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As the owner of a small business, keeping going on the blogs can be exceedingly hard. Blog posts are only informative if they are modernized daily, but allocating time to blog posts is not always feasible, especially if you don’t have the experience to engage the blogger for blog posts. Okay, what if I told you there were some ways to find the unique article for free blogs posts? if you could find free unique articles, would you post them more on daily basis?

Do you want to get views on your blog?. So, there are various things that you need to make safekeeping. the first one is that you should have to post blogs regularly. Today I am going to show you some ways to how to get unique articles for free for blog posts. I mean that that kind of content people should take interest in and share your content with their friends and on social media too.

Let me know if you do not have enough time to research and write unique articles for your blog posts. So don’t worry, there are some methods to get the unique article for free for your blog posts which you can contrivance instantly.

1- finding out  content marketers for guest posting on your blog

Instead of creating a page of “write for us”, find out the content writer and marketers who are hired by companies in your niches.

No doubt, the companies in your production already have a blog where their blogger post their blogs for their viewers. They just have to do this because they are working with some content department and agency. Get more information from here: businessimpacter

So the first step is to make a list of companies in your required niche and invite them to write a unique and well-researched article for your blog and in exchange, you should have to give them free press, traffic, and backlink.

2- Allowing guest posting on your blog

One of the most liked ways to get unique articles is to allow guest posting and get backlinks to other blogs.

In this way, you will get a unique article for free for your blog post but you have to follow some tips which will help you to get the best article.

   2.1- Check out your domain authority score;

A huge amount of bloggers do guest posts on high-domain authority websites to get quality backlinks for their websites. The best method of domain authority increaser is by Moz tool which is the most used ranking factor by guest bloggers.

The website which has domain authority above 40 gets 60 to 80 requests every month, so you will have many guest posting. 

   2.2- create a write for us page for your website

    If you wanna get guest posting requests from your visitors so you should have to create a

    write for us page and get many requests for guest posting. Almost many guest bloggers use this method for guest blogging so by this method you get many unique articles for free.

Your page should include your proper guidelines for accepting guest posting which is followed by a writer and the page should also be a concise and brief explanation.

   2.3- finding out guest bloggers

Take further one step more, you should have to find out the writers who have already guests posted on other blogger sites. you have to check some of their blogs in your niche and contact them by their subsidy page.

At there you can see their contributors with their social media ids and their blog sites, so you can easily contact them for inviting them to write a unique article for free for your blog.

  2.4- posting your article

 When you get an article so you should have to check your posting rules and guidelines that fit your audience. If it lies on your guidelines you have to post it and send the review to the blogger to make some important changes to it.

You should have to assign the article to the contributor’s account and promote it on your social media accounts too.

3- By Organize expert roundup

An expert roundup post is a blog post that attributes contributions by numerous experts in your niche. Generally, as the host blogger, you will deliver an engaging topic for argument or a question and then hold out numerous experts to share their viewpoints.

A roundup can be about any topic so that you can do it in any niche you are energetic in health, travel, diets, business, fitness, you name it. In every niche, there are bloggers and experts that people love to hear their point of views

4- host interviews on your blog posts

After the expert roundup, there is another strategy to communicate with experts and persons with command in your niche is to interview them on your blog.

 The simplest, speediest, low-cost, most flexible, and authentic process to get the unique article for your blog that I’ve ever found.

     Considering two general truths:

  • everybody in this universe wants to feel particular and be recognized/honored as a thought head in a region they care about 
  • In this universe, everybody cares about helping themselves out.

Asking some to interview them counter both truths attractively to inspire a person to become a ready and delighted contributor. Over a long time, the only cause everyone has ever let me down(which has been very little) was because they were busy participating.

How to get the unique articles for free

 5-Improve your previous blog post

I think that you already used this method by modernizing your old posts with you fresh content, but today we will take this a small portion more, and we will ask others to add their input on your post and upgrade it. You should have to contact professional people and ask for their viewpoint. In your post.

6-motivate  comments on your post

Motivate your viewers to discourse and post their inputs into your blog posts. If you don’t have enough time to load new content, make secure you keep the posts you already created modernized by getting users’ comments and interrelating with each other.

Once you checked famous bloggers, you’ll see that their comments are above 100 comments, and the overall content of these comments is longer than an article. If you twist between these comment sections you get valuable questions and ideas.

You have to do keep the discussion going by these some things;

  • In the conclusion of your blog post, make a powerful exhortation by asking your readers to add their point of view on your content or if they have any so ask questions from them.
  •  Produce the feeling of a community around your blog, motivate users to connect with each other. You may also add Facebook groups or a forum so your reader will connect and know each other.

 7-Create a collection of your blog post

In order to write a blog post fastly, there is another method, but still be valuable and shared with their friends by your readers is to create a list post. you should have to create a list of blog posts from other blog posts.

As the new posts on the internet on daily basis on new websites which show online is quite difficult for readers who do have not enough time to get quality information that’s why you come in picture and create curated list posts.

9-Ask companies to write about their newly report 

In several industries, companies let out at every several months a research paper, a report, or a whitepaper which they are anxious to let the world know about.

If you are login to their newsletter, you will know about them first. A press release and a summary that outlines the key finding of the report coming from each report. you may be amazed to find out that they will do it and send you a free unique articles in the blog post.

8- republish other people blog posts

I knew that duplication of content would hurt your rankings so that is why you are afraid to post articles from other websites. Often you don’t do it and have the author’s permission so it will be fact, he will feel pleasure to share his content with your viewers and your readers will also be happy to read new content. 

 You can ask the author to do some changes to the blog post to match with your audience better and mostly no doubt he will feel pleased about it. To boost your blog rankings you’ve to say your peep to write an amazing article with SEO tricks and tips. you have to say your writer to do some changes to the article that will be focusing on your audience.


So all of these ways mentioned below help you to get the free unique articles for free blog posts.

You just to remember that free content can work__  but you just only be careful where you don’t get your websites and your business brand trademark in trouble…!

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