How To Move A Murphy Bed?

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If you’re considering relocating your Murphy Bed, there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration before starting the project and some steps to follow once you’ve started moving it. The most important thing you need to do is make sure that your bed will fit through all of the doorways and corridors it will have to pass through on its way to its new location. Just because the bed looks small now doesn’t mean it will once it’s been disassembled and taken apart!

Know your measurements

Don’t know how big your new bed is going to be or how it will fit in a room before you buy it? Make sure you know all of your measurements for each component of your bed, including mattress size, thickness, and headboard/footboard height. The first thing to do when moving a Murphy bed is, well, move it.

Carefully open up all of its hinges until it’s completely flat (preferably onto something soft). You can then transport each component separately by hand or with help from a friend. Once at your destination, reassemble your bed frame and simply push it up into place. It’s easier than you think!

Gather your tools and equipment

It’s important to have everything you need to complete your task and get moving before you begin. That way, you won’t waste time in your project wondering where that hammer is. You might even be able to find tools you didn’t know you had, which can help save time later on.

Some tools that are good to have around: hammers, wrenches (metric and standard), screwdrivers (standard and Phillips), a utility knife, measuring tape, pry bar (also known as a wrecking bar), wire cutters, a leveler or straightedge ruler, safety goggles and work gloves.

Watch out for potential damage

Murphy beds can be one of your most valued possessions in your home. However, moving them from place to place is a major undertaking because they are bulky and heavy. If you plan on relocating your Murphy bed anytime soon, there are some steps you can take beforehand to make sure that everything goes smoothly when it comes time to move day. It’s also important to take precautions once it arrives at its new location so that you avoid damaging any part of it in transit or during installation.

Lift with care

The term Murphy bed isn’t so much a description of how a murphy bed is built as it is a description of how it works. Murphy beds were originally invented for people with small homes or those without enough space to have a room that’s dedicated only to sleeping.

When your bed is ready to be used at night, it can fold up into its own space. And when you want your bed back in the morning, you just push a button, and voila! It unfolds before your very eyes. But moving a murphy bed is still quite different from moving a traditional bedroom set.  

If you wish to move a murphy bed properly, here are some tips: 

  1. Make sure everything is unplugged, and there are no cords hanging loose.
  2. Remove any drawers or accessories.
  3. Unscrew any legs (if they’re removable) and remove them
  4. Whenever you are going to get something out of its hiding place (if applicable), check if there is a special way to get it out.
  5. Mark where each piece should go (this will make assembly easier)
  6. Get help! Moving a murphy bed is not an easy task, and it’s best to have someone there to help you lift and maneuver.
  7. If you have to move your murphy bed up or downstairs, be sure to use a hand truck with a wide wheelbase.
  8. If you can’t move your murphy bed out of its hiding place in one piece, take it apart beforehand.
  9. Try to keep moving parts together (for example, if you have a table that folds up into a wall unit and needs to be moved on its own, make sure to carry all of those pieces at once)
  10. Use plenty of padding when moving your murphy bed so that it doesn’t get damaged during transit.
  11. If your manufacturer or retailer has provided any special instructions, please follow them.
  12. If you’re moving a murphy bed from one home to another, don’t forget to contact your insurance company beforehand! 
  13. They may require that you have it disassembled before they’ll insure it for transit. 

If you follow these tips and keep in mind that moving a murphy bed is quite different than moving an ordinary piece of furniture, then hopefully, your move will go smoothly and without incident! And if not… well, at least now you know how to move a murphy bed properly so that next time won’t be so difficult.


Before we started planning to move, I would never have thought about how to move a murphy bed. It takes special care to move them safely and quickly because they’re heavy. I know for a fact now that it takes some real strategy to move our murphy bed across four states (as well as have it dropped down several flights of stairs). If you’re planning on moving your murphy bed, use our guide and make sure you work smart, not hard!

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