How to Draw A German Shepherd Easily

How to Draw A German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is a medium to the large dog breed that originated in Germany, as the name suggests. This dog typically has long, pointed ears and a medium-length, two-tone coat.

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German shepherds are mainly known for their intelligence, courage, and loyalty to their owners.

Because of their beautiful physical properties, they are a fascinating subject for drawing. Hence, it has created a great demand for a free German shepherd drawing tutorial.

You asked for it, so we delivered. Finally, we present you with a step-by-step guide on how to draw a German shepherd in a few words.

This tutorial consists of 9 simple and easy steps accompanied by visual illustrations.

All you need is a piece of paper and your favorite drawing tool, and you’re good to go! Have fun putting your imaginary dog on the map!

How to Draw A German Shepherd

Step 1

Starting at the top left of the paper, draw a sideways oval shape to outline your German Shepherd’sShepherd’s head.

To ensure your German Shepherd is drawn proportionately, create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical lines on the paper.

These lines should divide the paper into four square boxes. At the top left, you should draw the oval shape.

Step 2

Using the oval shape drawn earlier, structure the German Shepherd’sShepherd’s head by drawing the top of the head and the muzzle. Remember to draw a line between the dog’s nose and mouth to create it.

Step 3

Just below the head, draw the body of the German Shepherd. You can texture the body however you like, making it thick or thin.

Be sure to draw a tuft of fur on the part of the dog’s body to add texture and make it more realistic.

Step 4

Draw one leg under the German Shepherd’sShepherd’s chest on each side. Remember to draw a disc shape at the bottom of each leg to create the paws!

Next, erase the overlapping lines in the legs with an eraser to keep your drawing neat.

Step 5

Now that we’ve drawn the German Shepherd’sShepherd’s front legs, let’s work on the back legs.

Draw your dog’s back legs by drawing a curved line with one leg bent just below his body.

Remember that only one leg is visible since the dog is looking to the side.

Step 6

On your German Shepherd’sShepherd’s lower back, structure the tail by drawing connected, spiky tufts of fur to make the tail look fluffy!

A furry tail looks best when drawing a German Shepherd, but feel free to draw the tail however you like!

Step 7

Draw an inverted V-shaped line on each side across his face to create a pair of straight, pointed ears.

Perched, pointed ears, as seen in the picture, are one of the most distinctive features of a German Shepherd.

However, don’t let the standard stop you from customizing the structure of his ears. You can draw folded ears, hanging ears, or any shape of ears you like!

Step 8

German Shepherds usually come in more than one color, so we draw lines all over his body to help him color his coat later.

Draw a line on the German Shepherd Dog’s snout, separating the head from the snout. Draw another line through the body and tail, as shown in the picture. These lines act as a separation between your German Shepherd’sShepherd’s coat colors.

Step 9

Complete your German Shepherd artwork by outlining the eyes, nose, and inner ear.

From top to bottom, draw an inverted V-shaped line parallel to the outline of the German Shepherd’sShepherd’s ears.

Next, draw a pair of eyes just below his forehead. Now complete his facial features by drawing a half-inverted triangle on his muzzle to form his nose.

Now that we’ve successfully drawn a German Shepherd, it’s just a touch of color away from making you draw vibrant and colorful!

Finally, now we get to the most fun and exciting part: choosing colors and coloring your drawing! This is where you can show off your artistic skills and ability to mix and match different colors.

German shepherds are typically black, gray, or sable in color. Some even have a combination of black and brown, red and black, and black and silver.

Your German Shephard Drawing is Finished!


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