How to Choose an Automatic Sewing Machine

An automatic sewing machine should have the ability to move your needle up and down, which is a great feature for quilters or patch workers. This feature is available on many computers. You can choose the position that you want your needle to be while sewing. Depending on your needs, you may find that a sewing machine with the needle down position will be easier to use when sewing around a corner.


FIT-8880 automatic sewing machine is a multipurpose machine that has a 2,500 mm x 800 mm work area. The machine features a two-job count with adjustable length. This can be controlled by a metal lever F or a plastic knob, G. To increase the stitch length, move the lever F in the opposite direction to the clockwise direction. This machine can also make aerospace interiors and car seats. It also has a self-heating feature that makes it useful for climbing wear and car seats. It is also suitable for home furnishings and bedding production.

The only problem with this machine is the fact that the feed dogs can drop while free-motion quilting. However, best sewing embroidery machine does have several quilting stitches and a large detachable table for larger projects. This makes it an excellent choice for a beginner to start free-motion quilting, although the limited throat space may not be ideal for quilting big quilts.

HighTex MLK200-3020

HighTex MLK200-3020 automatic pattern sewing machine is affordable and efficient. It features the most recent Chinese electronic control system. It is suitable for many industries and has a large sewing area. An LCD touch panel makes it easy to program. It also has a handheld programming unit and an easy to read LCD screen.

It has a large sewing area that is ideal for large projects. The large rotary hook reduces the need to change the bobbin thread as often as possible. This machine is a favorite of famous manufacturers, who rely on it to create seat covers, chair cushions and home upholstery.

This heavy-duty cylinder bed compound feed leather machine is ideal for making leather crafts, such as leather saddles, leather belts, leather shoes, leather saddlery, leather upholstery, and saddlery. Its newly developed mode of highly rigid rectangular feed guarantees outstanding feed performance. It maintains the same ratio of presser foot and walking foot, regardless of material thickness variations. This machine is ideal for professionals who work with heavy material. This machine can be used for both general sewing and tape binding.

There are many options for automatic sewing equipment. You can purchase it with a budget in your mind. In addition to being affordable, this machine also incorporates ball bearings and a plunger oil pump mechanism, which ensures smooth operation and extra-long working life. It also features an automatic bobbin changer. Its automatic capabilities are ideal for manufacturers of safety harnesses and ratchet straps.

FIT-8880 upper pattern

The FIT-8880 upper pattern for automatic stitching machines is a sewing machine with a needle position lever. This machine can produce a range of stitch lengths from zero to five. It also has a zig-zag width knob. This needle position lever lets you sew right or left with your stitch.

FIT-8880 bar tacking machine

The FIT-8880 bar tacking sewing machine features high-speed, single-needle bar tacking stitching. It can sew 42 different bar tack stitches that reinforce areas of garments that are susceptible to stress. These areas include buttons, belt loops, pockets, and more. The machine has adjustable tack lengths and widths so it can sew different bar tack sizes.

The FIT-8880 bar tacking sewing machine has a direct drive electronic bartack stitching mechanism. It has over 100 pre-set programs to suit the most common bartacking materials. It can be used on denim, vinyl, and webbing. The FIT-8800 bar tacking sewing machine features a lock-stitch function and fresh oil for the hook and secure beginning.


The NC-1199-1 is an automatic sewing machine by NC Carpet Binding & Equipment. It has a 10 mm length stitch, 15 mm pressure-footlift, a large bobbin and a servomotor workstation. This unit is top-quality and made in the USA. It also features a 5-year limited warranty and NO TAXES.

The NC-1199-1’s long-arm zipper station makes it a great machine for attaching zippers to top and bottom panels on mattresses. The machine features a large work table and a remote control for easy stitching. It features an ergonomic design, a clear LCD display and easy stitch selection.