When choosing tools for your garden, it is important to consider its size. If you have small pots or vertical gardens, it will not be necessary to choose large shovels and on the other hand, small scissors will not be useful in a large garden. Some other points to consider beforehand are: the quality, the brand, and whether they come in kits or separately. 

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For example, in a matter of scissors, you can find two-handed, light, heavy and American-type options in our catalog. Two – handed scissors allow you to work on more precise cuts by using the butterfly to adjust the size of the cut; the light ones made of steel for long life and comfortable work; the heavy ones have tubular handles and non-slip grip for greater comfort; finally the American type with serrated edge and notch for stems or thick roots.

On the other hand, you could review our section of fumigators for the care of your green areas, in which we have backpack-type, strap-on and domestic options. The backpack type are the most comfortable to work in large spaces that require great care; One – belt sprayers are the option for slightly smaller places where agility is needed; finally, the domestic ones that serve to control pests inside the home.

To start working with your garden at home, you should consider having an available space in which you can take care of your plants. In the case of having an outdoor space, you can start by preparing the land with the help of shovels and rakes to dig furrows and plant your seeds. Once the flowers start to grow you can take care of them with the pruning shears allowing them to grow healthy.

In the case of not having so much space for a whole garden, you can adapt pots to the wall with our power tools or work on vertical gardens with the manual equipment guide options that we have.

Here are 5 buying criteria for you to consider before navigating the wide versatility of indoor and outdoor tools.

Material: Consider what tools are made of to ensure strength and durability. Since rust and corrosion occur on some materials with exposure over time. Look for stainless steel options for tough jobs and others made of plastic for simple tasks.

Size: Look for long cables and hoses for large green areas and smaller options to fit home and vertical spaces.

Style: In terms of use, you can look for manual options for quick tasks that require your attention, and power tools for repetitive activities or in large gardens.

Function: Find tools in kits that allow you to find specialized options in one place. Consult our catalog of tools you will find a variety of tools.

Basics: To start or become professional in the care of your garden, it is important to have what is necessary for each activity at hand.

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