How to Clean Upholstery: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clean Upholstery: A Step-By-Step Guide post thumbnail image

Upholstery is one area of the home where we spend the most time; the couches, chairs, rugs, etc. are constantly in contact with us and our shoes while we lounge around the house. Therefore, they have the potential to get dirty very easily. Over time, dust can accumulate, dirt can collect, and pet dander can accumulate. Unfortunately, these things can really cause a huge stain or worse on some of your favorite couches and chairs, so cleaning them up is important to prevent any of these problems from happening.

However, if you don’t know how to clean upholstery correctly, you may not be doing your couches justice and could possibly even be causing them to look bad. Thankfully, this guide to cleaning upholstery contains everything you need to know, so you can do the job properly and avoid any problems down the road.

First Approach

Now, when it comes to cleaning upholstery, there are a lot of different ways to approach this task. For starters, you can just wash your upholstery with your regular household cleaning products. Although this method is relatively easy and cheap, it requires a lot of struggle and time.

The next thing that you can do is use a traditional method, which is essentially just using a wet cloth or sponge to clean upholstery. Although this process is quick, it does take a lot of elbow grease and it doesn’t really remove all of the stains. Upholstery cleaning services in Penrith also provide a fast and cheap service of cleaning. Do find them if you are having trouble.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

One of the worst things that you can do is use harsh chemicals on your upholstery, which could potentially stain the material permanently. If you use this method of cleaning, make sure that you only use the recommended household cleaner, not the generic version. Otherwise, your results could be disastrous! What’s worse, is that you will need to use a solvent, which can be harmful to your upholstery and even more hazardous to your health. Finally, you can also use a water and ammonia mix to wash upholstery. However, this requires a lot of elbow grease and it’s not an environmentally-friendly method of cleaning upholstery.

Dry cleaning method

.The most effective way to clean upholstery is the dry cleaning method. This method involves vacuuming up any spills or dirt and then using a dry cleaning machine to get rid of the remaining stain and odor. It’s the safest and most environmentally-friendly way to clean upholstery. Now, what type of vacuum should you use? If you only have a hand vacuum, you will probably find that it’s not up to the task of vacuuming upholstery. However, you can get a good cleaning job done with a Hoover, Dyson, or Eureka upright vacuum cleaner. These are a little more expensive, but they work great on upholstery and they also have HEPA filters to help remove any debris and contaminants.

Avoid direct sunlight

keep your upholstery out of direct sunlight. The sun can cause fading on upholstery and the UV rays can also cause damage to the upholstery. If you live in a hot climate,

Bottom Line

All of these methods of cleaning upholstery are effective in removing the stains and odors from your upholstery, but if you don’t use the right methods and products, you could actually end up causing some damage. For starters, the fabric could be permanently stained or it could even start to deteriorate over time. Furthermore, the upholstery may smell unpleasant, To help protect your upholstery, you should avoid using scented laundry detergent and/or air freshener when cleaning. You can also use non-ammonia products in order to reduce any smells. Also, make sure to keep your upholstery clean from pets and kids.

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