How Can You Build Your Career Path Through Vocational Education?

How Can You Build Your Career Path Through Vocational Education?

With the dynamics of the employment sector constantly changing, there has been a significant rise in the niched job requirements in the last few years. Because of this, the academic system is also experiencing a shift towards a more job-oriented and training-based education.
The Australian education system is one of the best globally, and it perfectly understands this need. In recent years, vocational courses in Australia have become increasingly popular because they suit the students’ skills and preferences more effectively, thus helping them build the career paths of their choice. This blog discusses how completing vocational training from an Australian institute can help you make a successful career.

What Is Vocational Education?

VET or Vocational Education and Training comprises a series of education programs offered to Australian students willing to join various industries like trade and office work, hospitality, retail, and technology. Under these programs, students can learn job-oriented, practical skills immediately after they pass out from high school.
When you take part in vocational training, you will go through tasks mostly associated with a real-life workplace environment. You will be required to demonstrate the abilities and skills that you have learned in the course, based on which the authority will assess you.
The best thing about vocational courses is that as they aim to train students to make them job-ready for specific industries, there is always a higher availability in career choices.
In recent years, more programs and frameworks have been created by the Government of Australia, making vocational courses accessible not only for students but also for professionals willing to learn new skills.

Which skills are in high demand in Australia?

The following skills are currently in high demand in Australia.

Construction and trades

The Australian construction industry has always been a high-employing sector where you can find stable jobs with high salaries. Moreover, as the Australian Government has decided to develop the manufacturing industry, a pool of job opportunities are expected to form in the coming years.


Beauty technicians and hairdressers are constantly in need, especially across regional Australia.

Information Technology (IT)

With computer dependency increasing every day, job opportunities in the IT sector are also rising. The current focus is on security, networking, and databases, which means you will always find a job after graduation.


With traveling becoming easier, the hospitality industry has significantly expanded over the last few decades. Certificate 3 in Hospitality Management and Diploma hospitality is offered by some of the best colleges in Perth. Successful completion of the course will give you the chance to work anywhere in the world.

Business and Management

A business management degree is a popular choice among ambitious entrepreneurs and company executives. It equips you with the academic information and abilities you’ll need to seek worldwide job prospects, as well as a general grasp of business and particular areas like finance and human resources. Diploma and Advanced Diploma Business Management courses are offered by many top Australian colleges.

Accounting Professional Year Program

The list recognises significant demand in jobs over the next five years and is focused at filling vital skills in Australia. Small, medium, and big Australian employers, business executives, and industry experts from all throughout the country were consulted to identify these. A good foundation in accounting, like mastering a language, allows a professional to access a wide range of responsibilities in numerous firms.

Child Care Training

To begin with, childcare is a rapidly expanding industry in Australia. With 185,000 individuals expected to be employed by 2024, the industry is expected to have a very good future career growth.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Food is the basic necessity of people, and thus farmers and associated professionals have always been in need. Also, as the Australian Government has considered food security an essential priority, higher job availability is expected to meet demands shortly.

Health and Care Services

According to various survey reports, a large section of the Australian population is aging. Thus, the need for trained healthcare workers and nurses will continue to increase. When you decide to pursue a career in health care, you have a number of options to consider. There is something to pique everyone’s curiosity. As a Patient Care Technician, you might work in clinics, homes, hospitals, labs, or even directly with patients.

How can vocational courses be beneficial in building a career?

The curriculum used in the VET sector is centred around the Australian job market, and that is why VET graduates find it easier to find a decent job. Especially if you are not interested in going overseas for a job, you will find this training more helpful.
However, an easy finding of a job is not the only benefit of a vocational course. Like university education, you can also consider studying higher levels of certification to learn more specialised skills and knowledge, which will play a key role in obtaining a promotion at work.

Higher education vs. vocational education

After passing out of high school, one of the most difficult decisions students have to make is pursuing vocational education or enrolling in a university. Studying in a university is more formal and conventional, and so, most students prefer university education, even if it costs them huge.
The main difference between university education and vocational training is that while university education offers a basic academic experience, vocational training focuses on specific tasks that help students experience a real-life job environment.
If it is easier for you to understand lessons by performing activities, VET college courses will be the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you learn things better through discourse, a university education will suit you better. So, in short, whether you should go for a university education or vocational education will depend on your preference of learning technique.
However, compared to a university education system, vocational education is more flexible when it comes to learning. You can also join university after completing a vocational course if you wish.

Where can you get vocational education?

Various TAFE (Technical and Further Education) colleges usually offer vocational training across Australia. In addition, there are also several top-quality RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) in Australia that offer vocational courses.

How Long Will Your Vocational Training Take To Complete?

Certificate courses usually take around 12 months to complete. On the other hand, if you want to do a diploma course, you must study for up to 24 months. Traineeships and apprenticeships involve more advanced work skills and thus require 3-4 years to complete. However, the advantage of doing a vocational course is that you can complete it earlier if you can maintain a high learning speed.
Undertaking apprenticeships and traineeships are more beneficial in comparison to other vocational courses as you will receive payment while learning.
Another point to keep in mind is that many high schools in Australia collaborate with RTOs and employers to help their students learn these skills even before they pass out. So, if you are currently in the final school years, you may check the available options.

Why choose Perth?

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, known for its vibrant culture and excellent academic atmosphere. The city hosts several top-ranked colleges that offer vocational courses to both domestic and international students. Anyone interested in opportunities to study in Perth for international students can check the college websites.

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