How to Send Bulk Advertisements in Telegram?

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Telegram Messager is free and has very high speed and unique features, and is constantly updated; So, these days, lots of people use telegram.Because of these reasons telegram is an appropriate platform.

You should know thatadvertising on telegram is not so easy. In the following, we will explain telegram restrictions and we will tell you how you can bypass these restrictions.

What are Telegram’s restrictions on advertising?

Telegram, like any other messenger or social network, does not allow its users to send advertising messages freely; it considers restrictionsif users did not obey these restrictions, their account will be penalized. Here are some of these restrictions of telegram.

  1. Telegram has some rules which you do not obey, it will consider some restrictions for you.One of these rules is, that you cannot send more than 50 messages to strangers on Telegram every day, a stranger is a person who has not chatted with you before or saved your number. If you do not obey this rule, you will be blocked and cannot send messages for a while.
  2. Be careful about the text of your advertising message, there are block and report options in the telegram that people can use these options.This may mean that if you send a message to someone, they can block you and you can no longer send them a message, and they may also report you to the telegram due to harassment. If your line is reported too many times, you can no longer use your line in Telegramfor a while.
  3. finding the appropriate target audiences is so important; if you want to have more efficiency and effectiveness you should send your message to the appropriate people. To increase your sales and your customers you need to select a new (and not duplicate!) audience for each round of advertising from the probable customers of your product or service.

How to Bypass Telegram Restrictions?

Will the restrictions on Telegram prevent us from advertising?In the following, we want to introduce youto some ways in which you can overcome these obstacles and restrictions.

  1. Using several accounts you can increase the number of daily submissions to strangers, for example, if you want to send 500 messages a day to strangers, you only need to use 10 lines.
  2. Be careful about the content of your advertising messages, make sure that your advertising message is polite and intimate. Because you should minimize the possibility of your lines being blocked and reported by sending a message to strangers. Always start the message with a greeting, and talk with them friendly.
  3. To choose the right target audience, you need people who are active, interested in, or related to your business. Find people who are potential customers of your business. This way, your contact will not block and report you on Telegram. They will probably respond positively to your ads, and even if you offer good prices and quality, they will be customers of your services and products.

However, it is better to set up a suitable text message, extract people’s IDs from competing or work-related groups, and send your promotional message to those people using multiple lines.

How Can Advertise in Telegram Easily?

Generally, advertisingis not an easy task and it is so time-consuming to do it manually. Because of this reason, you have to use some tools that can automate the advertising process like extracting thousands of IDs from telegram groups, sending messages to each of these IDs, sending a certain number with each line, and switching and managing linesin telegram for you.

Ability to work with multiple lines and change these lines automatically because the line must be changed before reaching the Telegram restrictions. You only need to provide the bot with the text of the message and the IDs and numbers you want to perform this operation automatically. Also, using this software, you can extract the number or ID of people from your desired groups to send messages to new people in each series.

Advertising software in Telegram can:

  • Connect to multiple real or virtual lines (or multiple Telegram accounts) without any restrictions.
  • Fully automatic, send any number of messages to your desired audiences with each of your lines.
  • Automatically switch lines and continue sending with another line.
  • Extract the ID of all active and real members from Telegram groups and deliver it to you in the form of an Excel file.
  • Add a list of Telegram IDs to another Telegram group.
  • Send your message (including text, link, photo, and video) to the list of IDs or mobile numbers of known and unknown people.
  • Send your messages frequentlyto the groups you want.
  • Detects mobile phone numbers that do not have a Telegram account or IDs that are incorrect and rejects them and goes to the next mobile ID or number in the list.
  • Install and run on the virtual server and virtual machine.

The Virtual User Telegram Advertising Bot is one of the best Telegram advertising software. This Bot is a product of the virtual user site. To buy and get more information, please visit this site.

There are restrictions to prevent the free use of Telegram Messenger, and we have introduced ways to overcome these restrictions in this article. And with this software, you can experience the highest efficiency and effectivenesswith the lowest cost and the highest speed, without human intervention and fully automatic.

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