks flat, in shape, and toned after delivering the baby. Also, the tummy tuck surgery is mostly associated with “mommy makeovers,” a surgical procedure that allows women to restore their figures after pregnancy. Moreover, abdominoplasty is also useful for people who have lost extreme weight in a short span of time.

What is the procedure for a tummy tuck?

The procedure of tummy tuck is not very complicated. We have precisely explained the procedure of tummy tuck in this paragraph to make you understand how it works. There are two types of procedures: A partial abdominoplasty involves a large cut across the lower tummy and separates the belly button skin from the abdominal wall to remove the excess fat and skin. Finally, the surgeon pulls together the remaining skin and stitches it in place.

Whereas, a full abdominoplasty involves a large incision across the lower tummy which is from hip to hip but above the pubic area. Then, a second incision is made to free the belly button from the tissue that surrounds it by separating the skin from the abdominal wall and realigns the abdominal muscles by removing excess fat and skin. In end cuts a new hole for the belly button and stitches it back in place by pulling together the remaining skin and stitching it in place. Also, the surgery takes around 2 to 5 hours. Some people need to stay in the hospital for a few nights.

How tummy tuck surgery is beneficial for women?

The major benefit of tummy tuck surgery is it removes excess abdominal skin and fat. Hence, restores the weakened stomach muscles, to make you feel more confident with overall improved health. Further, abdominoplasty is the most common form of body contouring cosmetic surgery. The surgery aims to remove the excess fat from the stomach area and tighten the abdominal wall to create a toned abdomen.

Moreover, this procedure is ideal for patients who have experienced extreme weight loss, recently delivered a baby, are not satisfied with the appearance of their stomach, or have scars from any surgery. If you want to learn how tummy tuck surgery is beneficial then keep reading this article.

Because here you will learn about the leading benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

1: Strengthens the core

A tummy tuck surgery strengthens the core muscles of the abdomen. Therefore, after going through tummy tuck patients experience improved posture, they are able to stand straighter and relieve the unwanted pressure on their hips and knees. Further, they get better balance and stability so they can move in any direction and keep their balance. Moreover, they get relief from back pain and can easily sit, stand, bend and lift. Hence, they become more active and participate in healthy activities and sports that need flexibility. In addition, after extreme weight loss or pregnancies, stomach muscles stretch, and to bring them back in place diet and exercise alone cannot help. So, a tummy tuck surgery is beneficial in tightening weak muscles, by removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen.

2: Ease Mobility and Exercise

The main purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove the loose and excess skin which interferes with the mobility and ability to exercise. Doctors suggest exercise after weight loss and it becomes difficult to exercise due to fat. As exercise is necessary in maintaining the body profile after surgery. Moreover, a tummy tuck improves mobility by helping you to alleviate the physical discomfort of hanging skin. It opens ways for various types of exercises and makes life easy and more active. Further, the loose skin after surgery can quickly become infected. So, a tummy tuck is healthy for your abdomen because it eliminates the problem of hard-to-clean folds of skin and prevents infections.

3: Corrects Ventral Hernia

A ventral hernia is a prominent bulge under your skin in the abdominal area. And the abdominal muscles often get weak after the cesarean delivery (C-section) or may be due to immense weight loss, and develops the risk of a ventral hernia. Thus, the hernia is formed when abdominal tissue penetrates the weak abdomen walls. Even, sometimes without a hernia, there is a separation between the abdominal muscles that causes protrusion of the abdomen. Hence, it is corrected at the time of a tummy tuck to restore a flatter stomach. Moreover, after hernia correction, a tummy tuck helps in strengthening the weak abdominal muscles. It also relieves the extra skin pressure and prevents recurring ventral hernias.

4: Reduces Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a bladder-control issue. The problem causes involuntary urine leakage if the patient cough, sneeze, laugh, or even perform something less forceful. Therefore, a tummy tuck surgery is beneficial in controlling the problem by lifting tissue from the pelvic area, suspending the urethra and it also slightly obstructing the bladder to minimize urine leakage. So, women facing SUI can overcome the problem right after tummy tuck surgery. Because it removes the extra fat from the abdomen and reduces incontinence.

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We hope that now you know how tummy tuck surgery is beneficial for women. Still, if you have more queries about tummy tuck surgery such as “are you a suitable candidate for a tummy tuck?” Then request a consultation with the best plastic surgeon Dr. Mustehsan Bashir. For appointments contact the team of Cosmeticoplasty in Lahore. We recommend Cosmeticoplasty because the Tummy Tuck Cost in Lahore is relatively affordable than in other cities of Pakistan.

In a nutshell

So, due to the growing popularity of abdominoplasty surgery, many people believe that a tummy tuck is an easy surgical procedure. However, patients must realize that it is a major surgery that would take approximately one to five hours under general anesthesia. However, its benefits are very much satisfactory to take this risk. As a typical abdominoplasty removes around 10 pounds of stomach fat. Hence, tummy tuck surgery is beneficial for women who want to get rid of their extra abdominal fat. So it also helps to acquire a toned and appealing figure. To add on, a few people often confuse liposuction surgery with tummy tuck surgery. To elaborate, they are two different procedures with different target areas and results. If you have some questions in your mind then visit the best cosmetic surgeon at Cosmeticoplasty and find clear your confusion.

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