Have you scored KBC sweepstakes?

WhatsApp message ensuring a treasure trove of ’25 lakhs in Kaun Banega Crorepati is a stunt.

Have you received a WhatsApp message ensuring you’ve won ’25 lakh in Kaun Banega Crorepati? Do whatever it takes not to hurry to settle on a decision that you have caused an uproar in and out of town; this might be a stunt. The Delhi Police’s Advanced Bad behavior Cell tweeted about this on Monday and mentioned that people practice alert. Bhisham Singh, KBC Contact Number India of Bad behavior, says, “Every year when KBC goes on air, these fraudsters become dynamic. They heedlessly select numbers and enlighten the setback that their number was picked in a lucky draw coordinated by KBC and that they won a money-related reward worth ‘2-25 lakh. Moreover, to ensure the total, KBC  should put a separate charge dealing away.”

Delhi Police Bad behavior Cell

Expecting you to get a call or a text from a dark number telling you that you have won a lucky draw in KBC, don’t treat it brutally. There have been a couple of models where fraudsters have made choices through WhatsApp or have sent messages promising people an open door at KBC, lauding them for winning ’25 lakh, and, shockingly, reassuring a get-together with Amitabh Bachchan. These events of deception have gone up over the latest half year.

After the Delhi Police’s Computerized Bad behavior branch warned on Twitter, a couple of clients commented, saying that they had, in like manner, gotten such texts. A client said, “I returned to the number and misused them.” Aneesh Roy, DCP, Computerized Bad behavior, says, “We have now recalled KBC lottery cheats for our organization security care missions, and we are mentioning that people know and by and large uncertainty any such cases.”


Fraudsters from India and across the limit also.

Roy says, “We get a couple of grumblings from people saying they get such messages or calls. If the total is nothing, the regional police handle the case. In our assessment, we’ve seen that there are specialists who commit the blackmail from Pakistan and some work from India moreover.”

Depicting an event, Roy shares, “We caught three people from Bihar in Spring who duped a woman from Najafgarh of ’45 lakh. She protested that she had gotten a WhatsApp call. We followed the number, and it was from Pakistan. We investigated the matter and found that she had set aside money in different records.”

In July, a Chandigarh tenant was deceived of ‘24,000 by online fraudsters on the pretense of scoring the KBC sweepstakes. Also, some fraudsters even stunt their colleagues and relatives. In August, a paramedical student probably duped his sidekick of ‘5 lakh on the pretense of enlistment for the game show.

Be cautious with ’25 lakh ensured by fraudsters: Delhi Police.

Aneesh shares a couple of clues: “Preceding entrusting anyone with cash. People should check the authenticity of cases regardless of what who’s making the cases. However, objective thinking expects a lower need when reliable lakhs and people lose cash.”

KBC Fake Sall and Fake Messages: Dear visitors, you get a contact from a dumbfounded phone number or a substitute number enlightening you that you’re a KBC Office Helpline Number victor and will get 25 lakh rupees. They demand that you go to any site. To this end, you should avoid the message as expected. Nowadays, rascals accept harmless parts. Any person who gets names from those Pakistani numbers is +923 or 00923. This suggests that an enormous piece of information or messages aren’t treated seriously, whether they are calls or not. It simply has one phone number.