Here are the top 6 reasons why you should take advantage of VERIZON’s Black Friday offers.

Verizon’s Black Friday deals on 5G phones and more officially begin today. So why wait till the weekend? Find deals on 5G smartphones, home internet, accessories, and more. The #HolidayYourWay poll can also be used to find out what people would like to receive as presents. To access the Verizon Black Friday deals, visit now.

1. Trade in Your Damaged Phone

When you add a new smartphone line to any Unlimited plan and trade in a qualifying device, you’ll get a free upgrade. Our top 5G phones are available to new and current customers with up to a $1200 credit. Reason Number One to Switch to Verizon: Black Friday Savings! When a new client purchases a smartphone using device payment in conjunction with an Unlimited plan, they are eligible to get a virtual prepaid Mastercard with a maximum value of $800. 2.

2. Use a Pay-As-You-Go System 5G

Discounts of $300 are available on all of our top-tier 5G smartphones. Getting a Prepaid Unlimited Plan is like getting three for the price of one. You can save even more money by combining several of our 5G phone offers. Certain Unlimited Plan subscribers also gain access to as many as seven premium streaming channels, including Disney+ and the Verizon Black Friday deals.

The scope of this goes far beyond mobile devices. Given that you’re looking for a new mobile device. Throughout the Black Friday weekend, we are offering incredible discounts on a variety of connected products, such as $99.99 for select tablets4, $49.99 for select smartwatches, and $300 off select laptops. Rather than buying a smartphone, you may now get one of our tablets for for $199.99.

3. 5G Internet Service for the Home

All new customers will receive a Google Nest Hub Max6 and free one-year membership to Disney+ and AMC+ ($7.99/month thereafter). LTE In addition to free Disney+ and AMC+ for the first 12 months (after which a monthly fee of $7.99 is imposed), new customers who sign up for FiOS Home Internet will also receive a Google Nest Mini at no additional cost.

If you want to find out what kind of internet access you can get where you live, read on. Check out what you can save on Verizon’s Black Friday sale. There are also sales on trendy tech accessories this Black Friday. Our digital gift guide for 2020 includes potential deals on headphones, earbuds, smart speakers, fitness trackers, phone cases, charging stations, battery packs, and more.

4. Verizon’s Visa Credit Card, No. 5

Get up to $200 in bonus credits when you open a Verizon Visa® Card now.
If you want to apply for a new Verizon Visa Credit Card and have it activated by January 4, 2022, you can do so by filling out an online application. Then, during the first 30 days after creating an account, use your new card to make transactions totaling $500 or more (less returns and adjustments) and you’ll get a $100 bill credit on your Verizon Visa Card.

5. Use It to Pay Down Your Verizon Bill

Also, Verizon wireless customers can receive a credit of up to $100. By the first twenty-four months after opening your account, you’ll receive a discount on your Verizon Black Friday bill just for using the card to pay for it. All of Verizon’s Black Friday bargains, including this Visa Card promotion, can be combined.

Applying for and learning more about the Verizon Visa Card can be done on the website. This sale is not valid in addition to any other in-store offers.

6. The Snapchat Shop, Operated by Snap Inc.

Prospective Verizon buyers on the lookout for Black Friday deals in time for the holidays can go on an augmented reality treasure hunt to purchase items directly through the Verizon Lens. If you want to take part in the celebrations, you’ll need to locate the Snap Holiday Market. Moreover Verizon is providing special savings for Snapchat users this Black Friday weekend.

This Black Friday, Verizon will introduce its first fully virtual store as part of Snapchat’s upcoming Snap Holiday Market, an immersive augmented reality shopping experience.