How to enhance the speed of accounting in an SME

Accounting is a crucial part of any business as it deals with the most important part of any business that is money. Accounting is one of the four pillars on which any business is built other than marketing, HR, and sales. But many small businesses ignore this vital part of the business and such carelessness becomes the reason for the failure of many startups. 

There are many cases where a small business was able to come up with one of the best products, the best marketing plan, and the best HR policy but still, small businesses failed since they were not serious about the accounting aspect of their business. You must be witnessing that the number of small businesses is increasing at a very fast pace but this doesn’t mean that all the small businesses have been able to become successful. Although there are many reasons for the failure of small businesses, not taking accounting seriously is one of the main reasons why a vast majority of small businesses are not able to make it to the first year of their business life cycle.

Accounting can also become a very cumbersome and lengthy process for any business if it is not managed properly. If a business is able to make its accounting quick, effective, and accurate then many gaps between a business and its success can be removed and therefore, now we will look at the different effective ways through which a small business can boost its different accounting operations without burning a hole in their pocket. 

1. Be very precise with task assigning 

For having a successful and effective accounting process in your business, you need to be very precise while assigning the accounting task to different members of your team. The task of work allocation is in the hands of the account manager and if he has in-depth knowledge of the abilities and weak points of the team members in his accounting group then he will be able to allocate various accounting tasks in a better way and get maximum results. It will also help you to speed up your accounting process as your accountants will be facing a minimum hurdle and delivering maximum results. 

When it comes to assigning tasks in the accounting department in IT-enabled to work on the one-size-fits-all approach since everyone in the accounting department will not be on the same level and this is one of the main reasons why you’ll have to use a customized approach while assigning tasks in your accounting department. This type of approach will allow you to make the most of your efforts and everyone will have according to their capacity instead of taking pressure and not being able to stay productive throughout the year.

2. Go for the cloud solution 

The traditional method of accounting by storing the data on your local hard disk is long gone. Technological advancement has given birth to cloud accounting solutions that allow your business to be more accurate and precise with your accounting operations. Moreover, it also helps you to boost the speed of your accounting operations as all the accounting tools bundled with the power of the cloud in the form of solutions like QuickBooks hosting services deliver the best accounting results for you.

If you are still using the power of desktop install accounting software then you will need to shift to the cloud accounting software as soon as possible because if you shift to the cloud accounting software then you will get multiple benefits like anywhere anytime access, high uptime enhanced security and much more. And if you’re worried about the price of the accounting solution then you need to put your worries to rest as the cloud accounting solution is highly economical and you will not have to spend a fortune while working on the cloud accounting software.

3. Take advantage of multi-user access

If you are going for a cloud accounting solution like QuickBooks Premier hosting then you get the feature of multi-user access which comes built-in with your accounting package. But what’s necessary here is to take advantage of the multi-user access by allowing your various employees to work on the same file at the same time and thus minimizing the time wasted on sending a working file back and forth. The admin has the power to control the access and the number of users and therefore he needs to capitalize on this power in order to boost the speed of accounting operations.

4. Automate bank feed and reconciliation 

Although the functions of automatic bank feed and reconciliation come built-in with your accounting software, you need to bring them to practical use. There are some parts of accounting operations that consume a lot of time and tasks like bank feeds and reconciliation can also be included in that list. So, make use of the functions of automatic bank feed and reconciliation and boost the speed of your accounting. 

With better management and by taking advantage of the technological advancements like QuickBooks Premier hosting, one can easily boost the speed of their accounting operations and thus the saved time can be put to some better use.

It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running on how is small or big business is you have to make sure that the speed of wave accounting solution is at the peak since if you’re not be working on the speed of your accounting solution then there maximum chances that the competitors in the industry will surpass you and thus you will start losing customers on a daily basis.

So if you’re looking forward to working on the best cloud accounting software and if you are not able to choose the best accounting software then you will need to switch to the powerful Quickbooks hosting solution as soon as possible not only the best accounting software but it is also easy-to-use software for all the small and medium-sized businesses out there.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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