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Why do you need WordPress Hosting?

You’ve already chosen WordPress for your website, so that’s a good move for you. Next, you need to choose a host for your site. In a sea of terms such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPN hosting, you came across WordPress hosting. But how does WordPress hosting support WordPress?

Describing WordPress hosting. Briefly:

The simplest definition of WordPress web hosting is a host designed to run WordPress. Your choice of cheap WordPress hosting will determine what additional features are available. You can, however, install WordPress on your site quickly with most of these tools because they come with one-click-install features and you can see the hosting support WordPress for your business. You can also automatically update the WordPress core.

Is WordPress hosting included with the software?

The support staff of most WordPress hosts is more knowledgeable than most typical hosting companies about the technical aspects of WordPress.

However, WordPress hosting is not a prerequisite. You can run WordPress on a variety of hosts since its requirements are relatively low.

PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15 are the only technical requirements for running WordPress. Nonetheless, the fact that WordPress can technically be run on any host does not mean you should. You will get more from your WordPress website with a WordPress host and enjoy greater levels of performance overall.

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the main types of WordPress hosting. Here are the differences between them.

Why would you need shared WordPress hosting?

When you search for WordPress hosting, you’ll usually find two types:

  • Host your WordPress website on a shared WordPress server (often called WordPress hosting).
  • Manage WordPress hosting for you

Shared hosting is often cheaper than dedicated hosting.

When you use WordPress hosting services shared with other websites, your website shares server space. It won’t be all yours, but you will still have a performance-optimized server.

In addition to the performance tweaks, a one-click WordPress installation will also be available. Since most hosts already integrate WordPress into cPanel, this is not a significant feature. Many WordPress hosting companies will, however, offer you the choice of pre-installing WordPress.

In addition, some WordPress hosting companies will offer you the option of automatic updates. Some of them will even update your plugins and themes! It is quite important to keep your WordPress site up-to-date as a security measure. Even if there are some WordPress-specific features on other shared WordPress hosts, the above are pretty much the minimum.

The first billing cycle for shared WordPress hosts is often much discounted Thereafter, the price jumps back to normal. As little as $3-4 per month can be expected for the first billing cycle. Subsequent cycles range between $7-10. You’ll find more expensive WordPress plans at higher tiers.

WordPress Hosting

Do you need managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is like icing on the cake compared to shared WordPress hosting.

Typically, managed WordPress hosting provides the following features:

Quicker loading times. 

The benefit of managed WordPress hosting is more speed for WordPress sites with better hardware specifications.

Caching on the server. 

Your WordPress site will run faster if you use caching. Plugins usually handle caching, but WordPress-managed hosts do the work for you.

More secure. 

As part of our WordPress security package, you’ll receive WordPress-specific firewalls, malware detection, and regular malware scanning. Those words mean a site that is significantly safer than the average WordPress site. As a result, WordPress hosting supports WordPress accurately.

Testing sites. 

Staging sites are provided by many managed hosts, so you can test modifications to your site before they are live.

Is there a catch, then? They are more expensive than individual WordPress hosting. Most qualities managed WordPress hosts charge between $25 and $50 per month.

What is the difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting?

Beginners should pick shared cheap WordPress hosting, and those with high traffic should choose managed WordPress hosting. Nonetheless, the analysis leaves out one important point: the value of time. A beginner may find it difficult to stay updated on updates and configure caching. Managed WordPress hosting removes all of those concerns for you.

The cost of this service is higher. Although you will spend less time managing your website’s performance with the extra money. Would you pay $15 per month extra to save yourself three hours of digging through the complexities of your caching plugin? If I were you, I would.

For beginners with a tight budget, shared WordPress hosting is the best option. If you get a lower price, you lose concierge services, so be aware.

Conclusion about WordPress Hosting

Hosting configured to run WordPress falls under the category of cheap WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting comes in a variety of forms, but managed and shared web hosting are most common. You can buy WordPress hosting with bitcoin too. But not many firms offer this payment method.

It will be the cheapest to host WordPress with a shared hosting service, otherwise known as WordPress hosting. If you have a WordPress-optimized platform, you can make it available to other users. There will, however, be separate partitions for each user.

You can also opt for WordPress-managed hosting. You will be able to run properly that hosting support WordPress on a high-performance server environment if you choose managed to host. Dedicated WordPress support is also available to help you with managing and optimizing your site.

By now, perhaps you have an idea of what WordPress hosting is. Your new site can decide whether this is a good step for it.

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