How to Host a 3D Virtual Trade Show?

How to Host a 3D Virtual Trade Show?

As the world shifts more and more to the phase of virtual events, organizing 3d virtual trade shows is gaining even more prevalence. Before the concept of hosting events online came into existence, organizing successful trade shows seemed like a difficult task. We could have never imagined an efficient virtual exhibition or trade show without the hassle and hard work. However, thanks to the perfect blend of events and technology, we can successfully organize these events without worrying about the trouble and the execution process.

Today, the virtual event platform services have a massive number of trade show projects coming up. The advantages of hosting trade show events are hidden by none. While organizing a physical trade show, you had to worry about the costs, designing exhibit booths, preparing promotional and branding strategies, the audience engagement features, interactive activities, and a lot more. But as you shift to the virtual format of hosting a trade show event, all you have to do is get on board the virtual trade show platform, and you are good to go. You get comprehensive solutions to all your event requirements without worrying about any security aspect, glitch, or technical error.

All in all, the fact is, the world of virtual and hybrid events is here to stay, and it is significant to get the hang of all that we can do to make the most out of it.

In this blog, we will walk you through the best tips and practices to host a successful 3D virtual fair show event. Let us begin by understanding the basics of an online trade show.

What is a 3D Virtual Trade Show?

A 3D virtual trade show event is an online version of a trade show hosted over an immersive 3D virtual environment provided by the virtual trade show platform. Not a lot is different in a virtual trade show than an on-site event. However, the biggest difference is, virtual trade events are way more advantageous, beneficial, and profitable than physical events.

All the aspects and features of an online trade show are similar to the traditional format, except that now everything happens in a digital format. Your attendees get to interact, engage, and network in the event with the best virtual event platform tools that have effectively changed the way we perceive the concept of hosting events.

Virtual trade shows have also eliminated many problematic aspects of hosting on-site shows like traveling and time limitations while ensuring a better reach and ROI. Let’s move further to comprehend the top ways to host an efficient online event.

How to Host a Successful 3D Virtual Trade Show Event?

Go through the following steps to ensure a memorable virtual trade show event experience for you and your global attendees.

#1 Set Your Goals

Setting predefined goals and aims can not only help you during the event planning but also during the execution. Therefore, determine your goals and the subset of those goals for your trade show event. Think of all the necessary aspects while defining your goals and all the vital questions you must ask yourself to get a clear understanding of your aims. Following are some questions to give you an example:

● How large is your target audience?

● What are the engagement tools you require in the event?

● What are your sponsorship goals?

● What is your budget for the event?

● What are the different activities you wish to include in the event?

● How do you want to market and promote your virtual trade show event?

#2 Plan the Structure of Your Event

Planning the structure and flow of your trade show is another step that can ensure its seamless execution. A predefined flow will help you with proper guidance throughout the event and help you avoid any mistakes or errors. This way, you don’t miss out on anything.

#3 Choose the Right 3D Virtual Trade Show Platform

Opting for the most appropriate virtual event platform is the next significant step in the process of hosting a successful event. An efficient trade show platform provides you with top-notch features and tools that can easily enhance your trade show event. Choose the virtual event platform that goes the best with your goals. Following are some of the top features provided by Dreamcast, one of the best platform for 3D Virtual Trade Show:

● Highly Customizable Venue

● Attractive Exhibit Booths

● Immersive 3D Environment

● Countless Interactive Tools

● Best Engagement Options

● Efficient Networking Opportunities

#3 Incorporate Quality Content

Content has always been and will always be the king. The quality of content you present in the event can either make or break the event. Therefore, make sure you deliver the best content to your attendees. Starting from the view of your virtual event venue to the documents and presentations you share with the attendees during the event, make sure the quality of everything is never compromised. It is so because the content quality determines the satisfaction of your attendees from the trade show, and your attendees’ satisfaction is what determines the success of your event.

#4 Create an Effective Event Agenda

Make sure you don’t tire up your attendees by keeping long boring sessions. Creating an effective event agenda is a significant step as this also determines the efficacy of your overall online event. While structuring the agenda and schedule of your trade show event, make sure you include proper breaks in between the session to ensure that your attendees don’t have a tedious event experience.

#5 Provide Excellent Interactive and Networking Opportunities

Interaction and networking are the two most significant requirements of your attendees at any event. They look forward to generating leads and maximizing their reach. Also, interactive and networking elements at any virtual event can keep you attendees engaged in the event. Hence, provide extensive networking tools to your virtual attendees at the event. Following are some of the best features and tools provided by Dreamcast:

● AI Matchmaking

● Multi-Format Communication

● Business Card Exchange

● Live Q&A Sessions

● Virtual Networking Tables

● Networking Lounges

● Live Polls, Contests, Trivia

#6 Make the Event Engaging

There are various ways in which you can make your 3D trade show event more engaging. Keeping your attendees engaged is one of the most vital aspects of any event. Following are some of the best ways to keep your audience enticed and engaged in the event:

● Gamification

● Attractive Booths

● Signature Wall

● Virtual Scavenger Hunt

● Social Wall

● Photo Booth

#7 Analyze the Event-Data and Analytics

The advanced virtual trade show platform also provides you with valuable event data that can help you in different ways. From attendee feedback and poll reactions to their registration details and event footprint, everything is available. Event analytics also renders you with a greater insight into the event. Make use of this data and analyze everything to plan even a better event in the future.

Bring all these steps together to host a successful 3D Virtual Fair Show Event.

Looking forward to organizing a matchless virtual event? Get in touch with Dreamcast and book a demo today.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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