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I’m talented for this painting, and with the remaining name “Graves” it has no longer best been my “label,” but my calling to follow a path that has led me below the surface of lifestyles. As a toddler, I “performed” with tarot playing cards, and convinced my parents to gift me an Ouija board. Capable to connect with the arena on a deeper level, my capability to take place has become second nature.

My professional background and education are in regulation, and I’m presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Marin graves spent a lifetime exploring metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, people magic and black magic removal, and divination. I’m an authorized paranormal investigator, have studied with tarot masters nationwide, am a graduate of Cat Yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence route, and am an ordained minister. But more critical than any fancy titles are my ethics, which are of the very best widespread.

My lifelong passion for divination and a preference to be of provider led me to build upon my 10 yr career in regulation and psychic jury profiling, and when I got here into my actual calling as a complete-time spiritual counselor and rootworker, I created “The Parlour,” divination and conjure workplace placed in a historical gold-mining town in Northern California.

I’ve worked difficult to acquire my very own personal dreams, and it’s far with this identical steadfast method and backbone that I’m able to paint tough for you!


Court docket case paintings are my number one specialty. My years inside the court docket gave me the knowledge and energy to assist customers with legal situations, along with child custody and aid, crook convictions, personal damage cases, alimony settlements, and “regulation preserve away” troubles. I work with those who’ve been arrested, are facing jail time, and need nonsecular help in legal situations. I additionally paint for the buddies and families of folks who are incarcerated. As a wife and mother, I honestly perform love drawing, reconciliation, and fertility spells. My different strengths include uncrossing, protection, secure travel, avenue beginning, profession fulfillment, actual property, and prosperity workings.


While accomplishing a psychic analysis, I provide instantly-to-the-point statistics with a view to go away you feeling empowered and advocate approaches that you can change your scenario, either on your personal or by way of preserving my rootwork offerings on your behalf. Further, I’m a spirit medium and I will touch the lifeless to help you with paranormal ghost pastimes or haunted houses, figuring out why the spirit is there and supporting you to cope with the hauntings.


Earlier than performing rootwork, I divine with tarot, pendulum, crystal balls, astrology, or cowrie shells. This procedure serves as a “2d opinion from Spirit” before any conjuring is undertaken. My custom rootwork services consist of mojos, honey jars, candle rituals, condition oils, soaps, and bath salts.

If you are trying to find a running as a way to be performed with dignity, and perfection without a hint, I will useful resource in bringing you what you deserve!

Tom Austin
Tom Austin

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