How to Hire Website Developers for Your Startup?

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Recruiting start-ups, hiring website developers is very difficult. In a simple structure, a team runs start-up companies and cannot compete with established companies regarding benefits and salaries.

Even so, developers usually seek careers in mature organizations where conditions and profits are more stable and often provide room for growth.

But don’t worry. In recent years, many early start-ups have turned to alternative recruitment. They outsource development requirements to third parties. Companies like Slack and Whatsapp are very popular, and they outsourced development when they first started.

The development of outsourcing has become an industry standard. In 2018, 37% of SMEs outsourced business processes, and this number is about to increase. Interestingly, 60% of outsourced labor is IT personnel, which shows the demand for IT outsourcing.

In this article, we will show you how to hire website developers for your new start-up company and use your outsourcing development model to profit.

The main motivation for start-ups when considering hiring website developers

When you hire website developers, you need to have a predefined idea of ​​how newcomers can add value to their start-ups. Start-ups, with or without outsourcing, cannot afford the consequences of hiring errors, so they need to carefully list their priorities.

Here is a good reason to hire website developers for start-ups:

Build a technology stack for start-ups

For developers, these are some of the techniques used to build mobile applications.

Start-up company owners usually know little or nothing about application development. As entrepreneurs, their job is to turn ideas into problem-solving software, not to understand how to program.

Therefore, start-ups need to hire website developers who are familiar with the technology stack required to build applications.

Rapid growth

In December 2020, the Google Play store released more than 3,400 applications every day. This is the competitiveness of the application market. If you are a start-up, you need to quickly publish your ideas, test them, and improve them. All this must be done at the speed of the rocket.

If you raise a lot of money for a start-up, you need to show something to your investors. This means building an MVP.

If you want to make rapid progress in an early-stage start-up, you need a development team. Even talented programmers will not be distracted by managing business development because they will distract attention from other areas of the business.

Stay within budget

Cash is the lifeblood of early-stage start-ups. Whether you are self-reliant or getting investor funds, you need to pay close attention to your costs to hire ecommerce developers.

There is no choice but to tighten the selection process. It is very important to choose the right candidate to bring your application to the market as little as possible. This means choosing developers with extensive experience, especially when it comes to building niche-related applications.

When bargaining power is not good for you, you will feel the pressure to find a suitable job within a limited budget.

Seven Steps to Hire Website Developers For Start-ups

When you need to hire website developers for a start-up immediately, you need an action plan. It can save you time in meaningless interview rounds, or worse, hiring the wrong candidate. Here is a step-by-step guide to hiring website developers:

Step 1-Specify your business needs

Every start-up is unique, and it includes the type of work you need to do. Take a moment to think about why IT developers need to be involved. Need to start using new application ideas and developers to quickly develop MVP?

Or are you looking for an iOS developer to bring your application to the Apple Marketplace? Many start-ups may already have a core development team developing the application but may need additional professionals familiar with the new technology. For example, if your team does not have data flow experts, outsourcing to one person is the best option.

The list of requirements determines the type of developer you need. Better understand where to start searching and how much you need to pay for the service.

Step 2-Determine the employment model

Once your business needs are clear, you need to decide the type of employment model for outsourced developers. That’s right. There are many options.

If you are working on a small project, it is a good idea to consider a project-based model. This model is suitable for projects that have predefined requirements and developers pay a fixed price. However, it lacks flexibility because it is not suitable for projects with changing needs.

If you have no specific ideas about the appearance of your application, we recommend that you choose a dedicated team model. As the name suggests, you will be assigned a team of developers dedicated to your project. 

Work with a dedicated team for greater flexibility. Communicate your ideas directly to your team and get quick feedback. There are no restrictions on making changes during the development process.

Here, if you already have an internal team, then it is best to choose the third option, which is to extend the team. It is important to close the skills gap by outsourcing to IT experts. The internal team is responsible for coordinating the development, and outsourced developers take on specific tasks.

Step 3-select the country to be adopted.

It is important to hire website developers for start-ups in the right countries. Some countries are cheaper than others, but there are language barriers and time zone issues. Ideally, you want to outsource to developers who can communicate in their own language, are good at their work, and are not overpriced.

Today, it is an ideal outsourcing destination in Ukraine. You can hire website developers for between $30 and $50 per hour and get good results. Ukraine also ranks among the top three popular outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe.

Step 4-find the expert you need

To hire website developers for a start-up, you need to find candidates. If you do not know where to search, you may be at a loss. You may contact your employer, which may be expensive and may not always meet your requirements.

Encourage entrepreneurs to find themselves. If you are looking for developers who use different collaboration models, talent markets such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru are good places to start. You can decide whether to pay by the hour or by the assigned tasks. With the help of such a service, you can screen candidates based on skill sets to bring the right experts to your team.

If you want to work with a dedicated team, you should check out sites like Clutch and Software World. The clutch allows customers to leave reviews to relevant IT development agencies, making it a good place to find reputable agencies. SoftwareWorld provides a list of top IT developers by type and region.

Step 5-check your expertise

Whether you hire a freelancer or an IT development agency, you need to carefully review their background. You need to make sure that they have the expertise they claim and can handle the project.

If you are on a platform like Upwork or Guru, please check the comments other clients have left for freelancers. Ask them for a list of completed projects. It helps to eliminate candidates who lack the important skills required for the project. You can use web development services.

Use the same method when hiring an IT outsourcing company. Please read past customer reviews, and if possible, please consult customers for direct feedback. Browsing a company’s profile on LinkedIn can learn a lot about its reputation.

In addition to professional knowledge, you also need to ensure that developers have soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and expectations. Success largely depends on clear communication between you and the developers. Make sure that language is not a problem and you have a common platform for communicating ideas.

When hiring a dedicated team, ensure that developers can carry out good teamwork. They need to self-organize and be able to solve problems independently. Candidates should take the initiative to make suggestions and report problems without being prompted.

Step 6-conduct interview

You need to conduct an interview to hire website developers. How do you ensure that candidates have all the hard and soft skills needed for the job? There is nothing more effective than an interview. Invite candidates to talk about their experience of working on previous projects. You can find out if they are passionate about what they are doing.

Create a list of questions to evaluate the candidate’s reaction when in a difficult position.

Read the questions with each candidate and compare the answers. It can help you choose the best candidates who work well under pressure.

Step 7-start work

If you are satisfied with the final candidate, you can award the position. Make sure that both parties agree to the terms and conditions set out in the agreement. It provides clear requirements for what needs to be done to hire website developers.

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