How to Use Google Map on Chinese Telecom Company

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How to Use FREE Google Map on Chinese Telecom Company, Get the latest updates. If we have to travel somewhere, we must use Google Map from our mobile phone. Zong is Pakistan’s fastest internet provider company that was launched by China. The company has started offering the Google Free Map to its customers for free. Now you can activate this package on Zong SIM without any charges and make your journey easier.

Best Method to Use FREE Google Map app while Travelling

In fact, people say that Google Maps helps them a lot when they travel because whenever they go to a new place, they can easily search the streets, neighborhoods, and other places because of this map and get there. No network in Pakistan was providing this service for free.

Due to which people had to activate full internet packages which were very expensive. Now Zong has made this offer to its customers absolutely free. There may be some adjustment in the price in the future but at the moment it has no charges and you can activate it on any of your SIMs for free.

How to activate this Package?

There is a very simple way to activate the package. All you have to do is dial *627# from your mobile phone and this package will be activated without any charges. You can use this package for one day only.

After activating this package you will get 250 MB from Zong which will be usable only on Google Maps app. If your Zong Internet package is activated and you also activate this service, the first thing to do when using Google Maps is to have a Google Map Internet Consume from your account. You have to need to on the Location of your mobile phone to use the Google Map. You can get directions, can check your current location, and also can find any restaurant, shop, office, organization, school, hospital, and park, etc on the app.

Can We activate this package again on next day for free?

Yes, You can activate this package daily for free. This package is only usable for one day and expires the next day. So to activate it, you have to re-dial *627# the subscription code from your Zong SIM.

Package Details Checking Method:

You can dial *102*1# from your SIM for outstanding package information. With Rs.0.10 paisa charges, you will get your internet, SMS, and call package information through one message.

There are some other ways that you can claim daily free internet on your Zong SIM. If you have an android or ios mobile phone then you can easily get daily free internet without having a balance. Zong has launched the My Zong app which provides you with many features. You can activate and deactivate call, SMS, and internet packages, can check your account details, and many much more.

Get FREE Daily Internet With Zong App

  • Install the My Zong app on your Android mobile phone by going to Google Play Store
  • Open the app and select language “Urdu, English, Chinese”
  • Enter your mobile number to verify your account
  • You will receive a 6 digits code by SMS on your number
  • Enter 6 digits number on the app and tap on verify
  • In the next step, you have to select your gender and your full name
  • After doing it all your account will be created
  • In a few minutes, You will receive free 4000 MB internet for free
  • You can use these MBs for 7 days

This step helps you to get daily free internet on your Zong with the My Zong app. If you have not installed the My Zong app on your mobile phone and have never used this app before then you will get free 4000Mbs internet. After consuming and use of these MBs you can claim daily free rewards from this app.

  • Open the My Zong app and log in to your account
  • Tap on the reward button in the center of the app
  • There will be 9 boxes in which you have to select 1 box
  • Tap on any Box and you will get a free reward as free internet
  • Customers can get daily free 10MB to 200MB internet with this reward method

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Here You can visit the rave blog for more information. You must have the Google Maps app to use Zong’s Google Maps service for free. Now, You can use this service for free on any Zong SIM. For more information, visit Zong’s own website or contact Zong’s helpline number 222.

Day Bundle + FREE Google Map (12 AM to 7 PM)

Customers who only need to make calls during the day can opt for this package. Activating this package gives you everything you need in the expensive packages mentioned above. With Jazz One Day Call Package you can make any Jazz number free calls.

The Jazz Daily Package gives customers 10,000 on-net minutes and a free Map package that can be used on the Jazz network, 150 SMS for each network, and 20 MB of internet. This package price is only Rs.7 rupees per day. You can use this package from 12 AM to 7 PM. It means that you can use this package all day exclude 7 PM to 12 AM.

Package NameDay Bundle
PriceRs.7 including tax
On-net calls10,000 Minutes
Internet20MB + Free Google Map
Text Messages150 SMS
Activation code*340#
Package Status Check code*340*2#
Deactivation Code*340*4#
Validity1 Day

Other FREE Package on Jazz 4G

To activate the day bundle on Jazz prepaid SIMs you can simply dial *340#. To unsubscribe from this package you can dial *340*4#. If customers have activated this package and want to check the remaining minutes, SMS and internet then they can dial *340*2#.

I hope that this package will help you to use free GOOGLE Map on your 4G and postpaid SIM. Thanks for reading this post. Thousand of the telecom packages are working on UAE, Pakistan, India, Saudia Arab and the most famous and rich country the USA. Prepaid and postpaid customers can use this service for free. Here are some other offers that are the best for all data SIM and prepaid users. You can activate these all offers for free on your cards. Etisalat customers are able to get free data on all new SIM cards and for new WIFI and 4G postpaid connections.

Customers can get unlimited MB for supported UAE Etisalat numbers. Currently, Etisalat is offering calling plans at a very low cost. Those customers who are looking for an Etisalat internet calling plan can get unlimited Go-app, Free eLife internet calling, and free calls in Pakistan, India, UAE, and also on Zong network users can call on it.

Etisalat is an international telecom company and you can easily get a Free Google Map on it. For this just dial *101# from any prepaid SIM card and get an unlimited Map for 1 month. This package will automatically re-subscribe and customers can deactivate by sending ‘UAVUSUB’ to 101. The customers will receive a package deactivation confirmation message.

How to get FREE Google Map on Etisalat and DU SIM?

It is very easy to get and use this free service. Simply dial *101# from Etisalat’s number to get the free social package and a free Google Map package. You can also get a free map for 1 month by just installing the Etisalat and DU app. All new customers will get free 10,000 MBs to use these services.

DU customers can get a Map package for just 0.50 AED per month. To get this package you can send ‘MapMP’ to 89700. All those customers who have never used their SIM card for 1 month can get this offer for free.

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