How To Purchase Inverter Online For Your Home

Are you trying to purchase a new inverter for your home? Or if you are trying to upgrade your existing one, buying it online will be the right option for you.

When you purchase an inverter online, you avoid the middleman and you buy it directly from the seller itself. This saves you money and if you experience any problem, then you can contact the seller, either seek out the problem or get a replacement.

But do you know what are things you need to look for before you purchase an inverter? Do you want to know how to purchase an inverter online for your home and that too from reputed sellers? Then keep reading!

Learn about the components of an inverter

Here are three major components available when it comes to an inverter. They include:

  • Power grid, to charge the battery of the inverter. The power grid can be the electricity connection in your home.
  • The inverter battery, to store electricity. This is also known as DC current.
  • The inverter, this is the one in which you insert the battery and use it as a power backup when you experience a power outage.

Learn the basics of how an inverter functions

Actually, you need to first charge the inverter battery through the power grid in your home. After that, you have to insert the battery back into the inverter.

When the power cut takes place, you need to turn on the inverter and it will convert the already stored DC current into AC current in order to serve as a power backup for your home.

Know your power requirements

First, you need to calculate how much power you want in your home. Or to put it in simple words, you should have a clear idea of how many appliances you want to support in case of a power outage.

Make sure to calculate your power requirement through watts. For example, your home needs two lights, one fan, one computer, and one television, then calculate how much watts of power each appliance consumes, and add them all to come to a final calculation.

So if your two lights consume 40 watts, your fan 60 watts, your computer 100 watts, and your television 150 watts, then the inverter you are going to buy must support 350 to 400 watts.

This is how you calculate your power requirement and buy an inverter to avoid waste of money.

Find the VA rating

VA stands for volt ampere rating. The main functionality of VA is to calculate the voltage and the current supplied by the inverter to the backed-up types of equipment.

If an inverter operates with 100 percent efficiency, then the power need of the electrical items and the power supplied by the inverter will be similar.

But you should be aware that 100 percent efficiency isn’t possible for a power backup source. In this case, most inverters will operate with 60 to 80 percent efficiency. This is also called the power factor of an inverter.

There is a simple formula to calculate the power factor of an inverter. It is the total ratio of the power required by the electrical appliances to the power supplied by the inverter.

The power factor of most inverters ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 VA.

Know about the type of battery your inverter needs

There is no doubt that a battery is the backbone of an inverter. The lifespan of the inverter largely depends on the battery quality.

If this is the case, then the total battery capacity is a critical factor you need to consider before you purchase a battery for your inverter.

The battery capacity simply denotes how many hours the inverter will be able to run your appliances. In other words, the battery capacity decides the backup hours of your appliances.

How to purchase an inverter online?

To purchase an inverter online, you need to choose is a trustworthy e-commerce store that sells inverters for homes and the reputed sellers who are registered in the store. After finding out these two things, do a bit of research about the sellers and if you find one of them to be trustworthy, then only you can go for buying an inverter from the seller.


We hope that we are able to give you a clear overview of the things you need to look for when purchasing an inverter and how to purchase an inverter online for your home.

Make sure to keep your budget in mind before you take out your wallet.

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Ravi Barot
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