How to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged and Motivated in a Remote Setup?

Online or remote working has become extensively popular, and the picture is going to remain the same in the coming few years as well. The reason for the popularity of remote working is due to the fact that they are cost-effective and enable employees to work in their comfort zones. It has been found that in remote settings, the employees are more relaxed, which enables them to present their best ideas and work to the best of their abilities. 

However, like every other thing, the remote setup also has a downside. There are a few challenges that come in the way of the leadership and employees, and things get a bit hectic a few times. One of the most common challenges that people have been facing time and again is boredom. It has been seen that the employees are getting bored of the remote set up, which becomes a major concern. However, every problem comes with a solution, and so does this. 

One way to ensure that the employees keep enjoying the remote or online work setup is by including a few strategies to keep the employees engaged during their work hours. 

To make things less complicated for you, here, we are sharing with you a list of the best and most sought-after strategies you can use to ensure that your employees are enjoying working from home. 

Encourage them to Use Technology More: 

First thing you need to ensure that all the employees are on the same page. You can do that by encouraging them to use technology extensively while working. Now, with technology, we mean online webinar platforms that would allow you all to communicate with each other during working hours. You can leverage several online conference platforms to conduct a smooth transition between the employees and the leadership easily and seamlessly.

Not only this, you should encourage your employees to keep concerned people updated about their work so that everyone is well-updated. In addition to this, you should ask your employees to use cloud-based file-sharing platforms. It would ensure that the team members don’t have to put in extra effort and they can channel that energy into completing their work. Moreover, you can always rely on chats and emails; however, we recommend you use a video-based conferencing solution that would help both parties have seamless lifelike communication. 

Interact Beyond Work: 

One of the major concerns or challenges that organizers face on a daily basis while working from their homes is the constantly depleting social life. While it is easier for people to interact with each other in an offline setup, the same gets very exhausting and challenging in a digitized setup. This factor, if overlooked, for quite some time might lead to loneliness and further, affect the work quality. But, thanks to the regular online conference and meeting platforms, connecting and interacting with people has become easier than ever. You can use these online webinar platforms, which offer tools such as live chat, live polls, video calls, and other tools to interact with each other other than work. 

You can conduct coffee hours, virtual breaks, happy hours, and other sessions like these. They would enable the employees to connect effectively. Strategies and tools like these will help you form a connection between you and your employees. Also, they would allow you all to know each other personally. 

Show That You Are Concerned: 

Yes, you are connected with your employees on a very professional front; however, you can always connect with them personally too. When it comes to working, the employees would always expect their bosses to be sensitive, concerned, and supportive towards them. You don’t have to get involved in their personal lives. But, show that you are concerned and you care about your employees. Organize virtual sessions where you all chat about your families. Ask them their hobbies and interests, what they like to do during their free time, and more. Such steps will help you bond with your employees. Also, they will have a positive impact on their work quality and behavior. 

Consider Their Feedback: 

While you work in a team, it becomes extremely important to keep everyone on the same page and ask for everyone’s feedback. Hence, while you are working with your employees, make sure you keep on asking for their feedback. It is a great way to make your employees feel valued. Also, while asking for feedback, make sure you consider it too. This step will make your employees feel that their opinions are valued. Also, it will have a positive impact on their engagement and performance at work. 

Appreciate and Value Your Employees’ Contribution: 

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of working and managing a team is appreciating your employees’ contributions. While it is easier to make the employees feel like a part of the team, the same gets challenging with digitization. However, you can always make your employees feel like they are an important part of the team. Start appreciating their contribution to the team. You can leverage online platforms that provide such features that would help the employees express themselves. Also, they would enable the leadership team to acknowledge their contributions. There have been many research studies that show that this technique has proven to be a driving factor in employee engagement rates at work. 

Show a Sense of Support to the New Hires: 

The next technique that you should consider in order to keep your remote workers engaged and motivated in a remote work environment is showing extra support to the new hires. It is easier and more convenient for the employees, especially the new hires, to get along with other employees and the organization’s working structure in a regular setup. However, when it comes to remote work, they might face some challenges. They also might not feel involved enough in the work setup. Hence, the manager or team leader should make sure that the new hires are involved in the team meetings and other discussions. 

Managers should ensure that the employees have enough knowledge about their tasks and other necessary details. Also, make sure they have received enough training about their job roles and have had a seamless onboarding process. 

Be Flexible: 

Gone are the days when there used to be rigid work hours and firm work schedules. Now, people like to work for organizations that provide them with flexible work hours and adjust work schedules and environments. Though it is not always possible to have flexibility in all cases. For example, one needs to have a fixed time for meetings and other requirements. Apart from that, provide the flexibility to your employees to work at their convenience. It would give them the flexibility to work at their convenience, which would ensure high productivity and good quality of work. 

Keeping the attendees engaged and motivated while working in a remote setup is not as easy as one might think. Also, things don’t matter to a specific point until it starts affecting the work quality of the employees. But, with proper strategies and planning, maintaining the same kind of engagement among the employees gets easier. The above-discussed points are examples of that. You can use the above-mentioned points and include them in your strategy. It would make sure that your employees enjoy their remote setup. 

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