How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

 How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

In order to host the website, we need a website host – who offers a place to host the website and takes care of every web hosting need. But how to choose the web hosting provider from a list of web hosting companies.

Let us find out the priorities and important factors required to choose the most appropriate web host services provider? The following factors will help you in finding the highest potential web host for your company as per your needs.

Let us discuss the six main factors briefly that can make your web hosting deal most proficient and highly effective in hosting and maintaining your website. You have to consider the options such as speed, security, scalability as well as type of hosting and price.

Speed: The visitors to your website prefer fast loading time. The website that loads within 2 seconds is most preferred by the users. According to Google, the speed of the website is one of the ranking factors. But the speed of the website mainly depends on the power of processing, server capabilities, and the required memory.

Security: The websites should be protected from unauthorized activities and risky intrusions. The websites need to have complete protection with the help of an extra layer of security in the form of firewalls. The web host company should have a server that provides complete protection in form of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

Support Services: The web host company should have skilled manpower and an understanding of technological know-how. Support from the experts and the admin of the server is necessary to run the website for the long term. The 24/7 monitoring of the website and constant support can help in enhancing your business prospects higher.

Scalability: The website once hosted needs to be updated and altered as and when required. Sometimes you need more space or need to make use of advanced features depending on your business requirements. The web hosting company that you choose should be capable of offering higher uptime, backup & other support services immediately, depending on your business growth.

Price: The price factor is very important, while you want to host your website with the help of a web hosting company. The price can be very low or it can be very high. There are also options when you can make the deal freely. But it all depends on the various packages available, your business requirements, and your budget.

Type of web hosting:

Shared web hosting: It allows you to make use of shared resources including servers. It is low-cost web hosting.

VPS web hosting: The web hosting is available on a Virtual Private Server. The server operations are independent but with restricted features.

Dedicated web hosting: The web hosting services offer a dedicated server along with other resources for your website. The high-speed server and the committed services increase the cost of hosting.

Managed web hosting: A dedicated server is hired to host & run the website. The host company manages the website & maintains the server.

Cloud web hosting: The cloud technology supports several dedicated servers together using the cloud computing technique. It shares unlimited resources while hosting many websites.

Reseller web hosting: It is a data center that facilitates web hosting with the help of shared resources in the form of data storage, bandwidth, and other required features on a rental basis for the customers.

Scrutinize the web hosting services

You can ask the following questions to any of the prospective web host services providers and make sure that you get satisfied with the replies.
What type of contract needs to be signed with the web hosting company?
What are the additional features and support services offered?
What are the various hosting plans, backup facilities, and security services offered?
What is the uptime score of the web hosting company?
What are the restraint and restrictions of the web hosting company?

Let us discuss in brief the list of web hosting companies available in the market:


Bluehost web hosting is the best web hosting in India. It is popular for the shared hosting services it offers at very reasonable rates. The company offers customized web hosting packages as per your needs and budget.


DreamHost offers various web hosting plans at affordable prices. Most of the hosting prices are based on monthly charges. It also offers advanced options and SSL certificates.


The Hostinger services offered are of reasonable charges. The company offers a variety of web hosting plans that are most suited for small business houses.


The HostGator web hosting company offers excellent hosting plans for medium and small businesses. The services offered are superior and available at pocket-friendly prices.

A2 Hosting

The A2 Hosting Company offers highly powerful servers with a variety of web hosting options. The Turbo server technology remains outstanding among many service providers.

Bottom Line:

Choose the most appropriate web hosting services for your business. Understand the various services offered along with their advantages and disadvantages. Before taking the decision, list your requirements first, make your budget and only then approach the most deserving web hosting company.

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