How to play Dream 11 to make money?

How to play Dream 11 to make money?

Do you know what Dream11 is? How did Dream11 go? How to get cash from Dream11? Dream11 games are very famous in India and many people are earning a lot of money in it. In this post we are telling you about it – Know Dream11 and how to bring money from it. So we should know what Dream11 is and how to earn money from Dream11. Application. You will also see Mahendra Singh Dhoni doing this additionally. In this post you will get the solution of every single address related to Dream11. First of all, all else being equal, what is Dream11? With the goal that you can understand everything exactly.To learn more about satta king games then click here.

How to play the Dream11 game?

To play the Dream11 game first you should create your group. While creating a dream11 group you get 100 credits focus, you need to deal with them.You should choose 11 players from both the groups and make your group. Each of the players has a different focus, the more important the player becomes, the more the focus will be.You need to form a group to deal with these credit focuses. Suppose you are taking Virat Kohli in your team and the price is 10 points, now you have 100-10 = 90 focus.You need to choose the remaining 10 players from the remaining (90) focus. Typically, you’ll have 11 players to choose from in 100 focuses. You have to choose the same players who are playing. Which player is playing and who is not? This is exceptionally simple to know. When the match starts, 10-20 minutes before that the name of the player comes in the name of Playing and Not Playing. Apart from this, you can also get match information on site. Also on this site about 10 to 20 minutes before the players are told about which players are playing. Allow me to tell you how to choose a group on Dream11.

How To Make a Dream11 Team?

Creating a group in Dream11 is very easy. For this, you have to first login to Dream11’s application or site. After logging on to the Dream11 application, click on any one of the Upcoming Matches.Currently here you need to select players in Wicket Keeper, Batsman, All Rounder and Bowler, for example 4 classes. After that the commander and the captain with bad habits should be chosen.> Wicket Keeper: First of all you have to choose 1 wicket manager for your group. You can see the wicket-guarding players who are great at both of them.

> Batsmen: Right now you need to pick 3-5 batsmen for your group. You can choose the best batsmen from both the groups.All-rounder: You can get 1-3 players in an all-rounder.

> Bowlers: You can choose something like three and more than 5 bowlers in bowling. You need to choose the great bowlers by examining the bowlers of both the groups. After choosing your group, you have to choose the captain and voice-captain for your group as indicated in your game. Remember the captain gets double focus and the bad habit commander gets one and a half points for his runs.

Here in the screen capture you can see the whole group, players point, captain and vice captain.

How to get paid from Dream11?

You can transfer the cash won by Dream11 directly to your ledger. The process is exceptionally simple. For this you just have to follow the steps given below.Click on your profile picture to go to My Balance Choice, click on Verify Now in the winning segment and add your PAN card and ledger details.First you have to check your mobile number and email address, then you have to confirm PAN card. After this you can take the installment by adding the details of your bank account.


What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a game that allows customers to earn cash by playing dream sporting events (Cricket, Hockey, Football, Kabaddi and Basketball).The organization started in 2012 and has now become the main Indian gaming organization to enter the “Unicorn Club” in 2019.

Dream11 has now turned into the most famous game in India. So far, it has grown to contain more than 50 million individuals and its ubiquity is gradually increasing.

Both Dream11’s site and versatile applications are accessible. Customers can make a mistake by following them.


How to Earn Money from Dream11?

You can earn huge amount of rupees by playing Dream11 game. All you need to do is create your own group by making a record on Dream11.

To earn money from Dream11 you just have to do 2 things.

> Recording on Dream11

> Creating your group on Dream11

After that if the players in your group perform well and your group wins, you can win a monetary reward of up to Rs.25000.

Here I will tell you how to get cash from Drea11, How to create account on Dream11, How to get free reward of Rs 100 on Dream11, How to create group on Dream11, How Pointing Framework Chips Away on Dream11.

How to Register on Dream11?

Recording on Dream11 is very easy. You can exchange information on Dream11 through your versatile number, email ID, Google account or Facebook account.

Follow the following steps towards joining Dream11.

first round :

Most importantly, you should introduce the Dream11 application in your advanced cell. You will not find this application on Google Play Store, you can download it directly from the link given below.

Download Dream11 App

Phase 2 :

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After downloading the Dream11 application, open this application on your phone.

Currently click on the “Have a Referral Code” option in the base left side.

step 3:

Presently here you have to fill your register details and create your record.

Welcome Code : Here you have to enter this code for CIVILI27AB. This will give you a free reward of ₹100. (If you do not enter this code, at that time you will not get a reward of Rs.100.)

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Portable Number: Here you have to type your versatile number.

Email: Here you need to enter your email address.

Secret Phrase: Here’s what you need to set up the secret word for your Dream11 account.

Register: At last click on Register button.

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How to get a free bonus of Dream11 ₹ 100?

You must use our promo code (CIVILI27AB) while registering to get a free reward of Rs. 100 on Dream11.

If you do not use this promotion code, you will not receive any reward. You can use this promotion code, assuming you have actively downloaded the Dream11 application.

For this you open the Dream11 application and follow the accompanying advances.

Click on your profile picture in the top left.

Now click on My Rewards & Offers.

Then, at that point, click on the Get Coupons button.

Currently have a Coupon Code? click on

Then enter this code CIVILI27AB.

Finally, click on the Apply Code option. Currently you will get a free credit reward of ₹100. In this way, you can get a free reward of Rs.100 by using our reference code.


In this post we have how to set record on dream11, how to get cash from dream11, how dream11 point works, how to play dream11 game, how to get dream11 ₹100 bonus. By reading this article you will get all the information about Dream11. If you really have any query, you can ask in the comment section below.This has been going on since 2012 and is perfectly clear. I have played this game too. It really gives cash. If you like this data, share it with your peers via web-based entertainment.

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