How Much Does Umrah Cost from the UK?

As Muslims, all of us want to embark on the spiritual and soul-lifting journey of Umrah. Who doesn’t want to avail of the exceptional worldly and other-worldly rewards that come with this act of worship? However we all yearn to go for Umrah, but most of us are unclear about the Umrah costs. This might make you wonder how much does Umrah cost from the UK. 

If you are a UK resident, we are here a perfect guide for you that will help you determine the basic Umrah cost and the factors affecting this cost. We all know that the cost of Umrah can not be the same for everyone. This is because of our different needs and requirements. This guide will help you understand all of these factors. 

What is the Average Cost of Umrah from the UK?

As discussed earlier, different factors affect the Umrah cost, which is different for everyone. The average price of Umrah packages 2024 from the UK ranges between £800 and £2000. 

However, this cost will change if you want more luxurious services and a better Umrah experience. You might get affordable Umrah packages, too, perfect for those travelling on a budget. These packages contain the standard services that you might need to perform Umrah. But as your requirements will increase, so will the cost of these packages. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Umrah

Now, it is time to discuss various factors affecting Umrah’s cost from the UK.

  1. Season of Travel

One of the most significant factors that will affect your Umrah cost significantly is the time of your travel to Saudi Arabia. As Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, you can decide when to travel to the region and perform this spiritual act of worship. And the season you travel in will determine the cost of your Umrah. 

So, consider your budget and see which time will be ideal for travelling to the region. For instance, Umrah costs increase significantly in the sacred month of Ramadan as it is the peak season. And you might get some discounts if you go for an Umrah during the off-season, usually at the start of the Umrah season. This is the time when Umrah starts again after the Hajj season.

  1. Preferred Visa

As a UK citizen, you will have two visa options. One is the standard Umrah visa, while the other is a Saudi tourist eVisa. These two visas’ costs vary, which will affect your Umrah cost. Umrah visa is a slightly more costly option than the eVisa. 

The average cost of an Umrah visa from the UK is £89. On the other hand, the Saudi tourist eVisa starts from £70. The cost of this visa will increase with the number of entries you might want in the region, as this visa is a multiple-entry visa. 

  1. Type of Flight

Another significant factor that will affect your Umrah cost is the type of flight that you choose for your Umrah journey. If you are booking a last-minute flight, it might cost you a little extra from the flight that you might have booked months before. Moreover, if you are lucky to get some deals or discounts the airlines offer, you might have a cheaper flight option. 

Also, the type of flight that you will choose will affect your budget. If you are looking for a more luxurious journey and choose business class or first class, you must pay more than the standard economy flight class.

  1. Accommodation Type

You will have numerous accommodation options in the two sacred cities. Therefore, you can choose the accommodation that best suits your budget and requirements. If you are looking for a hotel room near the Holy Kaabah, you must pay extra as those hotels are expensive. 

But if you are on a tight budget, you can look for other budget-friendly hotels, hostels, or guest rooms. You can also try couch surfing, which is much cheaper. 

  1. Additional Requirements or Luxuries 

The more luxuries you want for your Umrah journey, the more your Umrah will cost you. You will have to spend extra money to have different services like transportation in the region. These additional services don’t count in the average Umrah cost. 

So, if you are curious about how much does Umrah cost from the UK, you must consider this factor, too. 

  1. Type of Umrah Package 

The cost of your Umrah also greatly depends on the type of Umrah package you choose. The cost varies from package to package. December Umrah packages from UK will vary from the Ramadan Umrah packages and the standard Umrah packages. 

Your Umrah cost will also vary if you choose a group Umrah package or a customised Umrah package. Therefore, you must consider your budget before selecting the ideal Umrah type. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide on how much does Umrah cost from the UK might have been helpful for you if you are planning your Umrah journey. You must know that the cost of Umrah can vary, and you will have to decide and plan everything according to your budget to have a convenient and memorable experience. It will also help you have the peace of mind you want during your spiritual journey. 

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