Group 500 Review – Essential Features Of This Broker


Group 500 Review – Essential Features Of This Broker

Group 500 Review

Group 500 is a brokerage that all traders should quickly become familiar with as it is a very reliable and secure option. Nowadays, it has become so hard to know which brokerages are worthwhile, and so we have therefore taken the liberty of writing a Group 500 review for the purposes of informing you about all of the broker’s key features, products, and services. 

Economic calendar

Let’s start by looking at Group 500’s economic calendar and its main goals. Put simply, there are three things that define what Group 500 aims to accomplish when it comes to online trading, and that is ‘investing smartly,’ ‘investing safe,’ and finally ‘investing in yourself.

Group 500 is mainly concerned with four main, broad categories, which we are going to look at now. Firstly, the broker is concerned with research, which means that it wants to stay ahead of its competition and be up to date regarding all of the newsworthy events and trends concerning the market. When you choose Group 500, you will always stay informed about everything that goes on in the online trading sector. Secondly, the broker has fantastic educational resources that we will explain in detail later on in this review.

Thirdly, it exemplifies discipline, which means that you will not have to worry about Group 500 changing its intentions or doing anything behind the traders’ backs. It will always stick to its respective game plan in addition to establishing the desired risk levels so as to ensure the best investment strategies. Lastly, its execution is top-notch as not only is it incredibly quick and straightforward, but using Group 500 will certainly give you that technological edge when it comes to trading online.



There is something that inexperienced traders and seasoned veterans have in common, and that is the need to constantly stay updated regarding everything that happens in the world of online trading. As the sector is constantly growing and evolving, it is crucial to stay educated on all relevant topics and subjects.

Group 500 has an amazing range of educational resources, as aforementioned. These include but are not limited to videos, e-lectures, webinars, and even a cryptocurrency glossary. There are also some unique educational features such as those to do with risk management, fundamental and technical analysis, forex basics, trading plans, and trading volatility.

Account types

There are different account options available to you when you use Group 500. This is good as often we need to have different account types to choose from on the basis of our budget, expertise, knowledge, and risk level. As such, even though the broker does offer the ‘Silver’ (or basic) account option, the minimum deposit required to use it could be seen as being quite steep for many. In order to use the cheapest account type on Group 500, users are required to deposit at least $10,000. But there is a reason for this price, as Group 500’s services and trading strategies and tools are some of the best out there, and so it is extremely likely that you will be able to earn even more money thanks in part to the larger deposit amount.

For advanced traders, the broker offers the ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ options, which are naturally more expensive but offer more to the users in terms of trading capabilities. The ‘VIP’ account type can only be accessed by those who are invited by the broker itself. 

Customer support

Group 500’s customer support staff is friendly, welcoming, and understanding of all of your issues. No matter what problem you may encounter, the broker’s customer support team has your back. You can reach customer support by either filling out a form or through email and direct call options. 

Trading assets

You can rest easy knowing that Group 500 has access to plenty of different trading assets that you can use to diversify your portfolio. Whether it be forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, or futures trading, Group 500 has you covered.

Moreover, this broker has a unique feature which is known as ‘algorithmic trading.’ Through this trading method, you can have pre-set commands that can be utilized to close a deal or start a sale based on various aspects such as price, time, date, and so on. 

Closing remarks

This review has thus shed some light on Group 500 and has informed you regarding what it is all about. Overall, we would consider it to be a great broker due to all of the abovementioned reasons, and the quality of services is excellent despite the high prices. Nearly all important aspects are thoroughly covered by the broker, and we did not see any glaring flaw that would impede anyone’s trading journey when using Group 500.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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