How To Incorporate Technology In Your Exhibition Stand?

A lot is expected of stands these days, with audiences becoming more sophisticated and discerning. A stand that stands out from the crowd can help you get noticed and grab some space in a buyer’s mind. You have to draw people in with interesting visuals, but once they are there, you have to convince them of your product’s benefits – so an effective pitch is essential.

1. The Touch Screen Display

The touch screen display can be used in various ways, including for interactive games, videos/ images, and presentations. It is a great way of engaging your visitors and keeping you in their minds when they return home. You should take the help of experienced professionals like stand designers UK for creating amazing exhibition stand designs.

2. The Digital Signage Player

A digital signage player can provide you with the ability to display videos and images on screens around the exhibition floor. Plus, you can link it up to your social channels for visitors to share content with their friends. Don’t forget, if you are using it for presentations, they will remember what they have seen on screen more than what they have read!

3. Mac Mini

Mac minis are a great way of streaming speeches and presentations across multiple screens without the need for a laptop or desktop. It is a small, compact, and cost-effective way of using technology that will enhance your stand without being too distracting.

4. Augmented Reality

There’s a new way to engage with your customer – augmented reality! This would work especially well if you have a product that needs explaining or demonstrating, as users will be able to see an overlay onto the real world. This is a great way of getting your message across and making it memorable for visitors, so if you have an idea about how your product could use augmented reality, get in touch.

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5. Reception Desk Touch Screen

Lastly, incorporating high-tech into your reception desk can be effective in strengthening your brand. If your customer journey starts at the door, then having a touch screen that describes your product and gives directions will be invaluable, especially if it can connect to social media channels too!

6. Displays And Monitors

These devices are large structures that provide a continuous visual presentation to the audience present at your exhibition. Monitors also provide a good opportunity to produce animations and videos that can convey messages or sell your products/services in a more interesting way than written language. The professional exhibition stand builders London will help you to build a perfect exhibition stand.

7. Information Kiosks

Information kiosks provide visitors with an opportunity to obtain information about your products/services without interrupting company representatives. Visitors can choose between a number of options in the self-service device, making it perfect if you have many products or services that cannot all be adequately explained by one person.

8. AV Media

These are multimedia devices that use either video, audio, or images to communicate a message or sell your products/ services. This type of technology is effective at providing visitors with supplemental information about your business and specific products on offer while they are in your exhibition stand.

9. Office Supplies Exhibition Stand Design

Technology is an important aspect of any office supplies business, particularly when it comes to exhibitions and exhibit stands. However, not every business has the budget or resources to hire a professional designer or produce an expensive exhibition stand.

10. Have A Dedicated Area For Your Technology

There are many devices that have the ability to attract an audience but also scare them away if they don’t know what is going on. If you host a conference at the same time as the exhibition, consider reserving some space during lunch breaks and conference sessions just for people who are looking to learn more about the new technology.

11. Keep Products Visible And Prominent

Your product is what you want to sell, so it should be at the forefront of your exhibition stand or display to create a lasting impression on visitors. Before incorporating technology into your presentation, make sure that people know what you are there for and how they can benefit from working with you.

Robert Addington
Robert Addington

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