How Much Should I Budget For IPad Air 10.9 Case?

One of the many reasons the latest iPad Air is the best tablet in its class is that it works with a wide range of protective cases. There are thin snap-on accessories, folio covers, and even rugged cases that will make your tablet almost impossible to break.

These days, it takes a lot of work to find a good iPad Air 10.9 case. But luckily, Zugucase has a protective protector, works well, and looks pretty good for about the price of a burrito and chips. Protecting your iPad Air doesn’t mean you have to give up style or quality. The best Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air case is durable and can be set up in different kickstand ways.

iPad Airs are made to take a bigger screen with you without carrying around a whole laptop. So you can watch TV on them, send quick emails, and read on them. So it is essential to keep that delicate piece of technology safe.

We’ve put together a list of the best iPad Air 10.9 cases based on what you want. Some cases and covers are made to protect against scrapes and scratches, while others have keyboards and places to store your stylus. However, some are made to protect the screen, while others protect the tablet if you drop it from a high place. Some are even made to make it easier to set up a workstation on the go.

ESR Case Clear

Sometimes, all you need is a simple thing. For example, this clear ESR case for your iPad feels like a flexible phone case. It’s an excellent way to keep your iPad away from other things you have and from surfaces that could scratch the screen.

Spigen Hybrid Pro Case

The hybrid case from Spigen is a cover and a stand that you can change. It is made with Air Cushion Technology, which keeps your device from getting damaged if you bump into it or drop it.

Speck Balance Folio Case

Even though the Speck Balance Folio is thin, it can still protect the iPad Air from a 4-foot drop. In addition, this iPad Air case has a scratch-resistant lining, a magnetic cover that can also be used as an adjustable viewing stand, a folio clasp that locks, and a place to keep an Apple Pencil.

Casebot Magnetic Stand

And if you like the way leather looks but want something you can play with, CaseBot’s magnetic stand case can be tilted to your liking. The lines on the front cover do more than look pretty. They also have slots that let you tilt the stand back as needed.

PITAKA Magnetic Case

This case for the iPad Air by PITAKA is both simple and high-tech. The best thing about the PITAKA Magnetic case is that it works with my Apple Magic Keyboard. This gives me a welcome layer of protection when I’m working outside. The cover has holes for the iPad Air’s Smart Connector and built-in magnets that make it easy to attach to Apple’s accessories. The case also has a place to put the Apple Pencil to charge quickly.

Otterbox Symmetry Series

OtterBox has been making simple, practical, and reliable cases for tech for a long time. This rugged case protects your iPad from all sides and is easy to open and close. This elegant case is excellent for protecting your phone from scratches and falls. The best thing about the OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 case is that it is thin while protecting the iPad Air. It has a magnetic folio cover that doubles as a viewing stand.

Byrd & Belle’s Felt iPad Sleeve

Byrd & Belle’s felt iPad sleeve is a great way to protect your screen and back while storing it at home or carrying it around in a bag. There’s even a pocket on the front of the bag where you can put your notebook and pens.

Otterbox Defender Series

The best-rugged case for the iPad Air is the OtterBox Defender Series. The drop-proof accessory has a soft shell on the inside, a hard shell on the outside, and a hardcover for the display that can also be used as a viewing stand. The product also has a port cover to keep dust and lint out and a charging dock for the Apple Pencil that is easy to get to. In addition, Otterbox has a product warranty that lasts for life.

Twelve South Hardback Leather Cover Book Cover

The BookBook cover by Twelve South is a unique and discreet way to protect and store your iPad Air. The BookBook was made by Twelve South out of full-grain leather with worn spots to give it a vintage look. The key features of this product are a sturdy spine, an inside pocket for documents and small items, and a double-zipper closure.

UAG Metropolis SE Series Folio Case

The UAG Metropolis SE iPad Air case is a rugged folio that meets the standards for military drop tests. This magnetic cover doubles as a viewing stand that can be set up differently, and precise cutouts make it easy to use your slate’s hardware buttons and features.

Apple Smart Folio

If you want a practical way to protect your iPad and don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it, go with Apple’s smart folio. It covers, has a strong magnetic pull, and doesn’t feel weak.

The above-listed Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air cases are simply on a budget. They all fall under $100. Get your iPad Air protected for longer life and functionality.