HAMPTA PASS TREK : Perfect Choice For People Who Seek Adventure


HAMPTA PASS TREK : Perfect Choice For People Who Seek Adventure

Hampta Pass trek is the perfect choice for people who seek adventure and love mountains. The altitude is not too high and so is perfect for both beginners and experienced ones. The trek starts in Kulli and it goes on to Spiti Valley. The trail has beautiful meadows, unilluminated forests, glacial valleys and many spectacular views of the Himalayan Peaks which makes the trek mesmerizing.


The maximum height one can reach is about 14,000 feet. One can witness picturesque alpines like ChandraTal as well as many mountain ranges you go along the trail. You can experience camping on this trek and also capture amazing views of the Pir Panjal Range.




The Hampta Pass trek is located in close proximity to Kullu Manali. It is located at a height of 4200 m. Hampta Pass is a bridge that connects Kullu and Lahaul. The highest altitude as you go along the trail is 14,010 feet.




The starting point of the trail is Manali which is easily accessible by air, rail and road. You can fly to Bhuntar Airport which is about 52 kms from Manali and can reach the destination with the help of regular taxi services. If you are avoiding public transport due to the pandemic, you can take your own vehicle as Manali is well connected by road. It will take about 12 – 14 hours to reach Manali from New Delhi.




Since the Hampta Pass trek is a long trail, you will require a lot of essential items to make it comfortable. Here is a list of necessary items for the trek.


1. Hiking shoes are mandatory as these will help you climb the difficult terrain and also make it easier for you to walk for long hours.

2. Head torch is required as you need to spend time outside in the night and this helps to keep the visibility for your own safety.

3. Thermal innerwear

4. First aid kit

5. Fleece jackets and thermals

6. Walking stick

7. Waterproof windcheater

8. Personal medication

9. Camping tent

10. Woolen cap, gloves, pair of socks




June to October is definitely the best time to undertake the trek. There is a slight chance that one may witness snow on higher altitudes in the early days as it melts down completely by August. It is mostly sunny in Spiti where the trek is scheduled. The temperature during the day is about 12 degrees to 20 degrees but during the night at the campsite, the temperature may dip to – 2 degrees to 6 degrees. There is a possibility of snowfall in the months of September to mid October. The temperature during these months will range from 12 degrees to 18 degrees and in the evening the temperatures would drop to – 6 degrees.


Snow is one of the must have experiences for anyone. The Hampta Pass trek is chosen by many travellers due to the snow experience. Maximum snow is experienced in the summer months of June and July.


The trail is surrounded with bridges, streams and beautiful flora. The campsite is usually located on a plain sand ground mostly along a flowing river. The forests in this area have rich flora and fauna. You can witness various types of wildflowers, trees and meadows as you go along the trail.




1. Manali : The beautiful town is not just famous for trekking but also a famous tourist destination. Manali is famous for Apple Orchids and the river Beas flows through the outskirts of the town.


2. Siaguru : It is a popular camping site located on the boulevard to the ChandraTal lake. This is located at a height of 4000 m in between the scenic mountains, landscapes and rippling waters.




1. The Hampta Pass trek is graded as an easy to moderate trek. This is an ideal getaway for trekkers. The trek can be undertaken in small stretches which is opposite to many other treks of the Himalayan Range. There are few challenges that you will come across such as the steep ascends and descends.

2. Manali is the starting point of the trek connected to all major cities via road, train or flight.

3. As you go on the trek, you will reach an altitude of 14,000 feet in a span of 5 days. The total distance covered is about 28 kms. You can visit ChandraTal lake on the last day if the weather permits.

4. The trek is a good choice for both beginners and proficient ones. There is no profound undertaking required for this trek as it poses fewer challenges as compared to others. The difficulty is governed by the weather conditions in the area.

5. You can witness a diverse ecosystem as you go along the trail of Hampta Pass. You will witness waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, hanging glaciers and interesting terrains. There are dense forests, lush green valleys and different landscapes making it one of the crossover treks.


There is no reason for you to miss an amazing experience to go on this trek. Start packing and get ready to witness the beauty and find some peace away from the chaos.





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Ravi Barot


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