How to Use an Antique Rug to Give Your Home a Timeless Look

There are an infinite amount of styles and designs to pick from, but oriental carpets are the only ones that have maintained their position as timeless artefacts throughout the years.

Adding a rug is one of the simplest and most effective methods to change the design and appearance of your area. Even in rooms with gorgeous and fashionable floors, adding an area rug may help develop a theme for your space or complement an already established design. When it comes to rugs, there are an infinite amount of styles and designs to pick from, but only oriental carpets have maintained their reputation as timeless treasures over the decades.

Beautiful masterpieces frequently end up becoming heritage pieces that are passed down through generations, and they never seem to go out of style. Oriental carpets often have classic motifs that are primarily multi-colored and may thus be used to compliment other pieces of decor in your area. To connect your area together, use an oriental rug with a classic antique style. Adding a vintage or antique-looking object to your interior space may radically transform the look of your area, and while there are several methods to do so, there are some tried and true approaches and thumb rules that will help you find the ideal one for your space.

The Rug Size: 

What is your first step before shopping for a rug or carpet for your home? You will be given the size of your space. The most important criterion for a royal-looking carpeting is that it should be exquisite. It must not be too little or too huge for your available area. The general rule choosing a rug that will cover the majority of your area is to measure the sides of your room and then choose one that is 2 or 3 feet smaller. Leaving some blank space along the edges will provide texture and balance to your room.

Rug Styles and Patterns: 

Rugs and Carpets that are actually old are tough and uncommon to locate, however rugs with a vintage look are rather easy to find. These are available in oriental and traditional patterns, as well as contemporary appearances and styles. If you are seeking for antique rugs online, you will discover numerous real selections on TrueGether, which is the best alternative to eBay. When looking for design for your room, it is simpler to locate an antique rug that you like and then build the rest of your décor around it than it is to select a rug for an already decorated area. Surprisingly, ancient carpets function well in a modern set décor and blend in rather than generating a dramatic difference.

Who says you have to limit yourself to the conventional rectangular pieces if you are seeking for distinctive and original rugs? Vintage-inspired and classic pieces come in oval and circular designs, as well as extended runner pieces. Choosing an odd form may be used to draw attention to any other features of your area, such as a long dining table placed over a long runner rug to emphasise the length of the table, or a square or round table complimented by a round or square shaped rug that brings symmetry to the space.

Make and Material of the rug: 

The make and material of your rug are just as significant as its size and design. While the style determines if your rug will look excellent in your room, the make and substance determine whether it will last a long time. If you are shopping for rugs, you will undoubtedly come across a wide range of styles and materials, and it is critical to focus on investing in what will work best for you. While natural fibres look and feel the best and are typically the most expensive option, synthetic fibres are fairly durable. That being said, a natural fibre rug will last a long time if properly cleaned and cared for. Thinner carpets are the least durable when it comes to construction, but hand-knotted thicker varieties are certain to survive for years.

So, hurry up and get antique rugs for your home decor now!

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