How to create an expensive look of the Dining Room?

Dining is the most visited room of any house as most visitors come here and are served here so it must look beautiful and astonishing. This room is enough to create an amazing image of your whole house without even visiting it so it must be designed with proper dedication and

wholeheartedly. Most people believe that it is money that can make everything expensive but it’s not true because if you spend wisely even a normal home item can make anything beautiful. Whenever we visit a restaurant we feel like everything is just perfect because of the reason that everything is served better and with a perfect look. We can make a simple thing amazing by putting some extra effort same is with the dining decorations you can make it look expensive by just putting in some effort and care. The specialists at Cafe Interior Design or Restaurant Interior Design Dubai can help you with these decorations within less budget and time. But here are some of the simple helpful tips that can make your process easy and smooth.

Special focus on Walls:

While creating the expensive look of the dining room first thing that needs your attention is the room walls. If the walls are empty and just whitewashed you need to paint them with extra care. The colour can be any of your choices like some people love to have bright colours so you can choose blue, orange, red, indigo, navy blue or if you are a natural colour lover then you can opt for grey, light or pale yellow with any contrast colour. The contrast colour you can match it with the decor of the room like with curtains, sofa covers or throws but if you want to make a change then use any other contrasting colour. Another good option is to use wallpapers on the walls with different colours, designs, textures. The wallpapers are very easy to use and can be changed once you get bored of them plus they are budget- friendly as well. So try to brighten up your walls as they will create a minimalist look.

Decorate the tables:

Another best idea is to decorate the tables that are being placed in the dining room. The decorations can be of any type like you can put different colours and design vases, any fruit basket or any other antique item. You can place all these things into any place here on the

tables they will create an extraordinary look. Also, hang some lights on the tables these are all techniques that are extracted from the ideas of restaurants and hotels. You can also place some of the DIY and handmade decorative pieces on the marble tables as they will speak of your creativity & other skills. This is not essential that you have to put a marble table but you can also place any simple table it will also have the same impact as the dining table of the restaurants all you need to do is to arrange and decorate it properly.

Use of Rugs:

Most of the time the rugs are neglected and are considered to be the extra qs well as money- wasting items. But it is not true because the rugs are very essential items as they add to the better and efficient look of the place where they are placed. They are available in various designs, colours and textures and you can choose them according to your specified place. It is a better idea to place them behind the dining tables, chairs, sofas and next to the doors. Try to choose the design of the rugs in a way that enhances their visibility on the floor and add to the creative look of the dining room.

Choose crockery wisely:

The most important thing about dining is that you must have chosen your crockery wisely because the theme of the dining room is all about serving and eating the food. Do not invest all of your money just on decorations and disappoint your visitors when it comes to the crockery and food. The best option is to have golden and silver shining crockery that is the most popular choice of most families because it gives your dining an amazing expensive look. But if you are not that much glittery person you can simply choose the other options like ceramics or any other with good design and colour but always try to choose the colours that can enhance the look of your dining.

Focus on lighting:

Lightings have always remained a basic element of the decor from classic to modern interior designs. Proper lightings can add quickly to the beauty of that place where they are installed. You can choose the most chosen golden lights that are LED type and also can be energy efficient with a minimal budget. But if you don’t like these you can also choose lights with other colours and another idea is to put a big bulb on the dining tables as it will create a glowing effect during the dining. It will also have a good effect on the moods of the visitors and they will enjoy the food with great zeal. You can also use different colours of light baskets of lanterns to add more colours to your dining area. You can also install ceiling floor- length windows that can have a better solution for daylight but the artificial lights can create an amazing look at nighttime.


These are some of the tips you can follow to have an expensive look at the dining room. Hire an expert from Interiors companies in Dubai to have an exciting look. These can be the major things to consider while designing or renovating kitchen space. It’s very hectic to account for everything but you will know that it is worth spending time on these all to avoid any inconvenience in later stages. Use proper lighting, colour, decorations, garbage space, good ventilation and e counter to ensure productivity. You can take help from Home renovation Dubai to make sure that the kitchen Triangle is at its proper place. These are some of the ideas to decorate the walls that are an essential part of any home. This process is usually time taking as someone has to first make an idea of how to use various items and then arrange them accordingly but when you are done you will be shocked to have such awesome output.

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