Have You Ever Try To Know The Student Visa Subclass 500 Rejection Reasons?

Have You Ever Try To Know The Student Visa Subclass 500 Rejection Reasons? post thumbnail image

Every year thousands of international applicants apply for the Student Visa 500 to fulfil their dreams of studying in Australia. But, unfortunately, a significant proportion of these students fail to qualify for the visa. Various reasons include failing to submit all the necessary documents and having inadequate funds.

Having a registered migration agent from Adelaide at the time of application will undoubtedly be of great help. But, as an applicant, you should also have sufficient prior knowledge of the most common reasons behind visa refusal. Go through this blog before you proceed with your application.

You have not met the GTE requirement

GTE stands for ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’. It means you should be a genuine and aspiring student coming to Australia to fulfil his long-awaited dreams. To meet this requirement, you have to provide a written statement and documentary evidence.

By the statement, you must confirm that you will not use your Visa Subclass 500 for any other purpose, like settling here permanently.

Including the following information in the written confirmation statement is mandatory.

Circumstances in your home country

Why are you leaving your country of residence or home country even after a similar course is available? This clarification should be mentioned citing valid reasons. Telling about the prevailing political and economic situations can be your grounds.

Potential circumstances in Australia

You have to mention your previous academic qualifications, the name of your Australian institute, the required level of knowledge for the course you are enrolling in.

Other information

You should also mention the immigration records and employment prospects of the course.

You have failed to meet academic qualification requirements

For higher studies, successful completion of the required academic level is necessary. It is also an important eligibility requirement for the Student Visa Subclass 500. Academic entry requirements are different for different courses, levels of education, and universities. So, you must read the course details first.

But, what if you are not qualifying for your desired course? Well, in that case, taking a Foundation or Bridging Course is required. These types of courses are generally one year long and help applicants fulfil the entry requirements. These entry requirements are as follows.

  • An English language test score
  • A school-leaving certificate similar to the Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for undergraduate students
  • An undergraduate degree for postgraduate applicants

Failing to submit relevant English language skill proof

As Australia is an English-speaking country, submitting internationally accepted English language test results while applying for the Visa Subclass 500 is necessary. This condition applies to an applicant from a non-English speaking country.

  • Required English language skills also vary according to the university and the skill level required for the visa application.
  • So, once you decide, you should check out the Department of Home Affairs website and the university you want to apply to.
  • To achieve the required level of score or more, you may take the necessary training lessons offered by various institutes and organisations for different English language tests.
  • In general, these results stay valid for two years. While applying, you should keep this information in mind.

Not having the adequate financial capacity

One of the most common reasons why the Department of Home Affairs rejects numerous applications every year is insufficient financial support. You must have a sufficient monetary amount to cover your costs. The documentary evidence will include your bank account statements and bank account statements of a person providing you with financial support.

At present, an international student must have at least AUD 20000 to cover the costs for one year. However, it can change anytime based on circumstances. So, whenever you plan to enrol in an Australian institute, you should start collecting your funds. The following evidence may be shown in support of your funding ability.

  • Evidence that another business or person provides funds for you. These documents may include operational proof for a company and relevant identity documents for a person.
  • If you depend on a deposit, proof must be submitted for any recent deposit or current wage.
  • Is a tertiary loan covering your tuition and living expenses? If so, you should provide the necessary information, including terms and conditions and the total amount of the loan.

Having no student health insurance cover or welfare arrangements

The Government of Australia maintains strict obligations regarding public health. If required, you may have to undergo several health examinations and submit those reports. If you have a contagious disease, your application will be immediately rejected.

  • Visa applications can also get rejected due to another health-related reason: not having a valid student health insurance cover. Every student applicant and their family should have the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • If you have made an offshore application, your student health cover should be valid from when you arrive in Australia.
  • There are certain student health cover conditions you have to meet. If your education provider arranges the insurance, you should mention its name, the policy terms and conditions, and the start and expiry date of the policy while applying.
  • But if you have arranged it personally, you will need to give only the policy number at the time of the Visa 500 application.

If your age is less than 18, you will need to make welfare arrangements, and your university must approve those.

Past misdeeds

It is related to the character requirement. If you have any records of misdeeds, the Immigration Department will not grant you the visa. Following are some examples.

  • You have tried to enter Australia while having no genuine reasons. The authorities keep these incidents in their records, so it will be easier for them to find out this information while assessing your application.
  • Police clearance certificates should be issued by every country you have lived in for at least one year anytime in the last 10-year period.

You have not submitted documents properly

Australian Immigration is complicated, and missing one single document or not responding to their queries will lead to visa refusal. For your ease, we have given here the complete Student Visa 500 checklist.

  • Identity documents, including a birth certificate, a valid passport, and a national identity card
  • Certified copies of Household Registration Book pages
  • CV
  • Valid electronic CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment), issued by the university
  • GTE statement
  • Previous academic documents and transcripts of any other courses you are have completed or are still studying in your home country
  • Evidence of any scholarship you achieved for studies
  • Valid health insurance cover
  • English language test results that are less than 2 years old.
  • Sufficient financial documents, including bank account statements and documents in support of any fund you are receiving

For applicants under 18, the following documents will be required.

  • Consent letters from parents
  • Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements or CAAW linked to the CoE.

Remember, once you receive your Visa Subclass 500, you and your family members should remain compiled with the Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions.


A reputed Immigration Agent Adelaide is the person who can provide you with professional guidance regarding your application, which suits your circumstances. Their year-long experience will help you get the most desired results, which will pave your way to become a graduate from one of the world-class universities.

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